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The secrets of enemy revealed - Sermon transcription of Dr. Kevin Zadai

Updated on September 4, 2020
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A freelance writer since 2011 and has been graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi, India

There is only one way for your Salvation. Believe in Jesus


Spiritual warfare is a battle against Satan, which takes place in the unseen, spiritual dimension and is fought with the weapons that have divine power to demol

I have to talk to you about your enemy and it’s really weird how people get funny when you start talking about the enemy because they say well you know you can’t focus on the enemy

It’s like well then you can’t be in the military, you can’t be a warrior, you got to be kidding me people say that are already deceived. Well, I can’t believe I just said that I didn’t mean to offend you but the thing was is if the enemy is really taken care of then why does he still show up and if people say yeah but he doesn’t have any teeth well why does he have teeth then he’s not a toothless lion like I was told in the denominational school that I went to.

Oh you know he’ll just gum you, he doesn’t have any teeth, well I got teeth marks right and anybody you talk to, if they’re honest with you they’ll tell you he’s got teeth okay, so that’s not the solution. I was told I don’t have to repent anymore. I repented once and yet when Jesus showed up and the holiness of God was so strong I’m repenting of things I had committed after I was a Christian and they had stacked up between me and Him but I guess the atmosphere in that college wasn’t strong enough to convict me but Jesus the head of the church shows up and it was enough to convict me and it doesn’t matter what you think or what you say because when you encounter him there arey no more questions.

Do you know how many thousands of questions I have from people say hey if you see Jesus again would you ask him this for me and I never remember him because there are no questions around him you listen to what he says he came for a reason he wants to talk to you. Nothing else matters except what he has to say to you. It’s the same with angels I don’t ask him how they’re doing. I don’t ask him if I can have their sword because it’s really cool no you don’t even think about those things because they don’t matter what matters is what God’s saying okay.

So what God is saying is you got to know your enemy and the problem is because we’ve let things go too long. It’s escalated to the point where you can’t get out of it. You’ve let it go too long, you’ve let people mess with you too long and now you’re trapped. You’ve let this situation develop thinking it was going to get be okay and it isn’t okay because you didn’t stop it you were the one that was supposed to say NO, you know what six feet social distancing so you see that you saw social Distancing the demons and I guarantee you social distancing will go away.

I’m telling you the truth Satan does not want us being close to each other, building each other up, laying hands on each other, meeting together giving holy kisses to one another, he doesn’t want that he doesn’t want your face which has been starting to glow since January because of the move of God he doesn’t want people to see that so he gets you to cover it.

So he creates some foul disease I’m telling you the truth I can’t hold back anymore you got to know what your enemy is doing the last move of God according to Daniel the last chapter is that in those days the wise their faces will shine like the noonday sun in those last days.

If you read the book of Enoch don’t be offended, Jesus quotes it, Jude quotes it, several people quoted Jesus had to know the book of Enoch in fact the phrase the weeping and gnashing of teeth that he uses that’s only in Enoch it’s in no other writings. But Enoch saw in the last days that those who were on the earth that served God their faces shone that was written long before Daniel okay.

So now that you understand what’s about to happen and how the churches is to be built up and the fivefold ministries of the church the real ones are going to survive this and they’re going to stand up and they’re going to do their job and build people up. They’re not going to prophesy to nations, they’re doomed, they’re going to speak to the body. Prophets of the new testament are supposed to be speaking to the body and unfortunately some of you will take 10 years for you to accept that.

But Paul said God sets the church some to be and he said this is for the building up of the body until we reach unity of faith, reaching maturity. The prophet of the old testament, what they said was written in stone but in the new testament it’s based on your faith so when you get a word it’s based on what you do with it.

If you don’t believe me what did Paul tell Timothy that’s in the new testament. You know he told Timothy, take the prophecies that you’ve received and wage war with them well. Why would he have to wage war with them if they are already going to come to pass because prophecy in the new testament is conditional oh yeah put it in your little bag and take it home because you’re going to have to eat off of it.

I’m telling you the truth the reason why prophecies don’t come to pass is because you have to do something with it. You have to war against Satan with your prophecy. You have to contend with him somebody I’ll come up here and help me prophets in the new testament prophesy they’ll pick I mean I know I could tell you a funny story but then I tell who it is and I can’t do I can’t reveal that but when I call someone out it’s usually the worst person in the church and the pastor goes that’s the ones giving me the most trouble.

I go that’s why God picked him out he said you gave him such a good prophecy that’s because God calls those things that are not as though they were he is telling that person this is what I have for you let’s get with it building up the body, unity of the faith.

Jesus told me nations that don’t follow me are already under judgment you don’t have to pronounce it they’re already under it. There’s already been given terms Jesus said right now I’m ministering to the body, I’m ministering to the sheep, I’m ministering to the wheat, I’m ministering to the five wise virgins, I’m ministering to the gentiles it’s the times of the gentiles I’m ministering to sheep.

The goats don’t want to hear me they don’t want to hear you, tares are weeds they don’t produce fruit but they look like wheat until they get to a place where they never come to fruition and then you can tell and at the end of the age the angels will come and separate them. The five wise virgins they were all virgins they were all waiting to, they were being faithful to one man who was gonna come, they were all virgins all ten of them were virgins waiting for marriage but only five were ready, only five got in, only five got in.

He came as a thief in the night, he came unannounced and five weren’t ready, but they were all waiting, but five weren’t ready they all fell asleep, they all fell asleep in the parable, they all fell asleep. When I come back to the earth will I find faith on the earth, who said that, Jesus, they were all asleep but five had prepared.

Is this still in the bible, so when are people gonna start preaching this and getting ready okay, You have to know your enemy so the Lord told me stop pulling people out because they have plenty of words, they just need wage war with them so he said teach the word for several years, don’t pray over people one-on-one. Don’t pull people out and give them words which I used to do all the time, he said because they become lazy can I be honest I just was that.

You have words I mean you’ve got a lot of word this weekend, I’m going home I’m going to listen to myself I’m excited about what God said, I do, I go home and listen to my own messages because I need encouragement okay so you got to know your enemy so you know that the new testament prophet their prophecies are not written in the bible they’re not in stone new testament prophets speak and it’s conditional based on mixing it with faith because it’s faith that pleases God.

So you have to obey the word which means you’ve got to create, you got to take what came from the other realm through the mouth of a prophet which is ex nihilo - “something from nothing” and then you’ve got to use that word in this realm to form it.

I kid you not it’s through the human spirit, through faith that your prophecy comes to pass. You see because you get to this place where you’re waiting for the word to come and the words waiting for you to come so if you’re supposed to start a business or a school or whatever you’re supposed to do you need to do it as God tells you to and God will give you the provision for that vision.

If you live in the flesh according to its desires you cannot please God but the sons of God are led by the spirit of God.

But it’s about to go through the roof so when the economy goes straight up like a rocket are you ready for that or were you waiting for the red dragon to take over. What if the red dragon doesn’t take over, this has been happening for 2000 years ever since the early church. They’ve been waiting for this to happen you just need to turn repent it’s not a bad word you repent by turning your focus back to Jesus instead of your end time DVDs.

You look to him who is the author and finisher of your faith and you let him tell you what you yank into this realm and you let him tell you what you’re to create with the existing stuff around you there’s a building in this town that might be yours. There’s lots of plenty empty spaces, start praying it out I don’t care if it takes a year it took 40 years for me to stand before you what is it that God’s telling you, what is it that he’s forming inside of you, that must come out okay.

The enemy does not want that to be birthed the word of God is in you and it’s pregnant and the word of God is wanting to produce a field not a little patch in your backyard a field so demon entities attach themselves to your personality and that’s why peter could speak by satan and still be a Christian. I mean Jesus breathed on and said receive the Holy Spirit peter saw miracles peter cast out devils but one day he spoke by satan and Jesus nailed him, didn’t even talk to peter, talk to satan but he was using peter’s mouth how is that possible because peter had allowed through unrealistic expectations of what he thought the messiah was.

Which was someone who was going to come and push Rome out and take a physical seat in Jerusalem as king. That’s what happened to Judas, when he realized this is going to be a failure he thought well I’m at least make some money off of this.

I’m serious he thought that Jesus was going to fail just like Barabbas. Did I say that because Barabbas had tried this and everybody bailed on him so that’s why they took Barabbas back because they thought at least he could try again. See they wanted a physical king unrealistic expectations and because of that they didn’t discern what was going on so Peter in his mind had something that was exalting itself above the knowledge of God. He didn’t bring it into captivity which is our spiritual warfare.

If you look at second corinthians chapter 10 and it’ll all come clear to you what spiritual warfare is in verse six of second corinthians 10 it says he says that our weapons of our warfare are not carnal but they’re mighty through God, so the pulling down of strongholds. We quote that. That’s cool we’re going to wrestle with demons and then Paul does something that just totally destroys everything that we believe. He says bringing in the captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ, wait a minute, I thought we were doing spiritual warfare with spirits wrestling demons.

Well the devil has to place something in you, in your thought process that’s wrong in order to gain entrance because if you have understanding he can’t operate into in the truth. The demons listen to me, the demons can’t operate in truth their power is in deception they have to get you to believe something is wrong. So spiritual warfare is saying no to ungodliness and worldly passions and living an upright life in Christ Jesus.

When you say no, you just beat the living daylights out of a devil because they have no plan B they can’t gain any entrance they can’t hook you so you got to know your enemy, you got to know how he enters in. It’s a thought, it’s a feeling has nothing to do with you, see your feelings your thoughts are a offspring of the word of God.

God gave you your soul to enjoy the emotion of his word to enjoy the emotion of the other realm it was never to lead you. It was to add on, it was like the booster, it was like the nitrous switch on your car the extra power the afterburner in a jet. But it was never supposed to rule you.

You’re supposed to be ruled in your spirit okay, so I have to talk to you about this because these demon entities these personalities they’re disembodied but they don’t appeal to your spirit, because it’s born again, they cannot win see if you are in the ring with God he will not come in there and fight you because he can’t win the secret place is off limits. He can’t win in the sacred place if you dwell there, none of these things will hurt you no disease no nothing.

Read it, that’s the truth but if you’re not in there he can pull you out into fear which is his arena and if you’re like, even like, well I think God said or didn’t God say or I don’t know before you know it she’s like I you know I guess I can eat of it, wait a minute, maybe you should wait eve maybe you should wait till God comes down in the afternoon and talks with you and walks with you because this separation is where the warfare is.

What are you doing talking to a snake about God. Why are you discussing theology with a snake? It happened, that’s why we’re all here now we’re falling and we have to learn everything when we knew it, before the fall we knew it, there was no health care there was no funeral homes there was no h-e-b it was in your backyard no misunderstandings no signs and bricks being thrown. No bullets nothing there was law and order everybody lived in the presence of God okay.

So now we have to live down here and I know how to do this we do this by building ourselves up in the most holy faith and we allow our minds to be transformed by the renewing of our minds through the word of God and then Paul said I beat my body, I discipline it in this objection so that after I have preached Christ myself an apostle he said I could be disqualified if I let my body rule me.

So he’s identifying that the body needs to be disciplined that the mind needs to be transformed but he says your spirit is a new creature in second Corinthians 5:17 old things have passed away everything’s new so in your spirit is everything that’s the standard of heaven.

You have the standard of heaven inside of you and you’re never going to be any more holy any more righteous than you are right now in your spirit however Paul said in Romans 8 that you cannot please God if you yield to the flesh, if you live in the flesh according to its desires you cannot please God but the sons of God are led by the spirit of God.

Are you starting to see now what Paul is wanting us to know now. So in this time that we’ve been together, the impartation has taken place, so you don’t need to come up here and have me lay hands on you this is what the biggest mistake is we thought that if we could create this atmosphere by the laying on of hands and casting demons out of people every service and then they come back and then you come and get delivered again and it just keeps happening.

I want to go right to the root of the problem which is not what the pharma co wants they want you to return and be a return customer. They don’t want you to get better and I’m telling you the truth after a while I start to wonder if certain ministers don’t want you to get better. They want you to come back but see what if you don’t come back, well then I’ll stay home because the reason you don’t come back is because you’re well. See there has to come a point where you don’t need me anymore.

You get built up and then you turn and you start building people up and then you go looking for the devil instead of waiting for him to find you, right. I mean you’re clapping but but I believe what it is the excitement you feel in your your spirit is that this was the intention of the father from the beginning and Jesus explained this to me.

So I wanted to get into this tonight but he explained this to me about Ephesians he went word for word in May with me about what his plan was for the church and the body and for the five-fold ministry and the gifts and why we have all this and I saw that the end result was that we were in the unity of the faith and that we were mature.

But if we’re not becoming mature and we’re not in unity then we have to work back. I mean as somebody who’s been at a corporation I understand why we can just go back and try to find out why.

I want to go and find out what the gap is. I want to see what’s going on and why it’s not producing the end result, right. But see God when he speaks his word he has an end result in mind right. It’s going to return back to him okay so you’re going to return back to him as an end result of what he spoke you’re going to produce a crop and then he’s going to just like the parable of the talents you get a reward for what you did with what you were given.

But you’re not judged like the world because you’re a child you’re judged for your good works what you did with what you were given but you have to do something with it so it’s not about fear like the one who did nothing, see he would that person was in fear they did nothing they buried it and they were in trouble but you’re not going to be like that okay so everything that God has spoken of you is because he’s guiding you he’s taking you somewhere that he’s already established his intention, his goal, he loves you okay.

In the spirit how beautiful you really are

So you you can picture yourself because I’m gonna tell you this so that you know how beautiful you are in the spirit how beautiful you really are because see your flesh the way you look here is a result of your genealogy but see that’s not what you look like in the spirit.

I’m serious the way you look in the flesh is based on bloodlines so you don’t look like the real you. Your spirit looks like God and because I’m not in a church I can say this because you know I can’t kick myself out of my own meeting, but I’m telling you the truth this is what I can’t say on tv a lot of times people start freaking out but the way you look physically is a result of all of your genealogy of all your grandparents and parents and the whole way back.

So you can trace your bloodline through your genetics and they can take it way back but that’s that’s a physical realm that’s fallen right spiritually you are beautiful and it has nothing to do with what you look like down here. You might think certain things but the standard is not what you think so you can’t watch commercials and think that’s beauty. You can’t let people in magazines represent to you what your beauty or whatever because that has nothing to do with it now.

Just to prove this Paul said we know no one by the flesh and then he went where you get kicked out of church today but he says we don’t even know Jesus in the flesh anymore did you do, you know he says that Paul said that to the Corinthians he said we know no one according to the flesh we don’t even know the Jesus by the flesh anymore because he’s been exalted on high and he’s glorified.

He said I’m going back to the same glory that me and your father shared before the foundations of the world and he doesn’t even look completely like he did in the flesh. Which is why there’s so much confusion with what he looks like, he doesn’t have his scars, he was unrecognizable, he was beaten to where he was unrecognizable, those scars the father took away the ones that he left were just to confirm his crucifixion but it’s minor compared to what he was.

So when you see him he’s going to look perfect. See all his beard is back all his hair is back. He has skin that is so vibrant that it looks like copper shiny copper but it’s beautiful. It’s not copper but it looks like copper. He is the most striking individual I’ve ever met and no one understands him like that we should no one if you knew him you would walk differently and the world if they knew him they would not go to hell.

When I was with him I thought how can anyone pull out his beard I just wanted to touch it. I wanted to kiss him and I’m a man but I’m not a girly man I mean I know who I am and like I tell people if you don’t know who you are just go to a doctor. They’ll tell you, I’m serious that’s why I’m not a pastor because people come in, they’re confused, I just give them 125 bucks go to the doctor anything else you want to talk about see that’s why I’m not in charge of all that because I would just give everybody 125 bucks to confirm and then we could go on right and go under the greater works okay.

So in heaven you are like him but in your spirit now you are like him but see you feel trapped down here and you feel trapped and limited in your body okay. So you want to do certain things and you can’t believe that God hasn’t answered your prayer yet but see it’s because you have to hold on and grab a hold of it and bring it in, once you bring it in like for instance you know the story me and my wife.

Demons and their personality trying to get into your your flesh and into your mind not into your spirit

It was 14 years before I retired praying in tongues and all of a sudden for no reason at all I started worrying about retirement and how I’m going to make it and me and my wife are working all the time and we don’t have kids and I’m thinking okay. How are we going to pay off our house? How are we going to do this it’s like weird and I’m supposed to be praying and building myself up and I’m in this worry mode now.

This is a long time ago, now the average person has a certain amount when they retire and it’s very low and I had like four times that at the time I’m worrying and I still got 14 years to go so why was I worrying anyway okay.

But however I said Lord what do you want me to do because I can change because I’m a pilot. I know I can change my course right now and if you’ll help me get out of debt I said I can do so much. I said we can start now because if I make the corrections now I’ll end up right and bam in a minute my whole bedroom disappeared and there was a large figure in lights across my room and when I retired two years ago that is exactly what I had in my account when I retired.

But see it took 14 years but the heart decision was that day I made the course correction and God got me out of debt and the Lord told me tonight on the way here tell the people they need to get out of debt and I will help you. He said I will help them. I will walk you out.

There will be supernatural things ex nihilo that’s pulled in and there will be things that you do physically he told me you know within two weeks he said okay he says here’s what you do to your house he said too much money is going out, I go wait a minute, I want more coming in, he goes, prosperity is what’s going out too, how much are you spending that you don’t have to, you know what the jewish people say retail is for the gentiles wholesale is for the jew he Said.

He told me what to do with my house. Are you ready for this, I cut my electric bill down almost 200 a month because we lived in phoenix and it’s the surface of the sun I mean at midnight it’s 100 degrees and that’s the low for the day yeah you go past the bank it says 100 degrees and you think you just want to get out and tap on it because it’s stuck, it’s not stuck it’s 100 degrees that’s the cool at midnight he showed me the things that I could do to my house.

At home depot myself someone bought a tool belt and I did those things and it just all the sudden I started prospering. I had a 200 extra dollars a month okay. Then he said you don’t have to be eating out all the time. You can get a George foreman grill and take it with you on your trips so I started grilling in my room but then the whole hotel wanted to come to my room.

I’m serious I saved so much money because they were giving me 700 a month per dine and it was if you didn’t use it you got to keep it. It was tax-free so for 30 years I did that well just do the math on that and then the the supervisor position paid more but I was already at work but I didn’t want the responsibility of being in charge, but the Lord said no you’re there already just be in charge so I flew that position for 30 years.

So over those many years I had enough money just off of flying the supervisor position which I was already there so I might as well get paid for it and I ended up making the decisions any way even if I wasn’t and it’s so that might as well get paid for it. Did you know that I got enough extra for 30 years to pay off my, I had enough to pay off my house but God paid my house off anyway.

Someone else paid my house off but I’m just saying just by doing these little things it started to cause me to prosper and no money really was coming in it was like just a couple extra bucks an hour to fly the supervisor position but there was a lot going out then I did other things.

I was like you know this car you can buy a new one with a bigger engine for less than what you’re paying for a month for this because the new ones it’s actually the price has gone down I go whoa see there’s things that you can do that the spirit will show you and it’s really warfare against the enemy okay.

Now here comes the hard part so get the car running now listen to me if you see if you have people around you and they start having personality changes where their personality starts to change and you know them and they start acting up you either got a column on it or you got to start to distance yourself back because a demonic spirit is moving in love me or hate me.

I saw this stuff and no one wants to stand up here as a minister and talk about this because their mega church turns into a small bible study because the satan will dismantle you if you let him. These demon spirits right now do not want me to talk about this but these are personalities and they come in and affect your emotions and feel like they, you feel like it’s you but see your born again experience is permanent and in your spirit you cannot do these things that demons want you to do.

But you feel like this is what you need, this is what you want and somebody needs to slap you into reality like that however if you have somebody who becomes a partner in crime with you and you two are in agreement that demon starts to gain access to you through another person and influencing you and it can happen on a staff of a church so you have to have quadrants and you put people in those quadrants based on their faithfulness and their ability to do spiritual warfare because see not everybody can handle spiritual warfare and they think they can.

Everybody wants to work for me but you have no idea what happens when you start to work for me you are entering into a war that has to do with history. Can you stand against the powers that are coming against what God is doing on this earth on a large scale?

Can you handle and can you guard me and not become the weak link you think you can but what happens when you start to feel jealousy when you start to feel angry and you don’t know why when you’re mad and you have no reason to be mad. When you feel left out when you’re not left out when you’re told if you just eat of that tree you’ll be like God.

But you already are like God because you were made in God’s image it says that already God said that in genesis 1:26. But why would satan say if you do this you’ll be like God, they already were like God.

I don’t know, do you think people are ready for this yeah sure do you ask her do you should I keep going somebody’s got to tell you this stuff see you’re supposed to own everything everywhere you go. You’re to be blessed and people are to be blessed because you’re there okay but satan doesn’t want you to prosper because if you prosper that represents power to him on the earth.

It’s a monopoly game he’s trying to own everything. He’s trying to squeeze people out that know God, so you’re not gonna like this may be you will. So in his evil he schemed, he goes we’ll make poverty a pillar of doctrine in the church that if people are poor they’re holy and if they’re sick it’s because God’s trying to teach them something.

Oh that’s what I do, if I was evil, see that’s what the CIA does. Oh I’m supposed to stay Sick okay. That’s what they do, it’s disinformation they go on the ground, listen this happens, before there’s a war oh they already they on end everything it’s called disinformation. They start to slant the people’s perception that’s what they’re doing to you now. Not just that agency I’m talking about what’s going on behind the scene the demons are shifting your perception but if you resist them then there’s nothing they can do about it.

If you submit to God and resist them they’re going to flee I mean that’s the core of the bible if you want to bring that into it see you’re supposed to be salty but if you lose your saltiness you become ineffective because you lose what you really are and that’s what Jesus was trying to say don’t hide take your cover off and shine go to the hilltop go to the rooftop and shout it that there’s good news.

Right now some of you are encountering this very thing right now and I will continue to pound that devil until it screams out. I will not let you be taken over but this is not what you think the word in Greek is demonized not demon possession demonize which has to do with domains which has to do with proximity see the devil is working his way in. He works on people but he has to get them convinced of something that’s not true and he just keeps working his way in and it’s like a boa constrictor. He just waits for you to exhale and then he goes tighter and then you can’t inhale that’s how they get you, that’s how religion gets you.

I’m serious they wrap around you they wait for you to exhale as soon as they do it bam and then when you try to inhale you can’t and that’s how they suffocate that’s how a boa works constrictors this is how these demons work they try to close you in with addiction. It’s all false you have the most high God one breath from him and you won’t even remember your past you won’t have any needs.

We know this to be true but because of the demonic activity and I tell people this because you know I’m already going to get criticized for it anyway and I’m just happy that I’m back and that I can talk and that I can tell people this but there is not a demon behind every tree there’s five and the Lord taught me to take the tree out that they’re hiding behind which is why I teach all the time because if I do a fire tunnel you get hit by God but then you go to your car and that devil’s still waiting for you and I’m gone I’m going on to daystar Tuesday I’m going on to my next gig my next assignment but see if I give you tools then he gets beat up all week and I don’t get any credit for it which is better for me when I get to heaven because I if I don’t take credit down here I get credit in heaven but if you follow me as I follow Christ it’s okay but you shouldn’t look to me as your source.

God is using many people and it’s gonna become apparent but you need to understand these things that if you see people’s personalities start to change and I see it but I have to be unobvious about it but I have to just kind of like say things to people and kind of like you know but I have seen people get devoured and change because they couldn’t withstand so this is what’s going to happen satan comes to you with these demon spirits. They come and they’re assigned to your bloodline so they’ve been following everybody.

I’ve checked it out all the things that happen in my bloodline they’ll continue to happen if I let them they’ll be transferred. I had to leave my area to get rid of those familiar spirits. Did you hear what I just said? I had to move away to win. It was so strong and I couldn’t tell you what it was I just could feel it. I could feel it and I got to where I was dealing with the devils that were regional and in cities everywhere I go but those hound dogs are gone from my lineage but I had to put my foot down.

This is what you got to do now. This might be too much for you but please don’t throw it away just put it on the back burner because you’re going to have to eat it someday. I just hope you all eat it tonight because you got to get rid of these things. You got to get rid of those hound dogs that are assigned to you once you get rid of them then you can deal with other things in other people and help them but you have to take out your giant first. Once you do it’ll start breaking open for you but don’t stop there keep swinging, go to your neighbor, go to your family

Start just keep pushing him out, go to another city and pray in tongues I’m serious if you would get on a plane like we did I did every hour at work for 30 years but I would just start praying in tongues because when I was in heaven I saw that city will never forget you. Those demons in that city will never forget you by just praying in tongues in your hotel you made an imprint because the whole building shook in the spirit not because I’m a spiritual giant but because I was able to pray.

So I did which is the hardest thing to manifest, you know it’s great that you want to pray but it is a fight to isolate yourself enough to where you don’t get any interruptions. Everything will try to stop you from doing this now so the personalities of demons will start to manifest and that’s how a telltale sign I saw that everybody that needs heal, whether you need a new limb or whatever it is you need I saw that it had to do with the demonic stopping you from receiving.

You were in doubt and fear and it was isolating you and I was shown that if demons were taken from the earth that you would operate completely as a child of God on this earth that it wasn’t see you’re being tempted you’re being pressured but it’s not coming from within your spirit because you have nothing in there think about it.

If you’re a new creature old things have passed away well what’s left the image of God okay so your spirit is complete so what you’re dealing with is demons and their personality trying to get into your your flesh and into your mind not into your spirit. Does everybody understand, this is why no one understands if a demon can be in a Christian because a demon has three access points in a human being. Your spirit, your soul and your body but one of them is closed when you become a Christian the other two are not addressed in Christianity so there’s all this confusion about demons but what if they could influence you to say something like Peter that’s not right.

Did he fall on the ground and his head spin 360 degrees and pea green soup come out? No but yet Jesus treated him as though satan was talking through him. Are you following me can I go on or is this do I need to talk a little more about this, you see, as a child of God satan doesn’t have access to your spiritual life that does see that doesn’t make sense when I said that but see your soul connects your body to your spirit it is another dimension it’s part of you but part of that does not go with you.

Your organic brain does not go with you. When I was with Jesus earth was so far away I couldn’t remember my past I couldn’t, I didn’t think about my parents my brothers and sisters because I was before the Lord and I was listening to every word that was coming out of his mouth and I didn’t care about anything else.

I didn’t think about anything I didn’t think about my bank account that had 65 bucks left in it. I could have spent that. I didn’t think about who’s going to make my car payment now. No none of that, it doesn’t even matter. What matters is well done thou good and faithful servant that’s all that mattered and I was with him but earth was so far away and it was so fallen that when Jesus suggested that I was going back there was no way I was going back and I knew that if I stood there and convinced him he would see it my way and he just smiled, he goes, Kevin it’s not about because everything I was saying was about me why I’m not going back and he said well it’s not about you he said you’re going back for the people.

Christian you’re down here qualifying for the thousand year reign, not for survival

You’re going to change history and he said what if I told you you can’t fail I go well that’s pretty good deal he said you will not be able to fail if you go back. He said it’s all extra credit because you’ve already completed your race I go how can I complete my race I’m 31 years old he said it’s the quality not the quantity he said you’ve been faithful so when he sent me back he explained to me that I have to tell the people that as a Christian you’re down here qualifying for the thousand year reign.

You’re on probation to learn for your new job because you’re going to be over nations and territories it’s the truth so everything that I’m doing now is I’m being faithful to qualify because he showed me my uniform and it’s rose gold and it’s from head to toe you can’t you see my six-pack because it’s like full. It’s these beautiful buttons that’s oriental it was an oriental style up to here and had I had stripes on my sleeve and I had patches that were the territories that I was assigned to as an ambassador and Jesus said you’re going to rule and reign with me for eternity, shoulder to shoulder with me.

He said you’re down here not surviving but you’re down here thriving. you’re going to own everything so that’s why I bought, I got our own network, I found out what Hillsong and TBN have as a network and I just got that and God paid for it and then I’m just I start my own publishing company, start my own school in 18 months we have 13 000 students.

See I’m just going to start my own churches why not to compete just to get this done I mean I’m done with competing this isn’t about competing this is about finishing up what others in heaven that I met had started but they want us to own everything down here so while you’re waiting for the rapture and you’re practicing jumping up and getting caught up you’re supposed to be owning everything.

I’m not rolling over I’m sorry Jesus said when you came out to hear John did you come out to see a weed bending in the wind because he wasn’t that no we resist the resistance we stand up for what’s right we consider a privilege to die for Jesus Christ but if we’re going to live then we need to do some damage to the enemy so you take out what he’s hiding behind. You take out the tree do you understand what I’m saying you do that by pulling down things that exalt themselves about the knowledge of God in people’s lives.

So you tell people and this is what he told me to do. He said you pray and you stop all this that’s going to happen in the fall so that these cities don’t burn and so that you don’t have to bring troops into these cities but it’s already happening but we’re starting to see it start to to change because the government will have to step in because he said the snakes are coming out and this was always there.

It’s just becoming apparent these people just didn’t move here they’ve been living here off of your tax dollars and now they’re destroying property. So prayer is part of it but then after that you get ready because next year everything’s going to skyrocket all right but here’s the thing. There’s going to be a supply problem because of many different things because these people are going to stop the supply there’s going to be delivery problems but this is what I want if those who understand economics the Lord explained to me that because we’re going to start bringing things back into the United States and production will be here there’s going to be a disruption in supply for because of that hiccup.

See it’s already happening it might not be apparent but at certain things it’s already happening that’s why the Lord last year told us to buy everything we needed for our studios to expand for the next five years so we have all the supplies to build studios in several different places we already have because you can’t buy the cameras now and if I hadn’t listened to the Lord we wouldn’t be able to get what we have now because and you’d come and say why do you need 20 high-definition cameras, tv cameras, well because that’s for the next four years and I got them on sale but see at the time the people didn’t know what was about to happen see now you can’t buy these things now you go to buy HDMI cables they limit you to four.

Why do I need 30 why supply okay so this is the thing you got to understand that we will move things back into this country but there will be this gap as we move it back and it’s going to get more expensive because we had a great deal with labor over there so there’s going to be a shock in the supply and there’s going to be a shock in pricing but because of that it would be a good idea to pray in the spirit and let the Lord lead you in what you’re supposed to do maybe nothing but the spirit of God will tell you of things to come.

Jesus said so he wants you to get ready for an expansion but you would be on the crest of the wave if you’re ready because this nation is great because God is great okay it takes a lot to destroy it because there’s so much momentum however there is a lag in the response just like there is in the spiritual realm something can happen in the spiritual realm and there’s a lag like Daniel. Asked Daniel he was three weeks after he started praying before the angel showed up because there’s a lag because of warfare well think of that physically how things trickle through all right so it would be good to prepare your family and your children for this prophetic move get them accustomed to the gifts of the spirit and to praying in the spirit talk to them as adults about the things of God not as children.

Just say listen this is what God has given us you need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit you need to learn how to speak the word of God in boldness so they don’t quote it like minnie mouse, you speak, you teach them to speak the word of God from the fire with boldness are you following me.

This is something that you’re gonna find out that we needed to do and I just don’t want the this generation to end up the way that it was going to so. I’m telling you things you do now this next generation is is going to speak from the fire so you have to train them the right way from the beginning because see the places that you go to worship and the churches you go to might not even believe this way. So you’re going to have to originate it in your house see the children are not going to get this watch in rapper room they might not get it watching veggie tales but they’ll get something watching veggie tales but I suspect that you’ve gotten what I’m trying to say, here is that you have to build yourself up in the spirit and make decisions forward-looking so that you don’t find yourself out of toilet paper or whatever next the devil is going to invent.

You can be way ahead, Joseph looked really good and made history but it was a dream, come on now, he had a dream and that came to pass. But he was tested by the word of God and then when pharaoh had a dream he interpreted that dream and became a hero he saved Egypt but the reason he saved Egypt was for Israel.

God saved Egypt for his people. Egypt is a type of the world. God is saving America for his people do you get it, come on now, Egypt was preserved so that Joseph’s parents could come down with his brothers and live there for 430 years. And then the pharaoh forgot Joseph and his family and so he encountered the living God in plagues because his heart was hardened so when you see these things happen nothing’s changed. It’s just the mode of operation of God has changed but you’re in Goshen so I want to announce that to you, you’re in Goshen and you can watch, just make sure the blood’s applied to your doorpost, but you can watch the frogs and the flies and the blood and everything from your tv. But it’s not going to come near you I mean if we’re going to be biblical about it right so watch personality changes and don’t let it happen to you.

If you start to change in your personality just know that you might be being worked on by a demon spirit that’s targeting you and then watch the familiar spirits who will try to make it look supernatural that somebody will call you and repeat the thought you just had and the thought was from hell and now somebody in your family is repeating that thought and you think it might be God. Now that is how these familiar spirits work. Have I gone too deep?

We’re over it I’m listening to God he’s the one that tells me what to do. Oh my God, you see everything that’s supernatural is not a God. When I first first got saved and I tore up my letter from senator Hines who was a real senator very good man the other is not so much very good man though very good man like him and he told me that I was runner-up for the academy next year be chosen and the Lord said tear it up you’re not going. You’re going to bible school, I go no, you’re just having a bad day okay so I’ll just wait get some sleep, no he didn’t change his mind okay so I went to this.

It’s a denominational and I couldn’t believe that I gave up F-16s to be part of what I was a part of. There was no power they talked about how it used to be and he talked about the seven ways that you can look at the rapture and they talked about the hundred ways that this word could be used and all I need is one I just want to know what God’s thoughts are toward me and I want to be able to transfer that to people that’s called ministry.

So they were answering questions I wasn’t asking, powerless so I went to the head church there in in this city big big denomination, 3300 people and no Holy Spirit not I could not sense the Holy Spirit at all I’d have to pray an hour in tongues, just to go to church. I’m sitting there and you know the story this street person walks in the middle of the sermon walks right up and levitates leans back arches and he’s off the ground and I’m waiting for the pastor or the guest speaker or an usher, usherette even a comfort animal anything and I said in my spirit who’s going to address this uncircumcised philistine because I’ve been saved six months and I just gave up F-16s so I get up, I told my roommate I’m going up there so I didn’t even have five smooth stones in fact I only had like two scripture verses and I went up there and I said shut up and come out and he fell couldn’t do his circus act but that’s supernatural.

I can’t do that so it’s supernatural but is it God or is it the devil trying to get attention come on now and those demons started speaking to me in front of, now I’m the guest speaker I’m serious they’re saying no we’ve come to this congregation to expose hypocrisy well yeah that’s good I thought, well you know that’s beneficial but not from a demon so we come to destroy America so can you understand why I don’t want to prophesy against America it’s because if you do that you don’t know what spirit you’re of but Jesus said you got to be kidding all those people in heaven that built this country are waiting for us to finish it.

You’ve got to be kidding me I can hear him cheering right now okay so the pastor comes up and stops me, said he doesn’t have a demon he’s just hungry gave him a bag of groceries from the food pantry and sent him back to the streets, and I go this is your solution, so this is how organized religion deals with spiritual problems okay. We just put a band-aid on it and kind of just move them out but see Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. So you can’t borrow money to pay for your borrowed money.

You can’t get medicine that just masks the symptom you got to take care of it at the root because that’s what Jesus does Jesus wants you out of debt not refinancing your debt because there’s got to come a time where it just goes away is a time where you’ve got to do something to your body where everything disappears it shouldn’t be there.

There should be a solution in a goal and like Jesse says why would you want to go somebody that’s practicing.

He wants somebody who can take care of it. Do you have anybody here that’s not practicing, he’s hilarious my doctor will admit it, we’re going to try a couple things and we’re going to see which one works, it’s like okay so when does it when does the experiment end, why when you’re off of the medicine, does the symptoms come back because it hasn’t taken care of the root right okay.

So you find a doctor that wants to take care of the root of the problem that’s the way my doctor is and he’s mormon but he asks us to pray for him when we come in but he said we want to get you well so he said if something natural works then you use it he said I will okay it.

Did you hear what I just said okay with your spiritual problems that are manifesting physically. Don’t you want to get to the root of it okay well if it really originates in a spiritual problem but it’s manifesting physically then don’t you think you want to take care of the spiritual thing and get rid to the root so giving a demon a bag of groceries is not going to help the man or the demon.

Now I don’t know why I’m doing this. I’m just being obedient I don’t like telling these stories but when I was an armed officer on the campus I was armed at night because I was the only one. If anybody crossed a certain line with me they got shot because there’s no one, there’s no backup so it’s just me and my pistol, that was it for the night, twelve to seven okay.

So if someone came on the property and it was private property they never trespassing because the gates are closed so when somebody comes on there you deal with it. But I’m sitting there having someone that I have to call the local police to take him to jail because I’m not going to do that. I can’t leave the campus but I can hold them so I didn’t even have to cuff this guy because he’s drunk. But he has at least 15 different personalities in him talking to me as I’m sitting there and I didn’t know it at first. I thought he was just drunk now I’m telling this because I’m going to teach you something here that you can learn because the devils they’re so stupid that they’ll tell you things they sing like sailors, it’s like you give, you know the Holy Spirit it’s like sodium pentathlon.

They’re telling you everything. I’m serious. I’ve learned so much and they’re liars you can’t take anything but you know I can base it on scripture because they’re liars but in this case everything was fine. I started praying in tongues because I, you know how when you’re around somebody you start feeling evil and it’s like something inside of them doesn’t like what’s inside of you. But it’s not always apparent you know they’re just you know whatever you know and then.

So it’s sitting there and I’m watching them thinking do I just cuff them and I think I did cuff them because I remember the cop having to give me back my cuffs. But there when it was weird because he would try to show me his middle finger and I go, stop doing that you can’t do that, he goes I don’t know why it does that I said well just stop it he goes I can’t it keeps doing it that’s what he said so I looked in his eyes and he had snake eyes all of a sudden he had slits and this is what I said to him what have you done to let the devil into you it wasn’t me that said that it was Jesus Christ and as soon as I said that they all manifested.

So John was down and these demons were up talking all at once to me but his mouth was open his tongue was not moving but 15 different voices were talking to me so you can understand why I am the way I am I have stories that I could spend all night telling you and then you’ll start to learn something so I wasn’t dealing with flesh and blood I was dealing with these levels of demons the rulers of this world they were using the vocal cords and whipping me the finger can you believe it stop that I can’t it keeps doing that put your arms back behind you because he’s got cuffed he’s like this and he’s like trying to show me anyway that demon hated me but there was one head demon and then there was all these others.

So I started to tell them you’re going to have to leave and they didn’t want to leave and I said you got to leave in the name of Jesus. They said don’t mention that name that name is very powerful I said thanks for letting me know so I started using it more but then I realized that when you’re on a tv show like on oprah or any place like that you can say God but you can’t say Jesus then I started to realize that authority so do you understand where and how I learned from this stuff okay.

So Jesus is very powerful God you know the demons believe in God and they tremble but the name of Jesus is above all names and if you command them they have to go okay. So they started coming out and then I thought well I’m just going to mention the blood just because it’s you know I’m like this is taking a long time so I said the blood of Jesus started talking about the blood of Jesus and they the rest of them start screaming, no, don’t, it was the blood that defeated us don’t, don’t talk about the blood it defeated us. Thanks for letting me know but see I was a new Christian so I called my friend, I just met him I hadn’t seen him in all these years because I graduated from that college in 1985.

And he came, he’s a pastor now and he came to one of my meetings. I called him that night. There’s only two people in my graduating class from that denomination, two out of hundreds that are still in the ministry and then the two-year program I did afterwards I only know of one from my class it’s still in the ministry out of hundreds, now I know others that were in other classes but there’s only three from this this denomination that are still, one is in Sri Lanka and as an apostle has 159 churches and then there’s this pastor and there was one other that I can’t think of right now but anyway he came and he verified that all this happened in one of my meetings in ohio just last year .

I called him and I said hey can you come down here he said well you know I’m not allowed out there’s curfew I said I’m in charge I said come down I’ll let you in the office, bring your bible so he comes in. I said preach on the blood give me a sermon on the blood, he goes who’s I said you’ll see in a minute there’s like so he preaches on the blood and the demons start screaming he goes let me tell you about the blood of Jesus and he starts preaching you know and those demons just went crazy and they left and then there was one his name was Raspid he was the head demon he would not leave. He said I don’t have to go, I go, yeah you have to go see I’m new to this he said, no he wants me I get him women I go shut up John come up is this true you want this demon.

Yeah they get me women, he gets me women I go you’re kidding he goes yeah because I want him I go well then you’re going to jail you and that devil are gone I said but you are going to hell unless you repent and I never saw him again.

So I’m not done yet I thought I was but here we go david disembodies Goliath by killing his body. He takes his skull and you can read it in the bible and he takes it to Jerusalem and buries it and the name of the place he buried it they named after his name. He was Goliath from Gath so they named it Golgotha and Jesus was crucified right over the head of the giant okay but when that was disembodied that became a demon and that demon went after david and he thought this is how I’m going to do it. I’m going to get him to stay out of the war and be on his rooftop and I’m going to get the head of his fighting men the 30.

I’m going to get him to take his wife so he does and then he has the head of his 30 killed. This is warfare that spirit came after david after he disembodied. It is there anybody here, this is your life. People these things need to be told. What to do they need people that say no not, on my watch you stay away from my crop, you stay away from my employees, you stay away from everything you secure your position in God but you secure your assets in God because satan is wanting to devour.

He’s seeking who is weak to devour. If he can’t get to you he will work his way out and find a weak link so you’ve got from now on after this weekend I’m telling you there’s those that will happen to be wise and listen to me, be aware in the spirit that you can love everyone but you don’t have to trust everyone.

Jesus explained this to me and take this with you I asked him about the serpent and the dove why be as innocent as a dove but as wise as a serpent, what would you even use that for? What did you mean? He said a snake when you walk up to it, it always comes up to strike to protect itself but it doesn’t strike initially it gives you a warning but it’s always ready to strike but be innocent as a dove in this a Christian is not a doormat a Christian is a child of God.

So you you stand up ready. So Jesus knew that Judas was being infiltrated, He even told John who it was at the table, but there was repentance up until he took unworthily of the communion table of the Lord that satan entered into him as soon as he gave him that bread and he ate unworthily.

He did not discern the Lord’s body he made a decision that affected all the disciples and Jesus and for that he was judged. That’s why paul said because you don’t discern the body of Christ and you don’t judge yourself at the table you fall asleep early that’s called dying early because you don’t judge yourself. You didn’t discern the body, you didn’t understand that if you do something you’re hurting everyone. The demons bank on this they wanted to get to david to make a decision that was selfish to affect all the army of Israel they lost the fighting man one of the 30.

Are you following me this is the demon’s design, this is what they want but the angels of the Lord they’re sent only to do the will of the father God. Only his word do they do they hearkened onto his voice so if you’re speaking God’s word whether it’s that prophetic utterances was given to you or something in the bible when you speak it the angels recognize that, that was from the father so when you speak by the spirit they take it as God’s word and they hearken unto it.

This is how you operate in the angelic this is how demons will back off of you, is the angelic working with you because they’re working with God. You represent God and you’ve come in line with his word so you’re doing his bidding and the angels are doing his bidding and there is an amazing triumph that happens. There is overthrow I will tell them that you are sometimes led in an opposite direction that you’re going but the Lord does that by the spirit.

You will be led and you actually go in the opposite direction sometimes toward your goal toward what God has given you. The Lord said it’s because a hook goesin in a certain direction and you have to go in the opposite direction to unhook it. So the spirit will unhook you from the world system by taking you in an opposite direction. So it is warfare when the spirit tells you to make a right turn when what you’re going toward is right before you because it’s warfare because the devil is waiting for you at a certain point and when you don’t show up he’s confused and like Jesse told me he says yeah he looks his wife he should have been here by now and the spirit led you in the chess game that you win at.

See delay can be divine. He’s setting you up. You’re going to win but it’s going to be by the way that the spirit of God sees fit in order for you to win but you might have to tell people I don’t want to see you anymore for a while you’re on a timeout you might have to just not answer your phone for certain people for a while. The spirit of the Lord is helping you to get free of familiar spirits, spirits that are familiar with you and your family and they’ve been working their thing.

Jesus told me that’s why the demons pled that they not be sent out of the area because they can’t operate in another territory because they fight each other they get beat up so they have their place and they’ve built this matrix of operation so that they all know what to do when you come into their territory so they don’t want to leave well that works both ways.

What if you were removed from that situation and you go to another territory and they go who’s this and you say you’re going to find out because I want this. This is mine now you’re like wait a minute and they’re going through their cue cards trying to find you looking on wikipedia facebook but see you’re going to develop to where oh no not them they’re going to recognize you and it’s going to get around who you are so the Lord’s telling me in my spirit don’t strive to be one of the fivefold.

God sets those in a church just be known in heaven and you’ll be known in hell God sets in the church okay so all I can do is come and unload the truck that’s all I can do. You know just like one preacher said, he says you know if you all don’t take your packages I’m going to take them home and open them because God wants to deliver these packages to you.

He is extremely in love with you the Lord is extremely in love with you and he doesn’t want you to go another day without knowing how much he loves you but down here we have perception problems we don’t know our value but if you would clear your environment of these demons by doing what I’m telling you a lot of your problems would go away with them.

Do you understand what I’m trying to say here because you’re fighting ancestral stuff raise your hands for a minute the Lord’s just coming in his glory right now the devil’s tripping over tin cans you know [Laughter] I’ve had demons I’ve had demons tell me you can’t do this I go I just did.

What if you stayed consistent what if you just raise your hands and worship God in your house worship God right now. What if you did that and God showed up and all the rules changed. Favor starts to come in and then all of a sudden the game plans before you. And you see the hosts of heaven, the armies of God around you and you realize that the commander of the angels is saying we got it from here because that’s exactly what’s just came into this room. Praise God, praise God it’s happening man come on worship him, worship him, come on worship God the angels are going to fight right now.

Come on hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah the Lord God almighty reigns worthy is the lamb of God. Holy is the lamb, Holy is the lamb God almighty worthy to receive honor and glory and power to the lamb of God worthy worthy is the lamb most holy God most high God you’re the most high exalt you father you’re our father we love you spirit of prophecy upon the people right now father give them the spirit of prophecy and they prophesy from the fire right now begin to prophesy to your world begin to prophesy let the spirit give you words to utter bring forth the other realm bring forth the realm of God the realms of God are here the realms of God are in this room.

Oh Jesus the glory hallelujah right now receive your worship father receive our worship we love you we trust you we believe in your son we trust you.


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