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The creation has an invisible conceiver and controller!

Updated on March 26, 2017

God has blessed man with lot of powers!

A car can not move on its own without a driver sitting inside!

A car cannot move forward unless there is a driver inside who starts it. The car may be one of the costliest and sophisticated. Still, the car needs a driver! Consider the body as a car and who is the driver behind the wheel? It is the Self. Many may doubt this statement. A driver uses his brain and mind to drive the car. He needs to focus on the traffic ahead as well as the traffic behind and in the adjacent lanes. Well, how the brain or mind can function on its own? When the key is inserted in the dashboard and turned on, the engine starts. The key cannot operate on its own! Hence we need a human interface to drive the car from within. The driver cannot remain outside and drive the car. In a similar manner, the self or Atma is the driver of the vehicle called ‘body’. Many people are confused about the fundamentals of life. For instance take the eye. It is a slit in the face which is instrumental for receiving light in the form of vision. Does the eye see? No! They merely pass the sensory inputs to the brain through the nerves. Does the brain see? No! The brain reconstructs the impression on the retina of the eye, but it is incapable of perception! The outcome is perceived by the mind. But the scriptures state that the mind is also an interface like the brain and only the Atma or self perceives the sensory inputs!

God is infinitely powerful.

Without power a car or computer cannot function!

For instance, there is a body but it is dead! All the instruments of perception are inside the body but the last breath has snatched even the mind and hence for all purposes, the body cannot function! Can we say then, that the breath or the vital air is the life force which is capable of perceptions? No, even the breath is like the electric current that passes through the wires in a car, which enable the car to start! Imagine, if there is no petrol or gas inside the fuel tank, how the car will start though it contains sparks of electricity? Hence we need three vital items for the body to function, viz. food, and breath. Of course, food includes water also. Now food and water is there and there is breath. Will it be sufficient for the body to function? No. The sense organs must be perfect, the brain functions correctly and the body should possess knowledge and memory! Without memory, nothing is possible. There are many “Alzheimer patients, who lost their memory and they need some people to assist or guide them. Why? They have lost their memory power. Hence they are unable to recollect, who they are, where they have to go etc. Similarly for our perceptions to be clear, we need a body with healthy limbs and sensory organs. Then there should be strength of all limbs, a mind to think, discriminate and recollect things from stored memory. For all purpose, the body is like a ‘computer system’ with memory cards and processor chips, various cables to conduct information through a system of bits and bytes. The monitor is like the brain which displays the output. Still we need an operator to read the output and key in the queries as input! Imagine there is a most advanced system of computer but how it will function? We need to power in the computer and an external outlet of power to connect the system to power sockets!

Look at the creation which reveals the power of God!

There is a charioteer inside our body who directs everything!

Now let us summarize the results of the above example! In a car, when the ignition key is turned on, all the functions of the car commence and an efficient driver can drive the car through the traffic. Similarly the breath enables the body to function at all level with the mind and intellect directing the body and limbs in coordination with the brain! A computer when connected to a power socket boots once the power is ON. It is enough if you press the power button. But all these need a human interface!

Now we will move over to the Universe and Cosmos. For the limited entities like the car, computer and human body, we have understood someone should be in the driver seat. Yes, the body could be compared to a chariot in which the charioteer is the Self or Atma! Without the power of the Self, the creation itself is null and void. Though the Self is invisible, it enables everything to function and it is the basis of the phenomena called creation and cosmos! Who enabled the Sun, moon and stars? Who has given the power to Sun to illuminate the entire world during day time as per their geographical locations? How the light of the Sun gets reflected on the moon surface? How all the planets are kept in fixed orbits without colliding with each other? All the control is exercised by one Supreme power called the “Super Self, which directs the entire show of creation, sustenance and annihilation! Yet the power is invisible to our eyes! Is it not a great mystery or miracle? Though the world contains many billions of human lives, no two men is similar in appearance, excepting in the case of twins!

Memory contains all this!

The supercomputers are nothing in comparison with the powers of Self!

Today, we marvel at the power of super computers which are designed to undertake countless functions at the same time! How much power is vest with God or the Self, which oversees the entire functions of all that is contained in the Universe and Cosmos every second without respite? The one primary example is Sun! We are taking rest in the night so that we can function well during the day time! Have you seen the Sun taking rest or absenting itself from the monumental duty of providing heat and light to the entire world of beings? If there is no Sunlight even for a few seconds, the world will collapse! The constant supply of energy by the Sun is unimaginable. Hence never boast that you have achieved this or that. We are nothing compared to the Cosmos which is contained by God!

For every function, there is an invisible power behind!

Are you capable of functioning on your own?

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