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The Price Is Always Negotiable.

Updated on August 10, 2022
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Artist, actor, poet, teacher, songwriter & actor with 4,000 poems & almost 1,000 songs written, performed recorded & published on line.

There are seeds sown in our minds that grow both evil and good choices, Be aware of what fruits you choose to savor.

From the beginning of time evil plagued us even in in the paradise of Eden.We must forsake all evil lest we too fail to be granted paradise when our lives are

The price is always negotiable.


Forget all that you were taught

and raised up on through generations

of your families and simply go back

to the beginning, the Genesis of life

Where the true paths to Heaven

Nirvana, Vahalla and so many other

forms of promised eternity from

common men were labeled.

God put us on this earth

starting with an atom

in the darkness of oblivion.

He formed the atoms of man

from the dust of the earth

a molecular miracle to which

with just a little bit of ribbing

he then added a woman

the queen of all of men's eves.

He put them in a Paradise

and walked and talked

with them daily

guiding and helping them

as an integral part of thier lives

as a trio of joy they thrived.

But they were

tempted to know more

to understand more then God

so that when the

serpent cajoled Eve

into tasting the forbidden fruit

evil was born

and Adam also ate the fruit

at Eve's bidding

and in that moment

they chose to ignore

God's loving commands.

The entire world would have

reamined a paradise beyond

any our beliefs up to

this present day

Imagine such a perfect world

where all knowledge of evil

was non-existent.

But Eve who was the

apple of Adam's eyes

convinced him to also

poison ]the core of their souls

Soon enough they were

quickly evicted from Eden

They were sent

out on their own

to make their way

by their own hands toiling

and all the choices they made

were now subject

to consequences

that never existed in Paradise.

Later their son Cain

slew his brother Abel

and Adam had to scratch his

food out of the fallow soil

by planting seeds

where in Eden it was all

hanging and growing there

for them to enjoy labor free.

Woman from that point on

would bleed mensturally

and suffer the painful

travails of childbirth

and the serpent who

once had legs was cursed with

having to crawl on his belly


I know this all sounds like

Sci-fi or reality T.V.

but it is your choice

to believe it or not.

One wonders if

God would have created

each individual one at a time

without the processes of birth?

Imagine being tailor made

by God with nothing

but perfection wrapped

within your flesh

God has always made it clear

life is full of his abundances.

He said we could

take all that we want

but we might have to

pay for it in the end

if we partook of things

that we knew were evil

Upon birth we enter

a freewill storehouse

of delights and

temptations unlimited

endless metaphoric trees

offering choices between

rights and wrongs

and when we choose

the good things of life

there's no charge at all

if we share them.

But when we

choose what is evil or foul

a tally is counted and

we accumulate debt.

This is a fair system

for there is also

forgiveness and erasing

of debt completely by simply

asking and acknowledging

his forgiveness.

We were all granted

a clean slate....

he sent his only son into

the freewill storehouse

to establish credit

for all who accept it

and no one has to be

in debt to God

or need to be

slaving to pay it off.

He knows that we will err

it is built into our human nature

ever since Adam and Eve

wen against his will.

Suffering for mistakes

is not neccessary at all

for by grace we are

granted forgiveness

not by our works.

It is such a simple plan

and it makes Visa and

Mastercard seem barbaric.

It is the Master's card

that grants us a

visa to Paradise

in the end when

it is time to pay.

Where we will be

free forever

from all the

suffering of earth

freewill till at long last

we will be free.

Religions convulute it

dilute it, misconstrue it

not all but some

twist it and make it harder

using it for financial gains.

Even the choice of religion

can cause debt..

know what you're

buying into and choose

what is closest to

God's simple plan.

Religion is also

based upon

freewill and thus choices

can be costly to many.

In the past

some even have

had charges to get

a loved one's body

parts out of

purgatory into limbo.

this is just one of

the terrible misuses

of God's promises.

Others demand

you give up life's

finer things

like physical love.

Was man and woman

meant to perpetuate

the species or be

married to God??

Many in cults have died

under one man's convictions.

Some must walk

barefoot thru deserts

over hot coals

endure torture and rituals

or run door to door

in constant pursuit

of harrassing others

to follow only their faith.

Repetitious prayers

and bowing to Idolls

sacrifices and

burnt offerings

dead saints and beads

and incense and candles

all loving acts of faith

in their minds

but all unneccesary.

Just simply

excercise freewill

and choose wisely

in all you say and do

and if you don't

and you fall

into his debt,

ask for frogiveness

and reestablish your credit

with the owner of

the storehouse

of life's most abundant

given to men by God's love

many eons ago...

Freewill is a

storehouse of life

enter with care

shop till you drop

and exit with all your debts

paid in full.

Try getting that deal

at any store near you

Godspeed to you all

on your journeys through life

It was God's gift to you

and when it comes time

to return it to your creator

make sure it has been

used and not abused

and you qwill be blessed

for all of eternity.

© 2009 Matthew Frederick Blowers III


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