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The possiblities of the resurrection of Jesus

Updated on August 21, 2011

Possibility of the resurrection of Jesus

There are a lot of controversies surrounding the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This would have not been so if Jesus appeared to all the people. That is if the Jews saw him after they had crucified him. The whole story would have been easier to believe and many people will be converted yet it did not happen that way.

Some people think that his disciples stole his body while some claim that Jesus never really existed yet the surprising issue about his resurrection is the conflicting accounts in the gospels. This is because such serious event should be recorded accurately.

For instance:

The account of Matthew 28 mentioned an earthquake and that the guards became like dead men.

Mark 16 recorded that they saw a young man sitting who told them that Jesus has risen.

Luke 24 recorded that two men stood by them.

John 20 recorded that Mary Magdalene went and saw the tomb empty and ran to tell the others that the body of Jesus was taken away. It means that she did not see any angel at first visit and she went alone unlike the other accounts were they were two or more women.

The verses were mentioned so that the accounts can be checked by others but the main point is that people have the right to ask questions, to believe or to doubt the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, there are possibilities of resurrection because some people have seen a dead man or woman appear to them although some call them ghosts but they may not always be ghosts. The problem is how to draw a line between ghost and resurrected being.

There is a story of a company driver that was sent to deliver goods to another state. He had already booked an appointment over the phone to have a drink with his friend in that state on arrival. He met his friend at the bar and they drank and chatted. However, it was not long that he excused himself and went out that a second driver from the same company who was always on a delivery trip in that state walked into the bar (the bar is where they usual drink together and chat) and met the man sitting alone. He looked sad so he asked him what the problem was. He told the man that the first driver had an accident and died on the highway on his way to the deliver the goods to the state. The man could not believe it because the same man just had a drink with him. He later confirmed that the man actually died on his way to that state yet he drank with him.

There are other similar stories so it is possible to see some people even after they are dead and we cannot explain how such things happen but that can be the possibility of resurrection.


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