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The Yearly Forecast For Pisces 2019

Updated on March 19, 2019

2019 is the year for Pisces to grow and develop. Whether it is in their personal or professional life, this year brings good tidings for both. Pisces will find themselves in the limelight more than ever before, hence, giving them a great chance to showcase their amazing potential by taking advantage of every opportunity presented to them. This is your time to live life and enjoy every little thing that this world has to offer to you. Smile! This New Year has a lot in store for you.


You are surrounded by good friends, family, and some new acquaintances in the start of this year. You are enjoying your time socializing with new people and having too much fun. You worked hard last December and this is your time to unwind. The start of the year is a great opportunity to refresh your brain, and give yourself the chance to experience life. We know your mind is bustling with new ideas and you are excited about what this New Year has to offer. So, get into your comfy bathrobe, make some nice tea and sit near the fireplace with your best friends to ponder over your plans for the future.


You are both mentally and emotionally strong in your birthday month, and this will move you closer to success. You will find tasks at work easy to do and will earn the much-needed appreciation from your co-workers. You are definitely a problem solver for everyone this month and someone others could rely on. Use all this public fame for some good for the society. Some social service would definitely be a great use of your skills, and this will also help you find some eternal peace. February, being the month of love, is a great time to treat your special someone. Take them out on a romantic date and let them know how you feel about them. Keep the good mojo going for yourself in every sphere of your life.


As Uranus transits into Taurus, you will get the opportunity to express your talents and get praise for your abilities. There will be positive changes this month. It is a great time to get in touch with your creative impulses and spend some time understanding your own feelings. A sunny day will come with a major breakthrough: you might be able to crack open a long overdue project, or perhaps find something new to work on. All of this will make you feel motivated and alive every day. In addition to this, it is really likely that you might rekindle an old romance from the past or find someone knew that you cannot wait to spend more time with. Life is beautiful this month, so enjoy it to the fullest.


Communication is key this month. Although, you will find it difficult to use speech for expressing yourself this month, dialogue is necessary for every relationship. Try to think through what you want to convey to the other person and be clear about your needs to them, otherwise you might end up troubled with misunderstandings. As Jupiter moves into retrograde on the 11th, it will become easier to communicate and truth may seem like a blessing. You will find your relationship flourishing soon after that. If you are looking for a new job or are trying online dating for the first time, any time before the 20th will be ideal.


You might start this month with a little too much on your plate. April may be a bit stressful for you, but it might be signal for you to take the much-needed break. Take some time off with yourself, perhaps plan a vacation with your friends and family. Sit in the sun and enjoy your favorite book. Long walks might also be a great idea to release some tension. Remember it is okay to cancel plans if they are making you feel a bit anxious; do not let the stress get to you. Sometimes sleep can also help. Your mind and body needs all the rest that it can get this month.


As Venus comes into Gemini this month, you will find it a bit difficult to cope with reality. You might feel as if others are conspiring against you and it is difficult to trust anyone. Allow yourself the time and space to understand your own emotions. Perhaps go for a long walk and cleanse your mind from all the negativity. Perhaps get in touch with a nutritionist or health professional to help you understand what is good and bad for you. Pay some extra attention on your physical fitness, because a healthy body definitely breeds a healthy, more positive mind.


It is time for some serious self-examination, and everything else if pushed to the back burner of your mind. You will find yourself constantly thinking about what you want in life and whether you are happy with your current situation, whether it is in your career or your romantic relationship. It is a great time to ask yourself these questions, but the key is to find definite answers and act on them. However, do not get too lost in this new quest for self, the end of the month has some romantic surprises awaiting you.


This month you will find yourself piling up loads of work, whether they are unpaid invoices that you need to sort out, or a new business deal that you are postponing. Remember nothing will get done just by itself. You would need to make an effort and take charge at some point. So instead of leaving everything for the next day, start working. Sometimes even doing little tasks can help you gain your motivation back. You might also get help and encouragement from someone important in your life this month.


Only if you knew how important it was to believe in yourself you would never stop doing so. There may be a lot of negative energy surrounding you and a lot of people trying to pull you down, however remember to be the best version of yourself this month. You are strong and capable of dealing with any crisis at work or home. Remember that you do not need to always prove yourself to everyone around you, some people will stick around only if they care enough. So give respect and inspire respect for yourself; this is key to success in any relationship. Perhaps book a massage or start going to a yoga class; this will help you clear your head and focus on what matters more to you.


This month try doing things that you love. Make room for projects that you are passionate about at work, perhaps go to that new restaurant with your friends, and talk to that person you are really interested in. Life has too much to offer and you must enjoy every bit of it. If you still looking for love, you might find it this month. Your love life may get a bit tricky sometimes, but always think about what you can do to make it all better and right. Pisces, you have a charming personality and no one can question your diligence; it is okay to expect some favors from friends in high places this month.


This month you will be free to dream. Your creative energies are in full flow and the world is your oyster. All you need to do is ask and your good luck will bring you closer to your goal. Allow yourself to explore new interests this month. Perhaps make that trip to that famous art museum in your city, or let your friend pick the next concert you would attend. Be experimental this month and see where life takes you. If you think that you have been sitting back and making too many plans for so long in your love life, it is time that you take some action. Take your relationship a step forward; move in with your partner or finally propose! Sometimes even spending more time, understanding each other a bit more can be ideal progress for your relationship. You might also feel the same tension between your dreams and reality in your work life. It is time that you take initiatives for things that you have always wanted. Switch jobs, start new projects, or start your own business, do whatever makes you feel happy and in control.


The year is ending and it is fair to allow yourself some time to relax. Complete all the important projects and sort out all the files before you head towards the holiday season. Use this month to get some extra sleep, you deserve it after the hard work that you put in this year. Take a step back: make yourself a bubble bath and stay in there for a few more hours than necessary, and then curl up in bed with hot chocolate and your favorite book. Spend more time with your family and friends; this is a great month to reconsider your priorities. Pisces, you did great this year! So, keep your hopes high because the next year would be even better.

For a detailed overview on the Pisces horoscope for the year 2019, watch this video:


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