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The Yearly Horoscope Of Aquarius 2019

Updated on February 20, 2019

2019 is all about new beginnings for Aquarius. This is a whole new year and an incredible chance to make all the right alterations in your life. This year will start with you feeling different about yourself, and will consequently be filled with new plans and aspirations for the future. It is an exciting time to be an Aquarius, especially with Uranus moving into Taurus on the 6th of March. You will be excited about all the innovative projects you are going to start this year, all the amazing people you will interact with, as well as all the extra time you will spend with your family, however your optimism must be accompanied with some caution. So plant your seeds in the right place, for them to reap the best reward in the future.

Curious about what the new year holds for you? Here is what 2019 brings for Aquarius:

January 2019

The month of January is all about positivity, whether it is mental, physical or financial. You will find your financial situation getting better with time, and some of you might even be able to break free from some old financial situation. Your work life is also likely to prosper; if you are waiting for a promotion or planning to launch a new business venture, this is your time to do so. Make the best out of this month by spending some quality time with your family; perhaps use this opportunity to seek some valuable insight from an elderly in the family, you never know when you would need it.

February 2019

This month you have the chance to redefine yourself. Discover what your true aspirations are, and who you want to be in life. The key is to be honest with yourself and everything else will fall in place. The New Year has just started at you will find your personal relationships and career, all stabilizing. The Virgo full moon will bring you the emotional and financial security that you had been dreaming about. Make sure that you use this month to let go of unrealistic expectations from your own self, and more importantly, learn the art of being patient.

March 2019

This month will teach you that it is not possible for anyone to be perfect all the time, not even you. You might be a bit unsure about a new idea, perhaps a project at work, on the 1st or 2nd, however everything will become clearer with time. Love will be in the air this month. For all those single, there is a great probability that you would find someone that you could instantly click with. Everything would feel magical and romantic. Make the best out of this; maybe take them out on a couple of dates to know them better. Remember to always acknowledge and respect your feelings.

April 2019

As an Aquarian, you have the potential to look at the bigger picture. Use this skill this march to broaden your vision – understand what you want in life, and employ all the courage and determination that you have stored in you in getting what you want. If your soul is yearning for a new experience, get your hiking gear on and explore the world. Your optimism will be a source of inspiration for those around you, however, do not waste time in self-glory; it is only a distraction sometimes from the main goal.

May 2019

This May you will find yourself more focused on your domestic life and familial relations. Everything else will move to the back burner of your brain. However, things may not seem to work well in the beginning, but remember that they always do get better. Spend more time with your spouse this month. Take them out on that dinner date that you have been postponing due to work, or perhaps sit down and watch a movie first. You will find yourself rediscovering that soul-mate connection. If you are someone planning to take your relationship to the next level, this is the right time to perhaps move in together, or if that is too early for you, start with keeping your toothbrush at their place.

June 2019

You are missing lunch because of work deadlines, and skipping gym because you are working overtime almost every day. Remember life is all about balance and sometimes it is okay to let yourself relax. Stay calm, and get the sleep you need, take out that yoga mat from the closet, and refill your vase with some fresh flowers. You need to stop buzzing and instead relaxing some more. We know that work is really important for you this month, but breathe and prioritize. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it, Aquarius.

July 2019

You are your best creative-self this month, whether it is at the workplace trying to look for new ideas to market your product, or in your relationship where you are constantly looking for ways to surprise your special someone. You can feel the energy flowing in your system, and you are ready to make the best out of it. Some new experience might come your way this month, perhaps a new person might enter your life; so, just not throw away the invite to your friend’s party just now. However, you should remember to not let your excitement take you too far. Be sensible with the decisions you take this month, so that you do not regret them in the near future. Think twice before signing that contract or committing to something you do not want to do.

August 2019

You have a complex personality, Aquarius, and love for you means both an emotional and intellectual connection with someone. You need someone you can talk to in great detail about the world. This month you are in the realm of ideas, but so willing to share what you have discovered with everyone in your reach. You might find solace in the company of a close friend, a family member, or your special someone. Go out on long walks together and talk about your inner most feelings with them. The future will come brighter as you go! Do not forget to note down all your plans somewhere down; journaling would be a great hobby to have this month.

September 2019

You are feeling deeply about everything this month. Do not reject your emotions and let yourself experience what the world has to offer. However, make sure that you start neglecting yourself during this thought exercise. Renew that gym member and perhaps learn how to swim. Taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is a must this September.

October 2019

Sometimes it is normal to feel that you are not doing enough or are lagging behind. Cut yourself some slack and never stop believing in yourself. Remember that you have the potential to do so much, and be that person of your dreams. However, the most important thing is to allow yourself the room to constructively analyze your progress and make an effective plan towards achieving your goals. The key is to remain both determined for success and content with your work. Think of the bigger picture, you are definitely good at that. In addition to this, you should work on better communication in your relationship. No one really appreciates a flaky partner, so it is important that you discuss any issues that you have in a timely manner.

November 2019

You are loving what you are doing this month. Everything seems perfect, whether it your work or love life it is all the right place. Love is on your mind, and you are finding new connections with your special someone. Some of you may actually discover that this is the person you want to spend your life with and others may find someone they want to get to know more about. Enjoy this intense feeling of love in your life and allow yourself to rekindle the romance this November. In addition to this, you are a happy person at work. Your work is appreciated and your creativity is unmatched. You have a good mojo going, and you are definitely a super-star for everyone at both home and work.

December 2019

You are definitely ending this year on a good note. You are filled with optimism and are spreading happiness around to everyone you know. It is a great time to tell your family and friends how much you love them. Take your parents to dinner, plan a weekend getaway with your special someone, and perhaps plan a reunion with your friends. Make them feel special and valued this month. Your positive energy is also not missed at work. However, this is a great time of the year to give something back to the community. Perhaps do not to your favorite charity this Christmas, or spend some time doing valuable community service. The year is ending with a bang for you, and there is so much reason for you to thank everyone around you. However, also appreciate your efforts this year. See how far you have come and what you have achieved. Stay optimist, and hope the next year will be even better than this one.

Also, watch this video for a detailed overview for the year 2019:


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