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The Mysterious 'Human Superpower'!!!

Updated on June 8, 2020

Dr. Joseph Murphy, in his book, ‘Power of your Subconscious Mind’ has comprehensively explained that we all possess a power which he calls, ‘The Infinite Creative Intelligence,’ which can heal us whenever summoned upon in a particular manner. He cured himself of skin cancer and many other people by using this power.

To test the presence of any kind of psychokinesis in the living beings, Dr. Dean Radin, a physicist and the author of the book, ‘Supernormal’ took it to the next level and decided to test it in the lab. Dr. Dean Radin has been Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS), in Petaluma, California, USA, since 2001, and is on the Adjunct Faculty in the Department of Psychology at Sonoma State University, on the Distinguished Consulting Faculty at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center, and former President of the Para-psychological Association. He is also co-editor-in-chief of the journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

The experimental study was nicknamed Love Study and the objective was to find whether people who were emotionally connected with each other could help in the healing of their partner without even touching them. The couples would be sitting in different places and would have to train themselves to try to heal their partners by just ‘sending’ distant ‘healing intentions.’

The cluster of participants was divided into three groups:
1. The trained group which consisted of adult couples contained one healthy spouse and one undergoing the treatment for cancer. The healthy partner was given the responsibility of being the ‘sender’ of the ‘healing intentions’ and the ill partner was to be the receiver. The sender was given an eight hour meditation training session subsequent to which he/she practiced meditation for 30 minutes every day for three months.
2. The wait group which consisted of adult couples with one ill and one healthy partner. The ‘sender’ was tested before attending the training session.
3. The control group which consisted of all healthy participants who had received no formal training.
Upon arrival of a couple in the lab, electrodes were attached to each person to observe and measure skin conductance, heart rate, respiration and other variables. The couple was asked to maintain a feeling of ‘connectedness’ at all times during the experiment. To promote this intentional focus the couple exchanged personal objects like rings amongst themselves.

The receiver was placed in the lab’s double-steel-walled, electromagnetically shielded chamber. The sender could see the live video of the receiver at random intervals from some other location and during that period the sender was to send ‘healing intentions.’
A total of 36 couples participated. The testing of the skin conductance level of the senders was found to increase considerably when the receiver’s image appeared on the screen in front of the sender. This confirmed that the sympathetic nervous system of the sender was responding as desired. The sudden and expected activation of the sympathetic nervous system corroborated the fact that there was a prompt, increased and focused mental effort connected with sending a distant healing signal by the sender. After studying the odds against chance it was absolutely certain that the senders were actively engaged in sending the distant healing intentions.

Did you know that Lab tests have proven that we all own a form of creative energy that operates beyond the limits of time and space?

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But the most astonishing discovery was that the skin conductance level of the receivers (who didn’t even know when the senders were sending the distant healing intentions) also peaked seconds after the skin conductance level of the senders peaked. This study established a definite connection between the sender and the receiver proving the fact that we all own a form of creative energy that operates beyond the limits of time and space and the mind of one person can impact the working of the mind of another person from a distance.


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