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The earth and its elements of Life.(Reality).

Updated on March 23, 2016

elements of the earth.


The earth and its elements of Life.

The earth and its elements of Life.

Consciousness, behavior are conditioned into the environment we are born into, as well as the type of species or organism of life we belong to.

The earth.

The earth as we know it today, is a planet that is suitable for life to exist as the atmosphere and temperature is suitable for life to evolve and survive,

The soil is nourished by rain.

What came first the seed or the soil?

Plants and lush vegetation need fertile soil and water to grow and produce results when the seasons change and it is time to harvest for farmers and certain game in the wild.

Depending of the type of tree or plant , geographical location.

Certain plants only flourish and sprout and blossom in certain climates.

Other plants grow well under shine.

Some plants cold climates, yet with sufficient sunlight and oxygen.

Within the earth there are minerals, gold, diamonds, platinum and coal can be found under the surface of the earth.

The ocean also provides 70 percent of the earth’s perimeter.

What came first water or the soil?

I would say the soil came first.

As if water came first it would defy gravity and would keep falling yet where would it land?

Would evaporate from the heat of the sun?

Would it keep falling till it reaches a cooler climate when it can freeze and form giant

ice bergs, such is in the Antarctica.

Perhaps water the trigger that was needed for life to sustain itself.

The ocean is composed of aquatic life.

The ocean at its deepest depths it can be approximately 10 Kilometer’s deep..

On the surface of the ocean is sea sand and vegetation sprouts producing oxygen for all forms of life in the ocean..

Some prey camouflage with the mists of the plants to hide from the predators.

The earth and its elements of life.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Nkosinathi Ncala


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