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The story behind the song #1

Updated on April 29, 2016
Publicity photo for "We all accepted Jesus "
Publicity photo for "We all accepted Jesus "

We all accepted Jesus- The story behind the song

This is the Promo picture for "We all accepted Jesus". It is one of my favorites! I even made a Kareoke video so you can sing along.

When I was growing up baptisms were held at the river, lake, ocean--what ever body of water was close by. What a day of rejoicing that always was! Just about the whole community would show up to be sure the bad boy or girl who came forward at the last Revival meeting was really serious and continued all the way into the Ministers arms to be dunked.

Well, last summer we had the opportunity to spend a day in Paradise (thats a real town in California) out at The Lords Ranch for an afternoon of dinner under the big oak tree and music by several bands and then we all headed toward the creek in back for a bunch of folks who had been waiting for the day to climb down into the water and come up with the Holy Spirit!

And as you can see, a song was born!

Sing along, you will love it!

Baptism in the brook!


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