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My Take on the Zodiac & Each Sign Broken Down for Relationship and/or Seduction

Updated on February 13, 2016

Leo Just Another Sign We Will Seduce.

My Take on The Zodiac

The Zodiac is based on the idea that when certain planets or constellations are visible in certain patterns across our sky it gives off a distinct energy to us on planet Earth. This distinct placement of these celestial objects at the time of our birth is the basis for every individual birth chart.

Even though there is no scientific evidence millions of people check their horoscopes, identify with their sign and prefer to date certain signs over others. However, I am often able to tell someone's sign after a short conversation or a short time watching their behavior. Why is that? Are all of my guesses that lucky?

I also know that mankind has an inherent thirst for knowledge about who they are and are hungry for an identity. People identify with religions, nationalities football and soccer teams. Perhaps people identify with the zodiac because they welcome a set identity and the expectations that come with it.

The power of the Zodiac in regard to identity is even more powerful than many other personal affiliations. Since it is a culturally driven system of assigning personalities since birth it does have an affect on human personality. If you tell a child that he is "such a Sagittarius" don't be surprised when he goes off to teach English in a foreign country or is part of a traveling humanitarian medical team.

We know the energy of the planets have a profound effect on each other. We call it gravity. It is what keeps our solar system in its perpetual motion. Perhaps the planets as large as they are affect us with their different gravitational pulls across our solar system. The Sun was in the constellation of Scorpio during the time of my birth. Could this certain gravitational pull affect me in a way to make me more prone to mystery or the occult? Could it influence me to be a more sexual being?

When we get down to it, whether it is the cultural expectations of the Zodiac or the energy from the push and pull of planets around us the Zodiac remains a poignant way to typify people. The point is whether they are cultural expectations ingrained into us or the profound impact of the planets on our being. The traits of our birth charts are seemingly found in correct correlation on a consistent basis.

I recently explained to a newfound friend who seemed to know absolutely nothing of the zodiac how shockingly his dreams are akin to his sun sign. This man makes very good money, in fact enough to travel the world. But when I told him his simple life dream was very "Sagittarius" he asked me what is Sagittarius supposed to be like. His dream was to basically buy an RV and visit small towns in America. To make it brief I had responded to him "Well they like to travel."

Remember there is more to a person than their sun sign. Just like their is more to the zodiac than just sun signs. I plan to write some of the unique methodology I use to read a birth chart in another article.

If you are one that wishes to use the zodiac to typify and seduce people, I will give you a few tips on each of the twelve signs. When you get down to it they are twelve archetypal personalities. Personality types that have been reinforced throughout human history and very easily spotted.

Aries- Their motto is "I Am". If you present yourself as a romantic challenge and play as if you are so detached as to not notice their lust or lack of lust you can trick them into rushing you into the sack.

Taurus- Their motto is "I Have." They are attached to what they have and think of what they have as trading pieces to get more. The secret to the Bull is to KNOW that they believe they have what they have is due to their VALUES. Convince them you are like them by mirroring their values and old cupids arrow will hit them right between the... horns.

Gemini- Their motto is "I Think." They are constant thinkers. In order to seduce them you must establish yourself as the sharpest knife in the drawer/room/office and send their minds thinking in many directions. The only way to do this is to be mentally sharp. Test their knowledge and get them to think over a new topic or perspective and then another. Keep this cycle of mentally stimulating conversation in motion. Keep them talking in this manner and they will love you for it.

Cancer- Their motto is "I Feel". Cancers are the most "wishy-washy" of the Zodiac as well as the best disguised. They are typically hard on the outside and soft on the inside. They are just like a crab and that hard exterior is just what I meant by disguise. Usually if you get them to mother you or you mother them, they will fall in love. They ascribe this close care to love. In order to to get this close to them you must get past their hard exterior.

Leo- Their motto is "I Will". They are usually focused on attaining their desires. If you appear very confident well groomed and are not in any need, Leo will take notice. This is just because they usually want the best out of life and every Leo will have their own definition of it. You know a Leo is in love when they start to show you off to friends and family.

Virgo- Their motto is "I Analyze". They love to take care of details and are usually perfectionists with a flair for diplomacy. To interest someone who looks so closely at details you must be or at least appear to be loyal steadfast honest and dependable.

Libra- Their motto is "I Balance." Libras are usually in relationships because they usually want the best partner and best match for them. So typically you will meet Libra playing the part of the tired teammate who doesn't understand why their other half "just doesn't get it." To interest them talk about how relationships are so "wishy-washy" and never work out. Then look up and say "unless I had that perfect soulmate" and laugh. This plays right into their game of jumping ships to the best match. Also flattery will get you EVERYWHERE with them.

Scorpio- Their motto is "I Desire". The strategy of the mysterious Scorpio is to never reveal what they desire, that way no one can prevent them from moving in on their desire at the perfect moment. If they cannot figure you out for one reason or another it is possible to lure them in to a game of "figure me out." If you have them believing their romance with you is part of some mystery of fate, cupids arrow will score a bulls eye.

Sagittarius- Their motto is "I See." They usually exhaust anyone that does not like constant travel and movement as they love to go here and there. Their loyalty is like no other. An implied relationship or monogamy is best with them. If you do not contest their freedom ever, they will reward you with the benefit of the doubt every time.

Aquarius- Their motto is "I Know." They are the "know it all's" of the zodiac and there is but one way to gain their interest. In romance they are always weary of being "captive" or unable to leave. You MUST appear just as individualistic as they are and you must come across as "ahead of your time." If you behave in this way that you have something they must know and are just like them, it will pique their curiosity. It is not within them to easily open up since they are usually evading capture in romance. But if they recognize you as the same type of individualist they are they will show love in their actions.

Pisces- Their motto is "I believe." They want something to believe in and if they believe you have a good heart that is a perfect start. If they give you something handmade you are set in your romance. Do not question.

Capricorn- Their motto is "I use." Now that would sound negative but it is not what you would think. They are constantly calculating risk. If being with you they risk a scene in public or anything else out of the ordinary they will move on. They want a partner secure enough that they could honestly be friends afterwards with if something were to go wrong. You must convince them you are a person of genuine quality. Impress them with honesty self control and consistency.


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