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The Year 2019 for Capricorns

Updated on January 21, 2019
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The New Year comes as a harbinger of hope and happiness for the Capricorn sign. It is a great chance to start fresh, set all your goals.

The New Year comes as a harbinger of hope and happiness for the Capricorn sign. It is a great chance to start fresh, set all your goals in place and seize every opportunity that you get for a better life. 2019 is about pursuing your dreams and finding that feeling of contentment and merriment that you have always desired. Being the hardworking and practical sign, Capricorns can expect a positive change in both their personal and professional life. The world is your oyster in 2019, let’s see what would each month of 2019 be like for a Capricorn.


You enter into January with somewhat uncertainty on your plate, however what is a better opportunity than a New Year to resolve your past issues, face the difficult realities and then start fresh with lots of optimism. Your birthday time is still not over, giving you a chance to express your true self; it will make it easier for you to focus on the present as well as create realistic goals for the future. Use your new-found energy this year to understanding what is it that you really want; perhaps strip off those insecurities and hesitation to see what your true aims are for this year and start working on them. In addition to this, you will also review your relationships with others, a close friend or your partner, in a new light. You will focus more on what you want from a relationship this month rather than what you have to offer. January is all about being honest with who you really are and making all the right wishes – don’t worry your fairy godmother would be listening intently all the time.


You should expect Venus to enter your sign on the 3rd, bringing all the love with it. For all those single, it is a great opportunity to meet someone. Maybe it is time for you to have some fun on the Valentine. It is all about the romance this month. Peace and harmony will also reign in your home life and you will be able to enjoy an atmosphere filled with tenderness and sensitivity. If you are planning to take things a step further with your special someone, perhaps now is the time; a proposal might be coming your way as well. Being the outgoing and determined person that you are, you will be busy planning your life this month, whether it is personal or professional. It is the time when you get things done.


Life is filled with new opportunities and what better time to seek them than this March. You will be more welcoming to change this month and will be willing to explore new avenues for development. Setbacks are inevitable and they will come, but you will surely handle them with grace. They key this month is to maintain your self-confidence and find that persistence that you always had within you, to drive your forward towards your goals. It is also a good time to expand your social circle. Meet new people because there is always a prospect for finding a valuable, life-long friend in a stranger. Also, work on your flirting skills, you might find someone worth them this month.


Sharing always makes things better. This April spend time with your loved ones, and you will find that they have plenty to offer you in return – sometimes a few great words of advice and sometimes relief from your burdensome responsibilities. Use this month of April to work on your emotional bonds. Take your parents out for that lunch which you keep on postponing, plan more romantic dates with your partner and maybe go on a road trip with your friend group. You will find this as a relaxing break from your hectic life. A peace of mind as well as lots of love and supports from your friends and family is what you need to cheer you up.


Life can get a bit hectic and difficult to manage sometimes, but being a Capricorn, you can always fight back the bad mojo coming your way. You are driven by passion and hope for a better time, so appreciate every step that you take along the way. Plus, if it gets really overwhelming, you always have friends and family to turn to; a nice, long bath can also help you relax. Allow yourself the opportunity to feel refreshed before you step back into the game. Your confidence is your biggest strength, so use it to progress in both your personal and professional life. See every challenge as an opportunity for growth, and you will learn a lot more from life this May.


Although career will be your priority this month, it is important that you do not neglect your health by working too hard sometimes. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and you need all your energy recharged before you start working on that new business project. Maybe take out time to go to the gym or that yoga class with your friend. Also, maybe it is time that you take a tech-break. Focus on the real rather than on those beautiful, rather unrealistic Instagram posts. Remember, working too much is no excuse for missing your meals. You might struggle to achieve this balance at first, but when you do you can do wonders.


Life is full of uncertainty and all you desire this month is some stability. Whether it is someone at work, who seems to overstep and make things worse for you, or someone who is disturbing your usual productive self, it is time that you consolidate your position and build a few necessary walls. Do not let anyone put you down. Your love life will also see some hurdles. You will learn that compromise is an important part of making a relationship work. However, sometimes it is also okay to think about what is more important for you and stand up for yourself. This July, it is important that you firm about what you want and do not let anyone distract you from this goal.


August is a busy month for you career-wise. A lot of exciting things might be happening. Perhaps, you might start working on a project you are really passionate about, or you might be able to secure your most important deal of the year. Nonetheless, remember to keep that balance, while you enjoy this new sense of creativity. Make sure that you do not miss the gym because you are too enthusiastic to start work.


September is a great time to set your priorities straight. What is it that you are truly looking for: money, power, pride or happiness? Sometimes it may be difficult to understand your own true aspirations, however this month you need to ask these hard questions. You have been consumed with work for the past few months, and perhaps September is the time that you contemplate about how you want to progress with your work life in the future. However, make sure that you take some time out for your family too. Ponder over what you want from your partner, and where is your relationship going? There is a lot of thinking to do this month, but all for a good purpose.


Your spirits are high and the world definitely seems like a wonderful place this month. October brings you a lot happiness: your job is going great, you are having more fun with your fun, and you have all your winter wardrobe ready to face the cold. It is your time to get creative and find people, who are willing are willing to experience the adventure of life with you. Words are all you have this month, and you are being particularly great with them. Moreover, a little bit of prioritization may be required at your work place to overcome the minor hiccups you may encounter.


You desire security, positivity and love this month. Go over your financial matters this month and make sure they are all fine before you step into the holiday season. Moreover, there are a few things that you would need to sort out, make sure you give them proper time and attention. You have worked hard all year round, and November is when you should expect your reward. Make sure your heart is content and happy when you get it.


The key lesson for December is to stay calm. Problems may come and go, and it is your cool composure that got you through this year. Remember, you could only fix what is in your control, and for the rest you must make the best out of what you have. Sign up for that yoga class, clean your closets, and buy that journal to write all your thoughts – relax, declutter and reorganize your life for the next year. Moreover, when it comes to your love life, get rid of some of the emotional baggage. Things will get better, it is just your positive outlook on life that matters right now. 2019 is ending and you are about to welcome a new year; do it with a smile on your face!

Watch this video for a detailed overview for the year 2019:


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