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The Year 2013 Is Still The Year of The Lord Jesus....

Updated on June 19, 2013

The Year 2013 Is Still The Year Of The Lord Jesus…

Over three decades ago, on the Island of Saint Kitts, my two history teachers, Mr. Daysent and Mr. Warner, taught me world history and made me, along with the rest of the class, memorized the respective abbreviations, B.C. (Before Christ) and A.D. (Anno Domini - in the year of the Lord). This Gregorian and Julian calendars’ designations for formal recognition of the Christ is now being replaced on the History Channel and elsewhere with the term B.C.E., which means Before-The-Common-Era. From my research, this designation, BCE, was in vogue for quite a while now… and one could chalk its usage to a Political Correctness bone thrown to those who do not believe in the Divinity of the Christ, including the Atheists, Jews (not all), and the other religions. Make no mistake, this BCE designation too works in tandem in our efforts to get rid of God/Jesus out of the narrative, especially our schools and institutions of higher learning. And even when we make alternatives for those who do not want to reverence the Christ, we are prevented from doing so… just like how the Christ told his contemporaries all those years ago that how they themselves refused the keys to the Kingdom - but refused and blocked those who - through their own free will - wanted to be part of Christ’s Kingdom.

But to my Traditional Christian brothers and sisters I say that not height nor depth nor Principalities in the atmosphere nor demonic ideology, even when vomited from our leaders or our halls of power will keep us from forever giving ‘props’ to Christ Jesus. The enemies of Christ Jesus will not be satisfied in taking Him out of our schools, but they will try to tell us what to preach from our pulpits and what Christian ideals to instill in our children - the irony is that these enemies of Christ who rabidly cherish our First Amendment’s Privacy right, which enables many of them to engage in murder and perversions… will want to breach the Traditional Christian family unit… so that they can espouse these same perversions and forced them on us, which are anathema to Christ’s principles. You have read your Bible, brethren, and so you know that all that is happening should not come as a surprise to you - we have heard it from Jesus’ own lips, recorded in the Gospel of Matthew and repeated in the Paul’s epistles. I thank Christ Jesus that though I am well read and that He Has gifted me with a little mental faculty, yet I still believe in His Sole Divinity and beware of those who will tell you that there is more than one way to God’s Salvation - once again, you know and have read your Bible where it says that no one comes to the Father… but through Christ Jesus and ask yourselves that if there were another way to God’s Salvation, why did His Son The Christ commanded the Disciples at Pentecost to spread the Gospel to the four corners of the world or why did most of the Disciples and the Apostle Paul left the confines of Jerusalem to spread Christ’ Gospel….

I would like to sugarcoat it by saying that living the Traditional Christian life will be easy, but I would be blatantly lying to you because I am afraid that persecution is coming, as was foretold by Jesus, the Christ, in the Gospel of Matthew. Look around you and you will already see many Christians watering down the Word of the Gospel and even in forums like this… they have deemed those of us who have taken a traditional take on the Bible’s teachings as being intolerant if you believe in the uncompromising Word of God… knowing and adhering to the fact that the 'Word' of God changes not. And once again, if you do not read your Bible, it is rather easy to be fooled and so my constant refrain is that do not take anything that I say or anyone else’s say about the contents and meanings of the Bible - but read it for your self!

We are not Traditional Christians because we are perfect - I speak for myself … knowing the wretch that I am - but i and many recognize that if the Bible says anything about a given behavior, be it in condoning or proscribing said behavior - it is so and final! I take this stance because I recognize the sovereignty of God that He is perfect and all knowing. Does my flesh that is always warring with the Spirit of God/Jesus like Fornication or any of the presumptuous Sins… but since God says that engaging in such behavior is immoral… it is so… no matter how myself or the world sees it! Does our flesh like it when we engage in gossip, bear false witness, murder, and engage in the various other behaviors proscribed by the Bible… yes, it does, but the eschatological danger is saying to God that our respective behaviors are ok and contrary to what He has said… instead of our entreating Him for our flesh to overcome said Sinful behaviors. I end with the appropriate lyrics in honor of the Christ - be it the era of Before Christ (B.C.) or Anno Domini (A.D. - in the year of our Lord) or after forever (Eternity):

Majesty, worship His Majesty

Jesus Who died, now glorified

King of all kings….

Repeat the above chorus in sweet ad nauseum... for indeed it is joy unspeakable and full of glory.


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    • profile image

      Cumali 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Michael 3 years ago

      I definitely unedtsrand where you're coming from, Alex. Just keep in mind that most people won't see this van and think that. Living above reproach is HUGE. If 2 missionaries wanted to preach the Good News in an adult book store and can do that without lusting then that's awesome, but they shouldn't take the Church van to do it! lol