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The mind contains the entire creation!

Updated on October 30, 2015

vision of cosmos

Every thing is within the mind!

Time, space and causation are within the mind and not outside of it. Without a perceiver, who will observe time or view the space and know about causation? Simply put, it is the mind which contains the entire creation itself, since creation invariably brings the time space causation continuum. Besides the mind, there is no creation at all. But, the mind itself is a great illusion. Based on this premise, all scriptures expound the Truth about God and creation.

We are aware that without the involvement of mind, no input by the senses can be perceived by the individual. Though the brain recognizes the input, it can not comprehend it without the involvement of mind. Hence, the mind is a great player which plays the game of creation and living beings. A small example will illustrate the above point. When the mind is otherwise engaged, you can’t decipher the sounds nearby nor can you perceive what is going on nearby. This is our experience in the home and office. If the link to the mind is snapped due to the engagement of mind in some other thoughts, none can recognize the nearby sounds or sights. You may be watching the TV. Suddenly an event in the office is brought to your memory and you simply become oblivious of what is going on around you.

Sometimes, the insane persons are happier than ordinary people since the insane person can not use his mind for observing the external world or persons. He will be engaged in some thought creations and engaged in some talks or actions involuntarily. Otherwise, they are never concerned with the world or persons nearby. But ordinary worldly persons suffer more anxiety and worry due to the involvement with the world and other people. The mind principle emanated from the Self alone. When there is no creation, mind is in a merged state with the self. When the mind comes out of the Self, the cosmic ego known as ‘Hiranyagarba’, gives rise to the fundamental elements like the earth, water, fire, air and ether. Due to the permutations and combinations of the elements, all the varieties of species and beings come into existence!

Now, the fundamental question is ‘how man can remain in eternal happiness and peace? The truth is that no worldly experience or possessions or relationships can grant him permanent joy. At best, he can experience a temporary elation in possessing bungalows and cars. His bank balance will give him a temporary exultation. But how long it will last? Our life on earth is hardly for seventy plus years and in some rare case few people reach hundred plus years. But the joys can be enjoyed only when he is in prime youth in good health. The baby enjoys bliss since it has no expectations. When it is hungry, it cries for milk from mother. When the baby is satisfied, it plays with toys. As man grows, he adds many desires and with the result he becomes desperate in pursuing those fleeting pleasures.

A charming girl can give you momentary joy but when you start living with her as man and wife, the negatives comes to the fore and you start disliking her behavior. This is known as infatuation. Attractions through external features may not last long. Once the girl become ill, she will become scarecrow soon. Hence the beauty parlors all over the world have profitable business. It is not permanent. Hence the wise man never attaches importance to external charm. They look inside the heart to see whether the girl possess virtues. Glamour can not last for ever. Look at the film heroines without make up. You won’t be able to recognize them.

Make up professionals can make a sixty years man to look like a thirty year youth. Hence never be carried away by the external appearances. It is not correct to assess, that pretty faces possess beautiful character. Sadly they reveal their vanity and not virtues. Hence the adage, “all that glitter is not gold”. When dealing with persons, never be carried with their outer look and sweet tongue. Even the snake look so beautiful. Will you lift it and caress it? It is poisonous which is not seen. Hence never rely on the senses or mind. Once Sathya Saibaba told a gathering, “The body is a water bubble and the mind is a mad monkey that too intoxicated” Hence we should never rely on this flimsy instruments. Rely on the Self within and you will be saved from the miserable prison existence in the tabernacle called body!

Waves on the ocean


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