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The efficacy of chanting Divine Names!

Updated on March 15, 2015

Chanting God's name!

The name of God is panacea for all ills of world.

Throughout the world, in all major religions, chanting the names of god is practiced from ancient days. Many people of the present generation may question the validity of such chanting. They are not aware of the potency of the name of God. In Hindu scriptures, it is clearly mentioned that the name of God (any name) has the power to pulverize mountains of sins. In this connection, I would like to narrate a beautiful episode from Indian epics.

Many people from the world might have heard about the immortal story of “Rama”, through the grand epic “Ramayana”. The epic was penned by a great soul, sage Valmiki. Many will be astounded to learn that sage Valmiki was previously a robber in the thick jungle, who waylaid the passersby and looted their wealth. Not only that he inflicted injuries on them or killed them. He had no remorse in his conscious since he had no idea of sin and merit. In one way he was fortunate! Once, seven great sages travelled through the thick jungle. They happened to come near the place where the robber was hiding. The robber intercepted the sages and asked them to part with their treasures! The sages had nothing with them. But they asked him certain pertinent questions. First, they asked him, “Why he is hurting the innocent people who pass through the forest? To this, he replied, he had his family to support. He knows no trade to earn money. Hence, he was waylaying the people. Then, they asked him, “Do you know you incur sin by looting and killing? He feigned ignorance to this! Then they asked him, “When your family is eating through the sinful ways of killing, are they ready to share your sins? He went to his hut and enquired his wife. She flatly refused.

Then the sages told him, “When they are not willing to share your sins, what is the fun of committing sins for their sake? If you are willing to listen to our sage counsel, do as we say. Sit under this huge tree called maramara. Chant the name of the tree as maramara! He had implicit faith in the words of the sages. At the very moment, he sat under the tree and started repeating, ‘maramara’ since he knew the name of the tree! In course of his chanting, the sound maramara jumbled into Ramarama! The name Rama is the most potent in Hindu literature. It contained so much of power that within few years, the thief Ratnakara who was repeating the name without any concern for food, water or other ablutions, was sitting still and repeating the name. An anthill developed around him. People went near the anthill heard the sacred sound Ramarama from it. In due course, the sand hill gave away and emerged, the splendorous sage Valmiki. Yes, the sins of the robber were pulverized and he became a great Sage Valmiki. The term Valmiki denotes anthill. This one instant is evidence to the power of name. The sage has penned the beautiful epic Ramayana which contains more than one lakh verses!

I have seen priests; Bishops and nuns chant the name of Christ as “Jesus Jesus with beads. In Muslim tradition, they chant the name of “Allah”. Jains chant Mahavir and Sikhs, Guru Nanak. Hence from the ancient time, chanting and singing the names of god is prevalent in almost all lands and cultures.

Here I would like to point a great Truth! God is one only but he can be called in myriads of name. The nameless formless God can be called in any name you like. For instance I am an old man of 70 years age. My son calls me as ‘Dad or father”. My granddaughter calls me as “grandpa”. My wife calls me as ‘dear” and my friends call me by my name. Though I am called by different expressions, I am essentially One only. Likewise God is One, Christians call Him as “Our Father in Heaven, Muslims call him as “Allah” and Hindus call him by various names such as “Shiva, Vishnu, Narayana, Sankara, Kumara or even the names of goddesses! By whichever way we address him, He surely responds and alleviates our troubles. Only Faith matters. You may be located anywhere in the cosmos. Take the name of God and instantaneously he responds though you were not aware!

The reason, for the above being, “God is everywhere”. He loves all.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Yes, I too feel presentation needs refinement. Thank you for the nice encouraging comments.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Beautifully written and with great lessons for us all. Still a little work on presentation needed. Shorten the paragraphs, and add a couple of pics to give it space. You may attract more people. This will be excellent, as you share an important message. Om Shanti!