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The World’s Ending Scenario

Updated on January 6, 2020
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Elijah's interested in Bible prophecy led him to investigate any source he believed had a message that includes game and tarot cards.


The Bible reveals, Mystery Babylon will be the last individual world-ruling nation. She has been revealed in many Old Testament types that began in Genesis and through most if not all major nations in the scriptures. It began with the land of Nod where Cain went upon leaving the Eden area. And in Revelation she’s called Sodom and Egypt before being called Mystery, Babylon the Great.

By being called Egypt she will be the last major nation of earth to openly employ slaves to build the nation and it will require a Prophet like Moses to be their liberator. Being called Sodom means she has child molestation and all types of perverted sexual activity running rampant and in full swing which are beginning to come to light in today's United States of America. These are the days like Noah so Samson, a Christ type, will come to the USA and destroys the two unconstitutional political parties that keeping those behaviors hidden. That is what reveals the End Time Babylon.

Babylon’s End

Daniel’s reading the writing on the wall types Christ as the only one able to reveal what the Bible has are the activities within this nation scripturally, they are the writing on the wall. Indicated in Revelation is the Branch from David’s Root who will unseal the book and die to receive riches like Jesus did at birth, wisdom Jesus demonstrated at age 12 and power Jesus did prior to his Out of Body Experience (OBE).

Notice that Matthew reveals Christ would remain in the earth for three full evenings and mornings while all Gospels reveals Jesus was in the earth from about the beginning of the Saturday’s first watch—6pm—until about the first hour—6am— Sunday for only half the time Jesus said the Sign would be. Thus, Jesus was the Rod from Jesse’s stem with his genealogy given in Matthew’s gospel.

According to Samson’s typing, Christ became a slave at the grinding stone prior to his death before destroying their temple and all the people of authority with it. That means the Christ has to enter the Temple after the forty-second president to determine who must be uprooted to replace Mystery Babylon’s corrupt leadership that has been in place ever since establishing the U.S. Constitution. This nation has never been governed by it. We can also read in Daniel 2:31-45 how the Christ—the rock—to falls on the last world ruling nation Revelation 17:15 reveals is composed of man from many nations and ethnics. Thus, Donald John Trump is typed by Nebuchadnezzar's being made to live like a beast in the field before understanding life.

Few details are revealed concerning what happens after Mystery Babylon’s burning by her own weapons but two warring—horns—nations will control the world. Their governing will divide it into three fractions after half of the virgins are gathered in the safe heaven of Armageddon—someplace in the USA—and every man except them will die. We know the Birds and other scavengers will eat their flesh while the earthen battle is fought until no one outside of it lay deceased. It is then that the last trumpet sounds announcing IT’S FINISHED.

Relative Interpretations is President Trump



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