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The cycle of creation goes on forever!

Updated on February 24, 2014

Span of each Yuga!

What the scriptures reveal about creation?

None so far could solve the mystery of creation. As per the Hindu scriptures and epics, the origin of the universe is unknown. The theory of time span of various yuga (aeon) is perplexing. If we read the Bagawata Purana, we will understand that the cycle of yuga is a continuous process. After each yuga, there is a contact period during which there will be temporary annihilation of the created beings and cosmos. The lowest in the rung is called Kaliyuga which span for 432000 human years, the next one Dwapara yuga is twice the period, i.e. 864000 human years, the one named Treta yuga is thrice the span of Kali, i.e. 1296000 and the first one named Sathya Yuga is four times of Kali span, i.e.1728000 human years.

Now, the readers will get a doubt, ‘why I mention ‘human years’ as the unit? Our life on earth is measured in terms of earth time, i.e. in 24 hours for each day and 365 days for a year. But the unit for the life of Deva or demigod is quite different from ours. One year in the period of human is one day for the demi gods. In the unit of time span of Devas or demigods, the Kaliyuga is 1000 years, the next one Dwapara is 2000 years, the Treta yuga is 3000 years and Sathya yuga is 4000 years. One Mahayuga comprising all the four in terms of human years is 4320000 years. After each mahayuga, there will be total annihilation of all creation. Only water will remain and the Lord of creation will rest on a leaf of peepal floating on the water until the next creation starts.

In the above narration, we have seen the life cycle of one maha yuga. Like this Mahayuga, many such yugas have elapsed so far! Now we can assess the time span of one day of Brahma. Brahma creates each Manu to create the universe and species suitable for the particular manvantara. One day of Brahma is roughly the life span of 14 manus. Each Manu will lord over 71 Mahayuga or chaturyuga. When we calculate this with human scale, it will be a mind boggling one. I have explained earlier that one day of Deva is one full year of human life. One year of Deva is roughly 360 years of human life. Each Manu will lord over 71 mahayugas. In human scale, this translates into 71 x 4320000 year which is 306724000 years which is one day of Brahma. Each day of Brahma see 71 Mahayugas. Considering the life span of Brahma as 100 years, we can very well imagine the number of human years!

What I want to emphasize is that the origin of the universe cannot be comprehended by human mind. As per the present Hindu calendar the reign of 51st Brahma and Vaivasata Manu (seventh manu) is on. If one day of Brahma alone is 306724000 years, one year of Brahma is 360 times of the period. Again each Brahma reigns for a period of 100 years and the next Brahma is created by the Lord! Even the most advanced super computers can not program a day in the universe. It is the pure wisdom of formless Divine, which enabled the origin of Brahma and Manus and the subsequent creation of universe and finally its annihilation after a fixed period of time scales!

Now let us consider the variations in human race in each yuga. It is mentioned in Ramayana epic that Rama was fourteen feet hight. As each yuga passes, mankind loses their structure, strength and stamina. In the Kaliyuga, the average height of individual is around six feet and rarely there are individuals in 7 feet range. The behavior pattern of people in the various yugas is mentioned in the puranas and scriptures. In the first yuga or Satya Yuga, people were thoroughly honest and led virtuous life. In the next yuga, there was a decline of 25% virtues and in this dark age of Kali, righteousness reign only in 25% people. Most of the people in the world worship wealth as the deity. Man has fallen into abysmal levels as far as character is concerned. There are few people to count for virtues or honesty. There is corruption and immorality everywhere in each country baring few packets of earth. This is surely the mark of the Dark Age mentioned in the ancient Hindu scriptures.

But people need not become desolate. In this Kaliyuga, there is no dearth of saintly personalities who come to the earth from time to time to set right the order. We can observe now that most of the people have become ‘god fearing’! Why? The world is facing lot of havoc like natural calamities everywhere. Man made mistakes culminated into terrorism. More than fifty percent of the world population is living in abject poverty. The rulers who are autocratic and dictators are being replaced by revolts from public. Everywhere, there is unrest and civil war. Most destructive weapons are being used against innocent human populations. There is no safety for women at large. Children face the worst abuse. There is no potable drinking water in many localities of the world. Many people, worst affected by war of terrorism are living in refugee camps in many countries. In such a condition, the creator himself had to intervene and set right things. It is evident that the creator had assumed human form and lived among us to spread the gospel for golden age which is sure to ensue in a few years’ time!


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