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The Yearly Horoscope of Sagittarius 2018

Updated on March 19, 2018

This year comes with different experiences for the Sagittarians. Your 2018 horoscope suggests that you will be happy but that will come with a few individual changes. This year you will find yourself determined to prove your mettle and regain your position that for a couple of years has not been the same. You will be more focused on actions rather than consequences. So, you may find yourself in the middle of a controversy more than once this year. At the same time, there is no problem that you won't be able to solve if you are honest and rational. You are very likely to make some new friendships that will last for a long time. You will also get good news regarding children this year.

Career Horoscope for Sagittarius

Your career is predicted to be good this year. The hard work and efforts that you make may not seem rewarding at the time, but do not worry, you will get your due later in the year. There will be changes on a personal level that may contribute to an increase in the pressure of work. You will also find yourself distracted so it might be very difficult to concentrate on work and give your best shot. It will take some time but you will be able to conquer all of your challenges successfully. Always remember that a rigid and combative attitude is not a solution to all problems and challenges. Diplomacy and thinking about the problem with a cool mind will get you better solutions.

According to your horoscope in 2018, tasks that you will do independently and in a personal capacity will reap better results than the ones done in a team or at a corporate level. You may be able to make new partnerships. It is expected that you may feel on edge around July and August. This might lead you to spoil your relationship with colleagues and seniors, so it is advisable to be very careful with your words and expressions. Moreover, it is advisable to think thoroughly before making any judgment call as any error can result in a problem for you.


Love horoscope for Sagittarius

As per predictions this year will be very good for your married and love life. It is expected that you will have some exciting time with your significant other near the end of the year. You should make most out of every single moment. You will also have to make some serious decisions in your love life and things may get difficult. Moreover, the health of your significant other may not be very well which will be a major cause of concern for you. You will have to remain calm, as you may become unfair to your spouse out of anger.

Finance horoscope for Sagittarius 2018

You have a good chance of making financial profits this year. But that money most likely will be wasted so think before you spend a huge amount of money. It is also advisable to avoid speculations regarding profits. Moreover, your income will be good this year but you need to save some money for the future. It is preferable to invest your money but carefully.

You will also start a spiritual journey in October of 2018 which will bring about a loss of interest in worldly and material goals, especially in the last few months of the year. You are also expected to do well until October. However, in the last few months, the level of activity will decrease. This will be the perfect time for introspection and to make new plans.


Things will be rather slow for you in January but it is better for stable and steady growth. When it comes to your health, it will improve as the month progresses and so will your finances. You will also get a chance to progress and grow at your job. Overall the month of January will bring success, prosperity, and fortune for Sagittarius people. Your social status will also elevate. The cash flow won't be a lot but it will be satisfactory.


The month of February signifies a time of valor and bravery for Sagittarians. You may face a very tough situation and will have to make difficult choices. Moreover, you are likely to become a pillar of support for your family and loved ones. With your fearless attitude, you will be able to get the desired gains in any new projects and ventures you may have started. This will bring about an increase in your wealth. To get these profits you will have to make a calculated risk but make sure you are not frivolous or reckless.

This month will also mark a spiritual journey for you. Your efforts will be appreciated by your seniors and bosses hence you will grow in your career as well.


For Sagittarius, the month of March signifies moving on. Most Sagittarians will adopt an unstoppable approach to life due to which they are likely to experience progress and success. You are also likely to be spiritually more aware and may explore more aspects of religion. Your insightfulness and wisdom will compliment your decision-making abilities. This will give you another chance to shine professionally and get acknowledged and appreciated by your colleagues and seniors. You may even be able to clinch a position of authority due to your exceptional leadership qualities. Increased appreciation and promotion can also cause your fellow colleagues to be jealous and you may find yourself at the receiving end of malice from fellow employees.


The month of April is a time of control and power for people born under the star sign Sagittarius. Now that you have a more authoritative work position, growth in respect and reputation is expected. There is a chance of ego clashes which may cause stress and anxiety, so avoid such encounters. Taking responsibility for new tasks and commitments will yield positive and beneficial results. Moreover, it will also help in advancing and improving your network. Students who are going for higher studies will find opportunities in the government sector or schemes. On the other hand for jobholders, there is a chance of monetary benefits. Expecting couple should remain cautious as prospects of offspring are not very clear. Apart from that, the month of April is fuelled with authority and positivity for Sagittarians.


The month of May will be a busy one in terms of work. For people who already have a steady job should expect not just progress in their work but also the opportunity to get on a new project or venture that will result in success. You can also face friction with your fellow employees due to exceptional progress. However, you need to be careful about your health and not jeopardize it just to succeed at work. So make sure you take time out for yourself and relax a bit. Any type of lawsuit or litigation may not turn out be in your favor so it is preferable to stay out of these issues. There is a chance that your health may require expenditure because of a minor disease or illness.


The month of June comes with a lot of competition in the office. You will learn new skills but that means an increase in people competing with you. Therefore, it is advisable to get ready to work hard in order to succeed and achieve your goals. It is useless to confront or challenge your fellow employees so avoid any kind of clash or disagreement. You will also have to push yourself to maintain a balance between family life and your work. This month, the temperament of your spouse might vary along with their mood swings, so you will need to handle this situation with care and skill. There is a high probability that you will travel.


For spouses of Sagittarians, the month of July will be unexpectedly profitable in terms of monetary gain. This may make them egotistic or selfish, however, rest assured, these changes will remain for a short time only. If you get a chance to go for a business trip do not miss it, as it is most likely to be fruitful for you. It may also give you a chance to grow and prosper professionally. At the same time, you may suffer from a financial loss so it is preferable to spend your money and savings wisely. It is better to manage your saving rather than making an investment, especially in July.



August will be a lucky period for the Sagittarians. This is because during these days the celestial powers are expected to be in your favor, which will enable you to get rid of all your financial hindrances. You are also likely to get a payment that has been long overdue. You will find yourself inclined towards the spiritual world and be more open to religion. This will help you explore new concepts and learnings, hence delving deeper into the understanding of yourself and the universe. During this period, you will gain strength and inner peace along with the capability to make the necessary changes in your life. This change will help in other aspects of life as well.


September will be a relatively slower month. This does not mean that you have maxed out on your luck for the year. It may not be as good as August, but September will bring its fair share of good fortune. For starters, there will be stability in your career. You will get a chance for growth so do not think along the lines of quitting, looking for another job or going for a new career. You may have to face hindrance or difficulties when it comes to domestic life but it won't be something out of the ordinary. You will be able to handle it easily.

During this period, Sagittarians seeking higher education or those who have/are getting assets may face some hurdles. There can be disputes related to the ancestral property. Avoid major changes in life during this month and just let it flow.


The month of October comes with financial gain for the Sagittarius. The money is expected to flow smoothly throughout. Similar to previous months, there is a chance of promotion or progress at work and overall work environment will be pleasant. Moreover, you can expect incentives coming in from the government authorities. Apart from an accumulation of money and wealth, other aspirations will be fulfilled in this month. Hence the month will be peaceful and generally smooth sailing.


Predictions show that the month of November will bring equilibrium in the life of the Sagittarius. As their life in previous months was relatively happening and fast, the financial gains in this month will be relatively lesser than the previous few months. However, do not worry, they will be satisfactory. There is a chance of monetary loss so you should be very careful when investing or lending money. It is preferable that you donate a generous amount of money to several causes as it will help you feel peaceful. You may get the fruit of your donation one way or another. You should keep in touch with your friends but make sure you do not overindulge.


In December, you will learn a lot from your environment and become a much better version of yourself. You may come across more responsibilities than you are used to but you will learn to manage them efficiently. Whenever you feel doubtful seek advice from your family and elders. While taking care of finances and responsibilities do not forget your health. If you are not healthy, you may need to spend money on your health. Therefore, it is essential to make health your priority. In this month work and life will remain relatively stable.

Overall this year Sagittarius will have a lot of monetary gains, but they should keep themselves patient when it comes to relationships. Moreover, they should take extra care of their health.


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