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The WIll of God and Free Will

Updated on May 12, 2009

God What are you really up to?

Is God "Powerful" enough to stop injustices then why HE doesn't do it and if HE is powerful enough but still doesn't do it then is HE kind enough?

I use to wonder the same thing so I could relate.  I went and read so many scriptures from around trying to figure out this God that is the great one who works in mysterious ways.  Some days I would like an email from God with come clarity just so I could get the answer from the source. 

From my studies and I still study, the idea of God is different for different cultures and the the time place and circumstance changes.  For our purposes we will say that God is All powerful, All knowing, and everywhere, the creator of all existence.  If this is accepted then God does as God please and that it that.  These are absolute terms and they really would eliminate any free will argument if applied correctly in with an absolute stance.  All means All.  If God is all powerful then we are all parts and pieces of God and we are going what God wants weather we know it or not. Since God is all knowing only God would know what is really going on and we would be in a perpetual ignorance until God decides to reveal this mystery.  Further more since God is every where then God is inside us and out side of us at the same time.  Therefore, I must conclude that God is responsible for everything and there is no such thing as injustice. Keeping in mind the the word All means that the can be no more, God would hve to be responsible for what we perceive as justice and injustice, and since we do not know all the details of why people actually get what they get, we would have to have faith that God actually know what God is doing or there is no real point to religion.

If there is the free will that most people believe in then we get what we are looking for most of the time.  Seriously, God could be very powerful and still let us use our free will.  God may decide that HE does not want to interveine because we do not want HIS company when things are "good" because we are too concerned with ourselves.  While God is ruling the rest of the universe, He may just be thinking I will be there when they need me but they have free will so I will go on vacation and let them work it out. 

There is another answer that one of my associates and I were discussing.  We were having a dialogue about maybe God is the one actually making some people suffer here through apparent injustice as part of a purification process so they would want to go back home to God sooner than they would on their own.  That would mean that God is kind it is just up to us to figure it out.That would be a blessing in disguise, I like that answer better and I hope you do also.

Thank you for you time, have a wonderful day.




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Running Back home to Godhead, see how my feet do not touch the ground. Hynis Marathon 2009.Everyone needs a dream
Running Back home to Godhead, see how my feet do not touch the ground. Hynis Marathon 2009.
Running Back home to Godhead, see how my feet do not touch the ground. Hynis Marathon 2009.
Everyone needs a dream
Everyone needs a dream

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