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The price Is Always Negotiable.

Updated on January 1, 2010

The price is always negotiable.




God put us on this earth
starting with an atom and eve
in the darkness of oblivion.

He formed the atoms of man
a molecular miracle to which
he then added woman
the queen of all of men's eves.

He put them in a Paradise
and walked and talked

with them daily
guiding and helping them
as an integral part of thier lives
as a trio of joy they thrived.

But they were tempted to know more
to understand more then God
so that when the

serpent took control
they chose to ignore

God's loving commands.

Thus they quickly

were evicted from Eden
they were sent out on their own
to make their way by their own hands
and all the choices they made
were now subject to consequences
that never existed in Paradise.


God has always made it clear
life is full of his abundances.

He said we could

take all that we want
but we might have to

pay for it in the end.

Upon birth we enter

a freewill storehouse
of delights and temptations unlimited
and when we choose

the good things of life
there's no charge at all

if we share them.

But when we

choose the evil or foul
a tally is counted and

we accumulate debt.

This is a fair system

for there is also
forgiveness of debt..completely
by simply asking and
acknowledging his forgiveness.

We are granted

a clean slate....
he sent his son into

the freewill storehouse
to establish credit

for all who accept it
and no one has to be

in debt to God
or need to be

working to pay it off.

That is not

neccessary at all
by grace we are

granted forgiveness
not by our works.

it is such a simple plan
it makes Visa and

Mastercard seem barbaric.

It is the Master's card
that grants us visa to Paradise
in the end when it is time to pay.

Where we will be free forever
from all the suffering of earth
freewill.....till at long last
we will be free.

Religions convulute it
dilute it..misconstrue it
not all but some
twist it and make it harder
using it for financial gains.

Even the choice of religion
can cause debt..

.know what you're
buying into and choose
what is closest to
God's simple plan.

Religion is also

based upon
freewill and thus choices
can be costly to many.

in the past....
some even have

had charges to get
a loved one's body parts out of
purgatory into limbo.

Others demand

you give up life's
finer things like physical love.

Was man meant to

perpetuate the species
or be married to God??

Many in cults have died
under a man's convictions.

Some must walk

barefoot thru deserts
over hot coals
endure torture and rituals
or run door to door in constant pursuit
of harrassing others to work likewise.

Repetitious prayers and bowing
sacrifices and burnt offerings
idols and beads and incense and candles
all loving acts of faith in their minds
but all unneccesary....

Just simply
excercise freewill

and choose wisely
and if you don't and you fall
into his debt, ask for frogiveness
and reestablish your credit
with the owner of the storehouse
given to men by God's love
many eons ago...

Freewill a storehouse of life
enter with care
shop till you drop
and exit with all your debts
paid in full.


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