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The magic of creation!

Updated on April 10, 2013

Mahavishnu showing everything in his form!

The mystery of creation!

As kids, we might have attended many magic shows in schools and public places. The enthusiasm is kindled by watching those magic shows with awe and wonder. How effortlessly, the magician takes pigeons from his empty hat? Likewise i used to wonder at his skill and capacity. More and more magic shows depicted even some intricate things like cutting a girl alive and bringing her from some other place of the magic hall! Of course there are some tricks to conjure the human mind. They are not miracles. It may be related to mass hypnotism or something like that. But while watching the world and cosmos around us, we are really astonished. Hindus call the creation as "Maya" or illusion. I used to wonder, how so many peoples can be hoodwinked by illusion. At this juncture we have to realize the potency of the mind by creating grand illusions in all the individuals simultaneously! Yes, every one is made to believe the world as very much real by the deluding power of the mind.

Illusions are mostly related to imaginations. Imagination is nothing but conjuring up of a mental scene when there is nothing actually! It is like visualizing a lake in a desert whereas it is only a 'mirage'. When you chase the mirage, you will be disappointed terribly. This is how exactly the mind delude the human beings. It conjure up the image of the world and beings when there is nothing but the Self or Atma. Yes, those who study the philosophy of Adviata (Monism) will understand that every thing we perceive through the senses is mere illusion and the Self alone exists. They counter the philosophy of two. In mathematics too, there is only One. The number one is added by itself to get a new number. When it is added with one, it becomes two and when the number is subtracted from itself it becomes zero. This philosophy of mathematics apply equally in spiritual philosophy. When God was alone as the only ONE, there was no creation. When the mind principle arose from it as separate one, the creation commenced since one plus one becomes two.

Once Saibaba has told the devotees that 3-1= 1. It was intriguing and the devotees could not understand this equation. Then Saibaba explained this by an example. For instance one is looking at his image in the mirror. Now there are three entities. A man, his image and the mirror. Remove the mirror! What remains is one only. Hence all things in this world is only a reflection of the Self in the mirror of mind. Here God is seen as nature or world! In every religious scripture God is termed as the soul or self in each. It is this invisible power which energizes the world and the creation.

Now let us discuss about the 'magic of creation'. The SELF was alone and existing eternally. The mind principle emanated from the Self at some point of time. When the mind got separated from the Self, the first thought arose in the Self as "I am alone, let me become many" The mere thought or sound has started the process of creation. First the five elements were created. All plant kingdom, aquatic creatures, birds, animals and reptiles came out. But the Self was not satisfied with the outcome since none of the creation could appreciate the Self. Hence the Self created the human being instilling in him the knowledge and thinking faculty. Man was empowered with discrimination and choice making. The self became the in dweller of each being but man alone had got the intelligence to imagine about the creator.After meditating for many thousand years, sages have found the clue of creation. They venerated the Divine in hymns sung in many tongues. Thus the Veda and Upanishads emerged which deals with the mystery of creation itself. The planets govern the cosmos and a deity was allocated for Sun and other planets in space. The Veda contains the time scale of different Yugas, their characteristics, their origin, sustenance and annihilation. When one cycle of creation is concluded there will be a devastating destruction and finally water will engulf the entire creation. It is said that the Lord (Self) rests on the Ocean of nectar and absorbed in himself till another cycle of creation is commenced. Then Brahma, the god of creation comes out of Mahavishnu to start the creation once again. Thus the creation, sustenance and dissolution goes on for ever for trillions and trillions of years!


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