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The devil pleaded, " please don't tempt me"

Updated on August 21, 2011

The devil pleaded, “Please don’t tempt me.”

It is known that virtually all wrong things or evil acts are attributed to the devil either because he caused it or because he made us do it. It is because of this reasoning that some people wondered how the devil got into the stage in the first place. Some people asked, “Who tempted the devil?” “Is the devil in hell?” “Who is the devil?” There are other questions that can be asked in this respect but let us focus more on how the devil tempt us or make us do what we may not normally have done.

Most times we do not want to take responsibilities for our action so we look who to blame. That may be the reason we blame most of our bad actions on the devil though some people now take responsibilities for their actions and there are usually those that do not believe in the devil or Satan.

There are things we can avoid yet we do and blame the devil. For instance, a man that cheats on his wife or a thief can regret the act and blame it on the devil. So is

it really the devil? Okay, in a situation where a lady enticed a man to commit adultery. Can we say that it is the devil that tempted the man or the lady tempted the man or that the devil used the lady to tempt the man? The Devil may not even be aware of it because the lady may only want to satisfy her sexual desire. A desire, she can claim, she did not create if she thinks it is natural.

The point is that there are some things we intentionally do or some crimes we commit for any reason and there are explanations for it. Some sicknesses are even attributed to the devil even when their origins are known. It is because that someone said that the devil is crying because of the accusations against him.

The devil said, “Please what have I done that men accuse me even when I am not aware of their actions? Why must men tempt me and yet blame me for falling to their temptation? Please, do not tempt me because I am weak and if you tempt me, I must fall.”


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 6 years ago

      indescribable, this is not about salvation. Anythingforlife, you are right most people do not accept responsibilites for their actions so they blame the devil even in situations they had the chance to prevent such things. Yes, it is time for personal responsiblity.

    • anythingaboutlife profile image

      anythingaboutlife 6 years ago from New Hampshire

      I am agnostic, but this article still works for the point that I always try to get across to people: take responsibility for your actions! Good hub!

    • profile image

      Indescribeabable 6 years ago

      We are saved by Grace thru God.