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The 2018 Yearly Forecast for Taurus

Updated on January 27, 2018

This new year of 2018 is the year of where new opportunities are created and aspirations are satisfied for the Taurus sign. 2018 offers Taurus the freedom to reach their set goals and bring vital chances in their lives. This is the year to act; if you are looking for the chance to conquer the world, you have it all in 2018 with both the sun and Venus coming into your sign. Here’s what each month of 2018 would be for a Taurus.


January would be an extraordinary month for Taurus. It is the beginning of the year and perhaps the best month to take out some time out for yourself. You must start by reflecting on the year that has gone by, cherishing the happy occasions and making a note of the bad ones, as well as creating goals for 2018. You might even face some sort of minor power struggle at the start of the month. For instance who will clean the room or do the dishes. However, the key is to stay grounded and maybe compromise sometimes.

Later on after January 16th the new moon will set in and the next half of the month will be great for Taurus. It is your time for self-development and adventure. Maybe pack up your suitcase and head out on a hiking trip. You would reassess your belief system during this period to exclude all the negativities and bring perspective to your life. January is the month for you to have a more positive attitude. Hence, take advantage of January to meet new people, go on exciting trips and plan creative long-term projects. It would also be a good idea to make a healthy diet plan for this year. It might seem hard to follow at the beginning of the month but late on after the 16th it will all make sense.


In the month of February the house of career would come to forefront. With the moon still in your sign in February, this would be the right moment to actually start working on long-pending ventures and seizing new opportunities. You will find yourself filled with creativity and new ideas. Moreover, the best part is that you also have the support of those who are important to you. Additionally in your love life perhaps this is the time to change your relationship status, or try something new. If you have planning to ask someone out on a date on Valentine’s Day, you should definitely do so.


March is the month for you to enjoy your life. You might feel the need to change things, for instance something as basic as your daily routine. If you feel like everything is a bit dull, add more fun stuff to your schedule. Get in to a better workout routine that excited you to go to the gym every day. However, you must remember to be cautious as well while you make all these decisions. You might feel like switching your job or breaking up with your fellow partner. You must think it through; perhaps take action on changes you have been planning for a long time and take a step back on anything that is too spontaneous for you this month. With you career and love life prospering this month, it is time for you to relax and relish the bounties of life.


This is perhaps the most successful period of your whole year. April is for acting, however also remember to think before you act. Everything would be acting in your favor and new opportunities would be placed at your feet. You must take advantage of all these blessings and seize every day. If you are planning to make some new financial investments or start new business projects, perhaps this is the right time to do so. Use your charm instead of aggression to get things this April. Try to compromise a bit in your love life. Maybe take things slow, get to know the person before making any conclusions.



May is here and so is the time to start feeling. You might feel deep thoughts taking space in your mind this month and your belief in achieving psychological satisfaction becoming stronger. Whether it is a work project or something in your personal life, everything would seem clearer and more meaningful this month. You must definitely communicate and share how you feel with your friends and family. You must use May to connect with yourself and understand what is it that you desire in a relationship or a job? Are you fulfilling those goals that you set up at the beginning of the year, if yes, how and if no, why. It is also the right time to take emotional risks in your relationship, maybe buy that beautiful bouquet of flowers and make your special someone’s day. You will also feel satisfied with your career life. So, enjoy your fulfilling job and rock your world with optimism.


Summer is here in full force. Dwell on the details and the monotony of life, rather than taking up new projects this month. You will find a lot of things to do this month, but perhaps being adventurous is not one of them. Hence, it would be better to put off ideas for making new financial investments and starting a relationship. Also, you will find communication very important this month. If you feel a bit stressed out or uncertain perhaps reach out to a loved one, share your opinions and then ask for advice. Communication is also essential in your love life this month; you will definitely enjoy a nice and cozy night in with your special someone, having heart-to-heart conversations. Additionally, if you feel like you are not working out enough or need to change your diet plan, approach a gym trainer, meet a nutritionist or any expert in the relevant field to ask for advice!


The month of July would bring a lot of prosperity for your sign. It is one of the happiest and most successful time for personal relationship. However, you might find decision making a bit harder this month. Shopping trips would be stressful when you face the decision of either choosing the more economical car or perhaps the more expensive one just because you like its black color. Hence, July is neither the month to stick to the rules too much nor is it for letting over passions overflow too much. Having a balanced and moderate reaction to everything would be key. Your love life would also seem a bit like a see-saw; you might find yourself playing the love-me or love-me-not game too much. Perhaps, you must think before you take a serious step. Wait it out, let your mind clear itself and then decide. Similarly, in your career life you will be juggling with question like should I apply for this new job or wait for new opportunities in the current one? The decision is all yours but must be taken with careful thought.


With your favorable planets, both Venus and Pluto, in a strong position this month, means that you will find yourself more successful in both your personal relationships and work life. You might face a few minor obstacles this month, however with your life being steered towards the more prosperous direction you will find it increasingly possible and simpler to overcome these hurdles. Your emotional development would be at the forefront this month. Hence, it would not be a good idea to ignore how you feel and you must rather learn how to manage your feelings in a better way this August. Try yoga or perhaps going on a peaceful walk when everything becomes overwhelming. It would be a great way to clear your head. Before deciding to express your concerns to your partner or present a disagreement at work, you must think through everything. Why are you feeling the way that you are? What is the reason behind all this? Once you are aware of your own thought process, you would be in a better position to communicate it to others. So save that energy this month and take out time for your own precious self; use it to understand yourself.


September will not be able asserting your own self over everything; you will get time for that later on. However, now you must learn to understand others and most importantly their aspirations. What other way than better communication to do so? September is the month for conversation. Plan that reunion you have been putting off for a long time and reconnect with your friends. A good conversation with amazing people, especially when it is complemented with a delicious meal, would brighten up your day. Moreover, try going that extra mile. Add a bit more dedication and creativity to that project at work. Perhaps add some candles to your dinner table to make it all a bit more special for your special someone. Explore new possibilities in your love life. It would be a great idea to create your online dating profile and start looking for someone could like. Also, try to develop better relations with your coworkers. Invite your work partner to lunch and get to know them. It would improve your understanding at work as well. September is all about others; joining an NGO or social group is a place for you to start.



Practice being calm, because October is going to be all muddled up. Whether it is deciding on that brochure design at work or planning a date night, you would definitely face a power struggle. So take out that yoga mat of yours and beat the confusion by clearing your head. It is okay to face a bit disagreement sometimes. They key is to stay composed and cool-headed before making any decision. Your love life may also see its ups and downs; it will definitely be an emotional roller coaster ride. Try putting in some effort in to your relationship; work harder to stay grounded. Also, a great way to overcome frustrating situations is to not become overwhelmed by them, and instead use this time to organize your life. Rationalize, prioritize and manage all your affairs in an orderly fashion this October. Make that diet plan, record the amount of water you drink and the calories you intake, this will help you overcome your chaotic environment in a better manner.


November must be the highlight of your calm, relaxed, healthy and well-maintained personality. Get that gym membership and burn those extra calories this month to get in shape. Whether it is nailing that job interview or going out on a new date, this more presentable side to you could do wonders. At work, you might feel like that you have the ideas and the creativity, but you are running low on energy. Perhaps a good idea would be to relax and get proper sleep every day. Only a well-rested mind could work at its best. Make that green smoothie, get extra healthy and enjoy when your body responds positively to all this special attention this month.


The year is coming to an end and it might feel justified to get more intense. You might feel too much this month; this probably happens in December when you are bound to reflect on all the events that took place this year. It is perfectly fine to feel sort of bipolar this month: a bit too happy about all the good things and a bit too sad about the bad ones. The key is to take it slow and allow yourself the chance to see the positive side to things as well. It is okay to let go of your well-known composure and go at your own pace. Perhaps communicating your fears, concerns as well as aspirations to someone you trust and love would be a great idea. 2018 is finally ending, let yourself feel and open up for more!

Watch this video for a detailed overview for the year 2018:


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