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The alternating pain and pleasure teach us great lessons!

Updated on April 28, 2016

Saint Teresa states..

Why pain is created amid pleasure in the world?

Though the human brain contains memories extending to many previous births, the link is automatically cut off, once we take birth. In a way, it is a great blessings from God. We are not able to manage the affairs of one single birth. If we start remembering the events and persons associated with us in many previous births, our grief will be endless. Hence, god out of mercy towards the creation has hidden the past memories from each individual. In spite of that, there were some babies who distinctly remember and recollect some important events that happened just before its death in previous bodies. There were media reports that few babies recollected the events of the past and pestered their parents to carry them to their past birth place or resident. The babies identified some of their close relatives too! These things baffle the research people. But one thing is certain. There is rebirth to each individual. He can not escape from births and deaths unless he completely wipes out the accounts of the past.

It is not only the effects of evil deeds done; it is also the effects of the good deeds too. One can not finish the cycle of birth and death, unless he clears all the effects. It is not like bank accounts where debits and credits are mingled and final balance is arrived. If one has committed a bad deed, he needs to undergo the effect willy-nilly. He can not cancel the bad effects by doing some good deed. Even if one try to propitiate god, he has to undergo the effects of the past. None can escape it at any time. Many people who undergo much grief and torture complain that god is merciless! It is not so. Even while we are blessed with thinking capacity and discrimination, we are governed by certain indisputable laws ordained by the creator. Any act willingly done by any individual will surely bear fruit at the appropriate time. Hence, whether we undertake good or bad deed, it will boomerang upon us certainly at some future time. This is the reason why we get some unexpected booty from some unknown resources and we feel that we are lucky. No, we are predestined to receive the fortune during the time due to the effect of some past good deeds. Likewise, accidents, debts, quarrels, and other natural calamities happen. We may feel that many innocents suffer. But god is Justice. None will be made to suffer for somebody’s mistakes.

In some of my previous hubs I have reiterated the fact that “God is like a postman, who delivers the mails to the correct addressee. He is never concerned about the contents of the letters. He sees that the mails are delivered to the correct persons. The contents are due to our own actions.

Let us ruminate why we are subjected to alternating pain and pleasure? Here I will give a small example. In olden days, ladies used to churn the curds to get butter. The process is like this. In the wooden pillar, ropes will be tied around which extend unto the churning rod. In the other end, the ladies tie a coir to the churning rod and pull it to one end and alternatively to the other end. During this alternating churning, the curd is agitated this way and other way. This is how butter is generated on the top surface. Likewise all individuals are subjected to alternating grief and joy which agitate the conscious. In course of time, wisdom will well up by the continuous agitation like the butter which forms on the surface.

Also in the external world, unless one move in the hot sun, one will not enjoy the cool shade of the tree. One who is always in the shade can not appreciate the coolness unless he moves away in hot sun. Hence alternatives glorify each other. It is the sufferings which make one receptive to good times ahead. Riots are aware that the scorching sun will dry the surface of the earth. The subsequent rain will supply the requisite nutrients to the soil. By tilling the earth, the earth is made receptive for the seeding of grains. Then the harvest will be bumper. Everything in this world has a purpose. Nothing is created in vain. Hence the sufferings we undergo has a reason to grow wisdom in us.

Hence the entire creation is riddled with good and bad and none can escape the dualities in creation. Ultimately we will gain the knowledge and wisdom.

Life is a mixture of joy and sorrow!


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