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The Unseen Battle Between Worldviews

Updated on November 26, 2017
gehill profile image

Gary has a Ph.D. from Bible University of Canada, loves the Word of God - The Bible, and tries to educate believers of the world we live in.

A Christian MUST have a Biblical Worldview


A Christian Worldview versus A Material Worldview

Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not. After all, It is not a subject brought up in church very often. The average Christian may have a mixture of the two major worldviews in their thinking. There are only two worldviews that all others come from after all.

Worldview One – Everything you see and feel is the result of a cosmic accident. This is called the Material Worldview.

This worldview is the prevailing view that is taught to our children in public schools. It is this view that leads to the lawlessness that occurs on our streets, bad decisions in governments, and bad rulings from courts. It produces a hopelessness that we are only here for a short time and we are gone and there is nothing else.

Worldview Two – We are the result of deliberate design by a Designer. This Godly view is the Christian Worldview.

Every worldview that people feel they hold derives from these two worldviews above. The two fundamental books of the Bible to understand these two worldviews are Genesis and Revelation. The beginning and the end. The four questions that derive from either of the worldviews that each of us asks is:

1. Who am I?

2. Where did I come from?

3. Why am I here?

4. Where do we go when we die?

We are here for only a tragically short sojourn before our ultimate destiny. I believe we have all asked these four questions at one time or another. If one is honest they would have to admit they have struggled with one or all of the questions above.

We may all have been victims of the skepticism that has emerged and prevails in education, government, the society, and even some of the churches. The skeptics' question:

1. The historicity of the patriarchal accounts.

2. The lack of writing available in the days of Moses.

3. The Gospels and Epistles were not written until the second century.

Each of the skeptical questions above has been debunked by

1. Archeological discoveries.

2. Documentary discoveries.

3. Expert analysis.

To ease one's mind, in recent years the skeptic theories have been shredded by the facts and gagged up mercilessly by reality. The Bible was penned by forty disparate authors over nearly two thousand years. It is in all respects an extraterrestrial document from the Creator of the world.

We each have a Worldview, and it matters which one it is.

Worldviews - Everyone has one but few realize it.
Worldviews - Everyone has one but few realize it. | Source

What Happens When One Follows the Material Worldview?

Skeptical Consequences of Following the Cosmic Accident Worldview.

Let's rename the Cosmic Accident or Material worldview, however, accurate is an exact opposite of the Christian Worldview.

We will call it the Materialistic Worldview which embraces the cosmic accident hypothesis and is based on the philosophy that our final reality is impersonal energy or matter fashioned into the present form by impersonal chance.

They want us to believe - first, there was nothing, and then it exploded.

Let me point out the two worldviews stand in complete antithesis in content and natural outcome. That includes sociological, governmental, and how our laws are formed. If a Christian is slow to understand these opposing worldviews they are more than likely into a defective view of Christianity.

This defective view of Christianity is not new but has its roots in the Pietistic movement developed under the leadership of P.J. Spencer from the seventeenth century.

What started out as a movement against the formalism of the day which embraced a platonic spirituality, platonic in the sense that Pietism had a sharp division between the “spiritual” and the “material’ world, giving no attention or importance the material world.

What this produced was the total human experience that was devoid of the “material” world even though we lived in it. The natural result of this produced a view within the Materialistic Worldview that neglected the intellectual aspects of the Christian’s existence.

Christianity was shut up in a small, isolated box apart from intellectualism. Many people of today hold this very old worldview. The totality of reality in the world was almost totally ignored by Pietistic thinking.

I am quick to point out that a Christian should be more Christ-like every day of their life, or Pietism. Not just a set of doctrines, even if they are right doctrines. The poor understanding of Pietism and it's resulting platonic outlook has been nothing less than tragic.

Train wrecks in individual lives and our entire culture. A true Christian’s life embraces spirituality which covers all of the reality including intellectualism. In the Bible, it tells us there are moral absolutes when violated that are sinful and fail to conform to God’s character.

Within the charter of Godly living, the Lordship of Jesus Christ covers all aspects of life equally. Not only the spiritual but all of life. This produces the fact there is nothing, concerning life that is not spiritual as we sojourn in the material world created by our Father.

A Christian Worldview


Christian Should be Active as Opposed to Sitting on Their Butts!

I suspect that many Christians do not understand that in defining Christianity as truth, or the ultimate Truth, this covers every aspect of life, including the material.

There are Christians that may believe in the truth of Creation or the Lord’s virgin birth or the truth of Christ miracles. But here they stop; and fail to understand anything further that influences the many other individual truths of a Christian's life.

Christianity is a total reality, the total of what is in Spirituality and our walk in a material life. Christianity starts with the understanding that God is an infinite and personal Being who is outside our time and space.

However, God can and does influence His creation at His will and in His timing. The setting aside of not only His Truth and His total reality intellectually brings about certain consequences in one's personal lives.

God can and does influence governmental and legal results at His will. We are living in this reality in America today; a separation of Church and state as if you can really accomplish that.

Those that held the total Materialistic final reality saw the antithetical difference between the two worldview concepts much faster than the average Christian of the time did.

Take for example the Huxley family, George Bernard Shaw, and many others that understood the difference many decades before the average Chrisitan. The concept that the lifestyle of those that held the Materialistic worldview was the entire opposite of those that held a Godly worldview not just in isolated ways, but in entirely opposite characteristics.

The Humanist Manifesto One published in 1933 showed with crystal clarity the difference between two worldviews.

Christians should be ashamed that Julian and Aldous Huxley (both in the 1800’s) and others like them understood much earlier than the average Christian the two worldviews were two totally different and opposite concepts standing in total antithesis.

The two different concepts they grasped brought about two totally different conclusions or results both for the individual and for all of the society as well. There is no way to mix the two different worldviews.

Liberal theology from the very essence of its beginning was an attempt to mix the two. One can trace this effort all the way back to the Enlightenment where efforts were made to bring forth a mixture of the two worldviews.

Liberal theologians, in each case, as naturally as ship docks into a port, always came down on the side of non-Christian humanists. They do this with regularity because liberal theology is expressed in theological terms of worldly humanism.

Christian culture is at a crossroad. Christians who rationalize a belief that it is a woman’s right to have an abortion on demand for example. Christians who support a man’s right to marry a man.

These and many other decisive examples have nothing to do with a Christian lifestyle or worldview. I should also point out that humanitarianism is totally different than humanism.

Humanitarianism is being kind to one another and treating all fellow humans humanely. There is nothing wrong with the humanities in and of themselves when practiced by a worldview that recognizes God as the Creator.

Literature, art, music and other areas produced by human creativity acknowledging the Creator has a rich history. The opposite of this is humanism which places Man at the center of all things and making mankind as the measure of all things.

What should Christians do?

Christians can and should be involved in and be the leaders of humanitarian efforts for all people. Christians can and should get educated with God-given brain power! Christians are and should be in the humanities as the product of their God-given human creativity.

After all, we are created in the very image of the Great Creator, God. In this light, it would be appropriate to speak of a Christian as a humanist. Christians can and should be interested in the humanities and be creative people.

But in contrast to Christian humanitarianism and humanities efforts, Christians should staunchly oppose godless humanism. Never forget the Humanist Society were the ones who produced the Humanist Manifesto’s One, Two, and Three.

The world without God. A humanist who adheres to this philosophy includes millions in the arts, education, entertainment, the law, and the government. Though they walk as alive, they are the real walking dead.

The Humanist Manifesto promotes the idea that Man began from himself, with a lack of knowledge other than that he can obtain through discovery with no moral absolutes outside of he determines.

Moral Relativism is not a philosophy a Christians under the Lordship of Jesus Christ should be involved. He or she must reject Humanism without God as it is known today.

The two divergent antithetical concepts of reality must be recognized. A free-form balance of government without God is not natural. There are many examples of Godly men leading states in the right direction acknowledging God as their Creator and Protector.

Our government in the United States seems to have forgotten this. Acknowledging God as the Creator has kept the country on the right path even when led by those that did not know God.

What went wrong?

The change in the United States into what can be described as extreme political correctness that is in direct contradiction of what the Founding Fathers envisioned could never be accomplished unless the American people were swayed through indoctrination by a corrupted media, the schools and universities, adjudicated laws, and our government.

Also, a highly deceiving and biased media knowingly takes advantage of the politically correct school indoctrinated masses presenting things as normal in direct contradiction to God.

American’s talk about freedom, which typically today means being able to do whatever you want, even at the expense of the rights of others. Unbridled freedom is unGodly and against all principles of what a Christian can and should do.

Anarchy leads to instability and chaos. Real liberty means freedom with personal responsibility. Treating others with cultural differences with respect, even when we disagree.

Someone who is born-again has not only a responsibility to say they are sons and daughters of Christ, but to live that way as well. America at one time had the Christian worldview as its centerpiece.

Our government, law, Western civilization, and our society had explicitly Christian principles as its guiding force. A genuine concern for fellow men, a real concern for civil rights, and to be faithful to our principles that grew out of Christian commitment.

Our Christian heritage is under severe attack on two fronts. One is the Christian being vastly unaware of the ongoing battle with the dark side. Christians need to get off their proverbial butts and wage war on the attack against our Christian heritage.

Without a Christian heritage, there is little difference between what is right and what is wrong. It is only what each decides. Even where there is a vestige of good and evil it becomes severely diluted in the way it is practiced.

The Diluting of American Law

How were truth and morality redefined right before our eyes? In the courts of law. The real problem for Christians in the last eighty to one hundred years in regards to society and the government is that they have seen the loss of our Christian heritage in only small bits and pieces instead of its total.

There is a massive increase in permissiveness, pornography, the breakdown in the family, violence in our schools and the world, and abortion. What factors were involved in the abandonment of truth and morality?

To view this in its totality instead of small bits and pieces is quite a different thing. Seeing things in part produces only symptoms of a much larger problem. There has been a shift in worldviews from at least a vaguely Christian one in people’s lives and memory to something entirely opposite.

Here is the number one factor in the increase of ungodly behavior. The Material Worldview is one where the final reality based on the idea that we come from only impersonal matter and energy shaped into its present form by only impersonal chance.

Not just our culture but the vaguely Christian view that existed in all of the Northern Europian cultures have disappeared.

Keep in mind that the two worldviews stand in total antithesis to one another. The Godly Worldview versus the Material Worldview which stands in direct opposition to content and natural results producing the same in sociological, governmental and the court's and their rulings. The different worldviews provide inevitably different results, not just that they happen to produce entirely different results, but it is inevitable they will bring forth different results. Why have Christians including me been so slow to understand this?

I believe there are various reasons. However, the main one is a defective view of what Christianity entails. It has its roots in the Pietist movement of P.J. Spencer in the seventeen century which started legitimately against formalism, a too abstract Christianity. At its core was a deficient “Platonic spirituality” with the material world given little or no importance. The totality of our human existence was not given its proper place. A Christians intelligence dimension was neglected and not given its rightful place. The totality of reality ignored.

Our real spirituality covers all aspects of reality. There are moral absolutes in the Bible that state that what is going on in the world is sinful at its roots and do not conform to the character of the supreme God. In direct opposition to these roots, the Lordship of Jesus Christ encompasses all areas of life equally. As Dr. Schaeffer states so succinctly “In this sense, there is nothing in life that is not spiritual.” (Shaeffer p. 19) To this end, it can be said that many Christians do not mean what I define as Christianity is Truth. Many Christians could say they believe in the truth of Creation, the truth of the virgin birth, and our Lord’s thirty-two known miracles. They could believe in His substitutionary death for our sins, and even His soon coming Kingdom. But it seems to stop here with many other evident Truths ignored.

As I have stated previously, I believe that true Christianity is our total reality from which all things emanate. It begins with acknowledging the totality of what is, starting with our core reality which is the objective existence of the personal-infinite God, our Father. Christianity is not just a series of truths, but the Truth of our entire reality. All evident in our attempts to live this ultimate Truth in our individual lives, but also in society, the government, and legal results. Have mercy on those who do not believe the Truth as they appear to be alive but are the walking dead prematurely.

I have only begun to scratch the surface of this thorny issue. Perhaps further articles will be forthcoming to continue this teaching.

Works Cited:

Schaeffer, Dr. Francis A. A Christian Manifesto, Wheaton, IL : Crossway Pub. Rev. 1982. Print.


The earth is the Lord's and all that is in it. Psalm 24.1 - The moon is His too,


The Worldview and the Economy - Dr. Darrell Bock and Dr. Greg Forster

Terms to Understand

How we think and understand the world.

Christian Worldview is in direct opposition to the Material Worldview.

A Christian's Worldview view includes all good things including material things.

A Christian Worldviews includes the humanities, arts, education, government, and the law.

God made the heavens and the earth. Never doubt this.


Please leave your comments.

I encourage those that read the article to give their comments on the contents or just their thoughts on the subject.

Thank you and God bless those who take the time to leave their comments,

Professor Hill

What is you Worldview?

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    • gehill profile imageAUTHOR

      Gary E Hill 

      2 years ago from Shelby, NC 28152

      V.M - Thank you for your thoughtful comments. The dependence on the government instead of God is a sign of the times as is the rebirth of Israel in the land. All good things come from God and He expects us to thank and bless Him for them. Gary

    • VictoryMinded profile image

      Richard Massafra 

      2 years ago from Pennsylvania USA

      That is a thorough blog post.

      Keep up the good writing.

      We have rights. Those rights do not ask anything from anybody. My rights do not cost you. Our freedoms are based on our rights.

      However, people have misused the term "rights" and now every desire, immoral act and perversion is now a "right".

      We forgot or don't understand or don't want to admit that our rights came from God and don't include housing, cell phones, health care, and automobile or a living wage.

      Somehow we came from helping one another to seeking help from the government. The church has let the feeding and taking care of of widows, orphans and the disabled to the government.


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