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The starting of seeing paranormal.

Updated on March 7, 2010

He wanted to make me feel better


 It was the end of what seemed like an unthinkable decision.  I was pregnant.  I didnt pray before I made this decision, I made it in haste against every belief I had in me.  If I didnt, He would hate me and not be able to follow his dreams.  So against everything I ever knew to be true I had him drive me to the clinic.  I waited in a room full of pregnant mothers. all there for the same thing.  We all just stayed to ourselves about to take the life within us.  I knew in my soul that this was not what I really wanted to do, but when I discussed it with my partner he told me that I knew we couldnt do it right now, he was taking his finals in school, and his head needed to be clear.

I lay on that table with my feet in stirrups , I was numb in my body and mind.  The doctor did the vacuum and when she was done I said to let me say goodbye. and she said, there is nothing there.  I said it didnt matter to let me say goodbye. She held up a bag and in it was a little bloody pulp about the size of a pea.  I said good bye.

After I went home and the next night I woke up shaking uncontrollably, I think I was in shock.

I kept having nightmares about babies dying.  I dreamt that my cat had kittens and I put my hand near her to catch them and they fell apart in my hand.  I dreamt that my baby girl who was about five at the time, was drowning and I couldnt get to her.  Everynight was a nightmare.

Finally one night before I lay down.  I prayed. I prayed that God would take these dreams from me because I just couldnt deal with them anymore.  These dreams had been going on for about six months.

all of a sudden, the room turned a brilliant white, and in the distance I saw my son.  He looked to be about 15. He had black hair like his father, he sort of floated to me.  He didnt open his mouth but he said to me, "Mother I know why you did what you did, dont worry about me because I am with the Lord and I will see you when you get to heaven."

He hugged me and he left.  I'll never forget it.  It really happened and I decided now to share it with the world.

I havent had a nightmare since.


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