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The creation and creator!

Updated on December 9, 2012


Some random thoughts!

He is the author of the story, He is the Director cum dialogue writer, and He is the costume designer. At his command, the actors and actress enter each scene; perform as per the script along with appropriate tonal modifications and facial gestures. When he decides, each actor has to exit from the scene. The actors have to earn their approbation from the Director after acting well as per his directions. I am talking about the supreme Lord, who has created everything and enabled them on earth.

There are certain valid points, I would like to make. Before creation happened, there was none. No other power other than the Lord who in his formless state existed. Scriptures talk about this as “I AM “. He alone existed and there was no once else. He created everything out of himself since there was nothing other than him. Whatever has been created is from the formless state. The Bible states that the Lord has created the world with one word and the word was with God and the word was God.

If we can think along these familiar lines, we can appreciate that the entire outcome is only from him. All the elements came out of his will. The entire creation which includes the plants, reptiles, birds, beasts, fishes and all the conceivable beings are from his will. He has laid down the rules and regulations for each set of species. The supreme knowledge was placed into man but hidden deeply by the vacillating mind. One who can go beyond the mind alone can intuitively cognize great Truths. Hence, the majority of the people of the world are ignorant of the realm within. Man alone is having thinking and discriminating faculties. All other species simply live as per their basic instincts. Man alone can ponder ‘why he has come to this world? For what purpose he is here on earth!

Every body would agree that such an intelligent being has not been created in vain. When man shares all the instincts with animals like eating, drinking, sleeping and mating, he is endowed with the power of intelligent discrimination. Mind is active only in human beings. It is through this faculty, he plans, exert his choices, execute tasks and enjoy the outcome. No other animal is capable of planning and execution like man. The seers and sages pondered over the above questions, meditated for hundreds of years to find out the answers. The fortunate few both from the East and West got answers in the form of intuitions. They found that man has got higher destiny and he is not here on earth to waste his time in eating, drinking and enjoying. He can find out the source from which he came and go back to the source with his own efforts. The source is God who is the indweller of each Heart (spiritual and not physical). He is seated in every being whether one possesses good or evil nature. He is there as a mere “Witness” of all our feelings, thoughts, emotions, intentions and actions. We can not escape from the results of actions performed on our own volition. The results are bound to occur sooner or later.

Hence all Religions preach man to utter Truth and follow righteousness in all his dealing. It exhorts man to love the fellow beings. Non-violence is one such virtue, everyone should cultivate. We should hate none! If possible help otherwise do not hurt is the recent teaching from Saibaba. Materialism can never take us anywhere. Joy and peace can never be got from riches. Sacrifice and self surrender alone can grant us immortality. Bodies are bound to die but the Self in each is immortal and it is one with the supreme!


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