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The ills of society.

Updated on August 2, 2015

The ills of society.


The ills of society.

The ills of society.

Evil rains on earth.

Darkness is the shadow.

Who dares to walk in the light?

The earth is beautiful.

Mother Nature give birth to life, there is plenty for all to survive.

The universe is infinite.

Yet what are we fighting for?

Money can buy us land and a better life.

Yet what are we living for?

For our family to be cosy?

Perhaps to go to heaven one good day?

What are the challenges you face daily?

With the aid of time and planning no situation is permanent

no matter how dark or hopeless you may feel, right now.

What is the source of your negative thoughts?

Do you have any self destructive habits?

I smoking, it is never too late to quit, think of the benefits and rewards.

The ills of society.

What are the pressing issues today?

Lack of a relevant education.

Teenage pregnancies.


Broken homes.

Domestic violence.

Alcohol abuse‎ and recreational drugs.

We are governed by law and Politics.

Yet corruption is like a cancer, depriving the civilians of a better life.





The gravest sin, is not have even had a chance to live through your childhood,

the good die young.

What are we to do?

We Worship different Gods.

We have choice.

Our dreams are not the same.

Some hearts are pure.

Some minds are disturbed.

Some die before they are born.

Some feel like dying while they are still living.


The power of thought, created the atom bomb.

Forgiveness heals the pains of yesterday.

Learning from your mistakes, makes you wiser.

Being curious can intensify your ‎wit.

Laughter makes us feel young again.

Success is the love of self.

A reality where your family is cosy.


Nkosinathi Ncala


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