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The Mind, a Mysterious Force Behind the Creation!

Updated on May 13, 2017

Definition of Mind.

The mind is beyond exploration!

The mind is beyond exploration. None has found the origin of mind and its working. None can stop the flow of thoughts. It is involuntary like the heart beat and breathing. Great sages have expressed that both mind and breath have the same origin and the final breath carries away the mind. Yogis practising meditations suggest breath control to negate the mind. Man can achieve many impossible things in the external world like space travel and journey to moon and mars. But to keep the mind silent for even few minutes seems to be unattainable. The scriptures talk about the mind as the mysterious force which pervades the creation and cosmos. Shri Ramana Maharishi has stated that the mind originate from the Self. The merging of the mind in the self is known as “Nirvikalpa Samadhi”, every yogi aspires for this supreme state where there is no mind element and the self alone remains. The mind itself has several capacities. Thinking power, discriminating power, choice making faculty and the Ego or attachment to the body! There are two facts about the mind. It can not exist without a corresponding body and it can not survive in the Present. Everyone might have noticed that the mind thrives on the past and future but the present is anathema to the mind. A fly will sit both on the sweets and offal but it dare not go near the fire. The present is like the fire to the mind.

Actions are superior to thoughts!

Mind can not exist without a corresponding body!

Since the mind is attached to the body, it undergoes sorrow and grief when the body suffers due to some ailment or the individual incurs any loss! The mind exults when it experiences pleasures of the senses or gain some thing from the world. The attachment to the body and its comforts makes the mind attached to wealth and properties. People foolishly believe that more money means more joy. Sadly, it is not so. More money means more problems and headaches in safeguarding it from thieves and relatives. Income tax officials are waiting to snatch a part of it as tax. Whereas, the poor also suffer, due to lack of money which is needed for procuring basic things of life? Man toils from dawn to dusk to earn money. The peasant toils in the hot sun to grow essential grains. If there is no sufficient rain, his toil become waste and he could not take back what he has invested on the soil. Any fluctuation in global markets affects each country in a small or great measure. Hence sometimes we hear the news that the stock markets are volatile. Trading during the time is risky. The value of shares at any given time decides the value of the company. Hence even fortune 500 companies incur heavy loss due to some global events. Nothing is constant in our life and the world. Movements, attractions, distractions and emotional turbulence affect each and every individual.

Quotable quotes!

We are not here to enjoy animal pleasures!

We have to enquire within ourselves four fundamental questions. Who am I, what for I am here, what is my final destination and where from I have come? It is not possible for the scientists to provide the answer to the above questions. But the scriptures have answers to all the above. I am the Self; I am here to attain the Self; my destination is the self and I have come from the Self. This is the ultimate truth of all beings in this world. Without knowing the grand aim of life, more than 99% of world population squanders this valuable birth in mean pleasures of the senses. Many people consider satisfying the senses as their aim. Hence they eat, drink, sleep and enjoy the carnal pleasures like the beasts. Man never consults his intellect or uses his discrimination in choosing his aim of life. His mind becomes slave to the sensory pleasures. The counseling by the intellect is bypassed by the mind. Ultimately man looses his precious health and intelligence and dies like a dog. The dog wanders everywhere, runs hither and thither without any aim.

We go to the cinema hall to watch cinema. We go there for entertainment. Watch those who come out of the show after the show is over. Many people come out more agitated than they entered the cinema before the show. Now the TVs offer more entertainment in the privacy of our home. Children are riveted to their seats watching some cartoon videos. They just want to pass their time and hence they are addicted to the TV. TVs affect our health in several ways. Sedentary watching impairs the blood circulation. The emotional reactions affect our psychology. Children easily imbibe the violence and hatred depicted in the TV shows. Immorality and violence has become the theme of many TV serials and cinema. Hence the children copy such acts and try to enact them in real life. The media depicts violence by youngsters and other immoral activities. Juvenile homes are in every country since the perpetrators of such crimes are below sixteen years. Even rape criminals are dealt in this fashion. There is no protection to girls and young women in any country since social media promote obscene activities.

The four parts of the Mind!

Instant communication caused havoc in society!

Instant communication has affected society in a pathetic way. Parents, teachers and elders in society find it very difficult to watch the young generation descending to abysmal depths due to freedom in accessing prohibited sites and frequent use of social media platforms! Who will bell the cat? Entertainment industry relies much on the gadgets and they spread immorality widely in innocent minds. Even advertisements depicts obscene and nudity everywhere. The elders are disgusted at the rate at which society descend to immorality. Now many responsible persons realize that the world needs moral education from elementary stage. Some of the NGOs are silently spreading morality and character based education in young minds. Bible schools are a good start for western society. In India, there is no lack of schools which preach morality but they are restricted to few pockets. Sri Ramakrishna Vivekananda mission, Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithis and Institutions do yeoman service throughout the globe silently. We can expect resurgent youth everywhere who honour and respect the culture of a country and religion. Though evil has peaked everywhere, it will meet defeat soon and Golden Age will dawn soon!

Mind your mind!

Can you control your thoughts any time?

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