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The Faithful Reconnecting

Updated on May 21, 2009

The Faithful Reconnecting

 What is Religion?

I was just about to turn in for the night and this question caught my eye.  The word religion according to my studies comes from ancient Latin re- means "return" and ligare means "to bondage".  can you imagine if we replace the word religion with "return to bondage", I do not think we would have many takers. While conversing with another scholar he advised me from his studies that religion means to "realign". 

Let us observe what many do who claim to be religious.  They have the one idea that is the focus, GOD, ALLAH, VISNU, Buddha, etc and this idea binds the group together.  (Note, they usually have to speak the same language for this notion to work.) The group then decides that we have this mission to serve this idea based on some "higher power".  There must be a leader or the "voice/word" of the higher power i.e the priest, Imam, Guru etc.  This leader must have been selected some how to represent the group.  The leader will make sure that the interest of the group are met.  The ceremonies are going to go according to plan.  The leader in their wisdom will have assistants, similar to how the "Most High" has angels, demigods etc. 

The ceremonies are what help the group to remember their associates that share this bond with them as a religious friend.  The bonds that are shared is what makes the religion real.  In a real religion the members care about the well being of one another in the building and out the building and they respect the other living beings.  Religion brings people together who have the same dream as I call it and are willing to work together to make their dream a reality here on Earth and in the next world. 

I hear people say religion is big business as a way to make religion mundane.  A true religion is not mundane.  They will always have their mysteries to the outsider because the outside does not know the goals, beliefs, faith and will of the members.  The outsider do not know the love that a person who is true to their faith has for the higher power and Thieu fellow congregation members.  

True religion goes beyond dogma and mundane ceremonies.  True religion is the alignment of souls that transcend this world and see it for what it is temporary.  True religion cannot be bought nor tarnished.  The higher forces that do exist are always there or sending some messenger to help guide the members. 

In ancient time in other cultures the forces of nature were the gods, worshiped, loved and feared because of their influence over the lives of the living entities on planet Earth.  Man has gotten more "sophisticated" and try to out do nature and "prolong" life.  Technology "the study of the new" has given people a better position to "rival" the true "Higher Power". 

In my eyes the religion of humans in this world is simple Life and Death are the God of this world. People will keep trying to live long and enjoy with the living.  People will try to prevent Death even though they know they will physically die.  However in the end most people will want to live again either in this world or some other world "heaven, nirvana, shamballa". 

Time place and circumstance influence religion.  The scientific reality, political events, economical, world history,  geographical, educational system, language, cultural and personal beliefs all play a role in religion. 

I like to tell people there is a significant difference between religion and spirituality.  That is for a different hub. I hope this hub was helpful.



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