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The lazy and the easy going!

Updated on September 18, 2013

Hardwork, Hirsoshima and lazy man.

We must work hard and be content!

Man today seeks effortless happiness. He doesn't want to exert ever a finger but he wants happiness to fall upon his lap. He wants to rest, avoiding exertion and hard work. He wants quick money. If somebody offers him a gift, he readily accepts it as though it is his due. He wants to win huge money from lotteries and other speculations. Sitting in the comfort of his home, he wants to enjoy all the pleasures of the world.

Of course, there is nothing wrong if one seeks joy, happiness and wealth. Everybody can hanker for them. None is barred from seeking health, wealth and happiness. But sitting idle and daydreaming won’t do. There is a title, “Enter the dragon”. But many desist from entering the dragon but at the same time want fame and fortune. How is it possible?

In the ancient Hindu literature, the world is equated to a ‘karma bhumi’ which means action filled world. Everyone has to act. Even breathing is considered as an action. Hence none can remain idle. Idleness will degrade human birth. A baby in the cradle moves its little hands and legs. This is nature. Even baby calves, immediately after birth, try to stand up so that it can drink milk from her mother. If it remains idle, it won’t survive. But the human being with all his powers of discrimination, if he chooses to remain idle, he will be doomed forever!

See the squirrels. How agile they are? Who taught them to remain alert and busy? It is its innate nature and the human beings should emulate even the smallest creatures. The crow teaches us unity. Even if there is a little food, it caws and calls all its clan. The ant is a best example for hard work. With its tiny body, it moves relentlessly to gather food for its colony. See, how nicely they communicate by merely touching each other. No wireless modem or mobile is involved. In spite of technological breakthrough, man still likes to remain idle and cozy in his own cocoon wound by him. Here, I talk about lazy one who have strength and capacity but do not use it at least for their own good.

We have heard about the Japanese people, their patriotism, their work culture etc. Though two of their big cities were consumed by the atomic bombs, they recovered from the catastrophe quickly and reconstructed the same. We have to emulate them, their spirit. Even when they strike, they won’t strike at working hours. They will protest only during lunch hours. The entire world teaches us hard work. Laziness is really a very bad habit. It is enough if we sleep eight hours a day. Have constructive thoughts, enthusiasm, and optimism in life. Nothing we have brought, nor will we carry anything. At the same time, as long as we live in this world, we have aim high and help all in society.

Sacrifice is a great virtue. Unless we cultivate a sacrificing tendency, we cannot remain happy. There are two things we need in life. Contentment and tolerance are two desirable qualities in life. In fact, contentment won’t come into a greedy heart. Be satisfied with what you possess. It is God’s gift. Do not search for happiness in the external world. Happiness is inherent in our Self. In fact, self is Blissful. We suffer since we seek happiness and joy from the external world. Work like a devil; Seek like a recluse! There is no lacking in human resources. God has provided everything for all of us to lead a happy contented life. It is the greed of man which prevents ‘equal distribution of resources’. Jesus has said, “The birds do not think about the next day. God provides them and feed them. Even a frog that dwells in the creek of a rock gets food and water. Why not the human beings”

The theme behind the hub is “Everyone should work hard and sincerely. Everyone should remain content with what god has gifted them. Never seek more but seek only ‘contentment’. Real happiness is within the Self. The external happiness we get is fleeting like the passing clouds or streaks of lightening!


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