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The creation is governed by fixed laws and hence destiny!

Updated on November 9, 2012

The different eras classified.

The fixed cycle of events!

Creation is endless. All created beings have to meet with death one day or other. Even within the human body, the cells are refreshed once in seven days. The body is exiting dead cells by various ways. What about the Cosmos and the base elements? Once in 43,20,0000 years, the creation is dissolved or annihilated completely. A fresh cycle of creation starts once again after a gap of many years. These points have been dealt with in “Manvantaras”, ancient Hindu way of reckoning the different Yugas. Scientists talk about the age of the earth as so many billions of years. Presumably, this calculation pertains to a particular period of creation since the present earth can only be gauged by scientists. Hence all our calculations pertains the present Kaliyuga which is of the duration of 4, 32,000 years.

Reverting to certain basic calculations, 360 days of human life is equivalent to one day for the Devas (demigods) and hence one year in the life of demigods are equivalent to 360 years of human life.The primary classifications of yugas are as under:

1. Sathya Yuga = 4000 years of Devas. 2.Treta Yuga=3000 years of Devas 3. Dwapara Yuga=2000 years of Devas. 4. Kaliyuga=1000 years of Devas. Between each yugas, there is a contact period of 800, 600,400 and 200 years respectively for the above periods.

Hence Sathya Yuga contains 4000+800 Deva Years =4800x360= 17, 28,000 human years. In the same way the other yugas spans for 12,96,000,8,64,000,4,32,000 human years respectively. All the four yugas adds upto one Mahayuga totaling upto 43, 20,000 human years. After the expiry of the above periods, there will be a great deluge and all elements will finally merge and only a vast sheet of water will remain. Again next cycle of creation will commence after many lakhs of years! These are given in the Bagawata Purana. Since the above details may interest many readers, I am sharing them in the hub!


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