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The Stars vs Religion

Updated on February 7, 2012

The galactic alignment

Our beliefs vs science

Ten years ago if you would of asked me about god I would of told you a lot about him and how he created this world we live in. Ask me now and I have more scientific explanations. Recently I read about the Mayan prophecies and was awed on how this civilization predicted eclipses 1000's of years into the future. This has had a significant impact on everything I ever believed in.

If your a reader like myself then you know too much by now. Earth goes through changes like everything on it. It has had 4 significant changes in it's span and we are nearing the 5 cycle. What will trigger this cycles end is a galactic alignment. On December 12, 2012 earth will experience a pole shift. Earth sits on its axis via a magnetic pole. This magnetic pole/pull aims north hence why compass face north. That magnetic pull will lose its gravitational pull as the earth aligns with the center of the galaxy and the sun at the same time.

The Mayans predicted this as well as other things that have happen already. Nostradamus, The bible and many other foreseer's literature are placing end of days as soon. Within the last century we have created cars, airplanes, porno films, computers, tv, nuclear bombs, cloned animals. If it was going to happen anytime, it would seem soon. The Mayans believe that there is possibility for a new beginning and for some religious scriptures as well. Every 25,800 years the world shifts poles on it's axis. So that means that the south pole becomes the north pole. Recently a Yale university study proved that the poles have shifted before. On December 12, 2010 a super eclipse will occur. This will be the first time this eclipse will have happened in 28,500 years. In 2012 we will have a record 3 eclipse. The galactic alignment will be the last on the day of winter solstice.

So what can this all mean? Well here's a little more facts to get you to where I'm thinking. The temples in Egypt are aligned directly under where the alignment will happen. And, SO? So I'm talking about the Egyptians. The Mayans were from South America and have the almost identical pyramids 1000's of miles away. They never spoke or knew about each others civilization, so why would they build pyramids under certain stars? They were trying to tell us something is what I think. They were trying to explain the secret of life and they believed that the sun was our god. Without the sun nothing would live. The Egyptians and Mayans were great philosophers and mathematical groups. They accomplished for history and have the credit they deserve. The credentials of the bible are often debated and misinterpreted. The story of Jesus Christ is too similar to other gods that predate his era. One would have to be ignorant to not see the facts.

Do some homework if you don't know.

Attis of Phrygia / Dionysus /Bacchus / Horus /Osiris of Egypt / Krishna of India

Mithra of Persia / Zoroaster / Zarathustra

I only wanting to point out facts. There is a lot of speculation to this life stuff but I think it's right in front of our face. The big bang theory we all heard about is seemingly more possible then what I'm expected to believe. Some time ago they discovered that Pluto wasn't a planet but the average person either doesn't except it or don't know about it. This is a prime example of unknowing ignorance.

The Big bang theory is based on an explosion and due to it space is expanding. It is a fact that space is expanding. So supposedly a big explosion started it all an earth is a remnant of that as well as our other planets. Well let's see what science can concur. Notice how everything we know is made out of a cell. We are every material known to mankind is cell based. From metal to oxygen, everything is cell based. Earth is a cell, a circle. If you blew something up cells would depart microscopically. Some super force ripped something else up trillions of years ago and there are many earths out there. God didn't build this world, there are many like it. Asteroids and meteors and remnants of other worlds out there. The sun is a remnant of another sun.

The stars are what we look up to. The ancient civilizations that we study studied the stars and space as if they were up there. They knew something we would never know. I come to think that they knew about the end of days because they were told that the galactic alignment would happen. Aliens was something I never believed in but like I say I'm learning too much to rule them out. The whole government covering up aliens from us is believable. Consider this; If you were an alien in a spaceship looking for somewhere to explore where would you go? Picture all the planets in our galaxy and then picture beautiful earth with it's blue appeal. Wouldn't you go to the blue ball? Maybe there from another earth. Many ancient civilizations praised the heavens. They made big statues that face the heavens and appointed building structures to align with stars. For the Mayans in South America and the Egyptians in Egypt to be on the same level of sophistication was a knowledge I feel shared by the heavens. Not a religious one but an outer source that sees something coming our way. There are countless people and prophecies about the end of days but one that put a direct date. Mayans hint to us of change we can bring but it can be too late. Nostradamus and many foreseers alike have given us hints of what's coming but religion alters the scientific value of evolution. The Mayan and Greek civilization drew drawings of figures in astronaut type suits as if they came from another planet. They strive to conquer astrology as they believed their maker was in the heavens somewhere. They worshiped the sun as it kept everything living thing going. Religion was created aside of politics. It was a way to control the people's beliefs. There are too many books before the bible and unfortunately the bible was the best seller so it stuck. In a time when there was nothing else to do but read I gotta believe that this was very influential to the birth of faiths.

Ultimately I believe science. I know that our earth will shift poles and that on December 12, 2012 I will witness a galactic alignment. On the other hand no one has given me a date for Jesus's arrival but for those who believe in that hope that they is sooner than mine.


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    • profile image

      rhymefan 7 years ago

      In the past year, I have been wondering why so many people are concerned with space. Funny, I start to hear a giant red rogue planet with a bunch of moons, and dust tails. On a 3600 yr elliptical orbit around our sun and it's binary. Which will be coming in on us from the sun. Will pass between Earth and the sun, causing the pole shift and chaos. Then I run into this article About searching for asteroids and diverting them. This is a quote from the paper "The Canadian Space Agency intends to launch NEOSS at next March to look for asteroids that may be hiding near the sun." Former U-S astronaut Rusty Schweickart says "the basic technology to do this already exists. But he says the effort to steer an asteroid clear of the Earth would have to begin at least 10 years before the expected impact". This is the link to the article. so maybe there is something coming at us from the sun. With only a few years to go looks like it's too late :(..

    • pddm67 profile image

      pddm67 8 years ago from Queens, New York

      I sympathize with the dilema. I went to catholic school most of my young life and all I knew of creation and the cosmos was God. Then I went to high school (not catholic) and science totally turned everything around for me. Who to believe? What is the real truth? I tend to lean towards science but them there are some days I just look around at the beauty and nature that surrounds us and think that there really does have to be a higher power, a God (or even a Goddess). I guess we'll never really know - just another of life's mysteries. Rock on!

    • neysajasper profile image

      neysajasper 8 years ago

      I too believe in science but sometimes my belief gets dimnished when I see things haopening around me through the change in stars..

    • MikeNV profile image

      MikeNV 8 years ago from Henderson, NV

      Ultimately people are very offended when you question their beliefs. Why? Because they believe what they are told as they are little and it's pounded into them over and over. They must believe in order to cope. Religion is a creation of man to help them cope and to help the leaders of religious groups profit through fear and intimidation.

      Clearly the answers do not lie in man made religion. People love to jump on the Christian Bandwagon. Yet there is really no scientific evidence to even prove that Jesus existed. Just storys written by other people... people who didn't even know him ... assuming he existed.

      Fear and hype and money.

      What we know is we exist by definition we create. We know there are places that are so far away we can not reach them. We know our lives are limited. But to speak as if we know the answers to such complex questions as creation and existence... when we can not even cure the common cold is ludicrous.

      I am not anti god... I believe in some source of creation... some source I can neither explain or understand. But I am very anti religion.


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