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The resurrection of the Saints

Updated on November 7, 2012

It may not be possible to determine the first person to resurrect from death but we know that even before the resurrection of Jesus Christ, which is commonly used, other men had resurrected from death. One of such people is Lazarus whom Jesus resurrected from death. The major question here is, were there saints before the coming of Jesus Christ? Many Christians claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven which means that he is the only way to salvation, holiness, and righteous living. It is also said that no one goes to God except through Jesus.

The writer once asked the question: What is more important to the religious; is it to do the right thing or to follow their religion? Some people said that doing the right thing will be enough while some claim that doing the right thing without joining/following them is not enough. The gospel of Matthew 27: 52 wrote, “And the grave opened and many bodies of the saint which slept arose.” The above verse shows that there were saints on earth even before the resurrection of Jesus Christ and Jesus also mentioned that the prophets will be seen in heaven. It is also known that God had servants before the coming of Jesus Christ. Then the claim of the only way to heaven or salvation will mean that an unchanging God changed the way to his paradise after he sent Jesus. If that be the case, then such God is not an unchanging God.

The interesting thing here is that there were many saints before the coming of Jesus Christ and many of them resurrected following his death as Mathew recorded. The resurrection of these saints was such that they appeared to people and it can’t be ascertain in what forms they presented themselves same can be said of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That is if they were ghost/zombies or as normal beings. Above all, it is also important to note that the death of Christ had the power to resurrect the saints that were dead and that may be likened to the alleged resurrection of the last day in which there will be resurrection of life for the righteous.


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