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The power of the name of God and prayers!

Updated on October 16, 2015

Prayer is mightier than all weapons!

In the ancient scriptures, there is clear mention of the characteristics of the Dark Age called ‘kaliyuga’. As per the version of the scriptures, evil will be rampant in three fourth portion of the globe and only one fourth of earth will reflect righteousness or good feelings. I am talking about the mind as universal and not as individual. As a result of predominant evil, natural calamities are more frequent and they are on the rise day by day. Hence there is a feeling among good people, to pray to the Almighty, with whole focus. This is the time, when the efficacy of the name of God will manifest in full power.

It is not that God remains as a silent spectator of all bad events that takes place around the globe. He is very much Present everywhere all the time. Hence there is no question of God being impervious to all the atrocities around the world. But he waits for the appropriate moment to intervene. No human effort can mitigate the harmful effects of the evil at present. Hence the leaders of mighty nations are perplexed as to the course of action.

As cancer cells which are invisible in the beginning, slowly affects the healthy cells and spread rapidly, the evil in one part of the globe slowly spread to other parts. We have to blame only the strides in communication technology. Had there been no computers or internet or mobile communications, the terrorists can never reach out to their cadres and the destructions will be very much minimal. But the governments around the world are responding with lackluster speed. They wake up only when major damages are caused by the evil people.

No doubt, the governments today possess sophisticated weaponry in their arsenals. But the evil people are very clever. They intrude in the habitations of ordinary citizens and hence they avoid the risk of being hit by forces of the government. Only when some meeting of the rebel forces takes place or the movement of important leaders happens, the military targets them killing a few. Otherwise, the damages inflicted by the infidels on the community are large as seen in the media. We hear that during prayers many innocents are killed by suicide bombers or gun wielding attackers.

They must think over whether the ordinary citizens are their targets? If they have to fight the governments, let them fight with the forces of the government. Let them not hide behind peace loving people and wage war against the people in authority. Secondly there is no reason or rhyme in their attacks. What they want to gain? No one will have sympathy with such hard hearted criminals who masquerade behind the religious teachings. In fact, terrorists belong to no religion. They are only terrorists! They cannot fool the people all the time thinking that they will rule the lands of their occupation.

This is one of the clear evidence quoted in ancient scriptures. People will quote religion and engage in most evil acts against humanity. But, there is Divine Power which waits to strike at the appropriate time!

God is never late!


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