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The heart of King David

Updated on March 3, 2013

King David is one man that I have tried to understand his ways but it looks a bit complicated. This is because some of the actions he took were difficult to readily understand why he took such actions and why he failed to maintain same character at other time.

For instance, the same King David that refused to kill King Saul even when his life was threatened by the King. He also felt bad when King Saul died even though he would become king. It was same King David that slept with Uriah’s wife and made attempts to cover it up. Then when his attempts failed, he commanded that Uriah be sent to war front so he would be killed and it happened as he planned. Is it not complicated that a man that was not happy at an opportunity of becoming a king later planned and killed a man just for his wife?

One can really understand that King David spared Saul because he was God’s anointed and it is wrong to kill God’s chosen. This shows the level of love and respect King David had for God and he would not go against the desire of God not even for the temptation for a crown. It can be assumed that the king regretted his actions of taking another man’s wife and it can also be assumed that he did not know that he was offending God by such action. This can be confirmed by how he reacted when he realized, through the prophet, that God counted it against him. But the question still remains why he would do such a thing after he had shown himself to be a man with a good heart. He was angry when Prophet Nathan narrated the story to him and he said that the man that did such a thing should be killed. This may confirm how he felt about such injustice of which he was guilty.

Despite all that King David did, one can easily agree that he never intentionally did anything he knew would offend God and anytime he made a mistake, he would show repentance and ask God for mercy. This may also explain why he was a man after God own heart despite the mistakes he made. Therefore, there are some things that worthy emulating from the life of King David and one of such things is his respect for God and his trust and dependence on God. It was because of these virtues that he knew it would be wrong to kill someone God has anointed as King even though it was an opportunity for him to become the King, an opportunity most men would gladly take without thinking or showing any respect for God.


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