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The struggles of our faith in these present days.

Updated on November 30, 2016

I will be able to overcome with God.

My parents sent me to an Adventist Academy in a remote place called Dumingag. It is about two hours away from home. I was not excited about the idea. I was enrolled and I was placed in a dormitory for girls. I do not have any expectations at all.

I came to the Academy with my brothers. I do not have any friends at first but I made friends hours later. I learned that we have our dormitory dean that leads our morning and evening devotionals. We studied the bible daily. One chapter a day. It was all good.

We had our week of prayer I think twice a year and it was an activity where I can really feel the presence of God. I felt it every time I pray. I felt that I was like talking to a father. I felt that my prayers go up up up in the heavens.

I graduated and moved back to our town. I enrolled in a non-Adventist University.

I was growing spiritually and I can feel God's presence with me all the time.

My classmates know that I am unique. I do not eat unclean food based on the bible, I worship every Saturday, I do not engage in premarital sex, I do not watch movies at the cinemas and I do not go to clubs or discos.

I was always praying.

I took an exam. I prayed and I passed.

Whenever I am happy or I have problems, I always pray and God answers right away.

I started working and I got busy. I go to church and attend our services but I do it not because I want to connect with God but I just go because I want to spend time with my friends.

I forgot to communicate with God. I forgot how it feels to need God. I already have a work. I have a wonderful family. What else could I ask for? I have everything that I need.

I was totally lost...

Time passed and I moved to another work place. An Adventist School. There, I was little back with my faith but it was superficial and I myself know it.

I tried reconnecting to my God but failed.

At present, I married the most loving man in this whole wide world.

What I love about him? He knows we need to strengthen our relationship with God.

Oftentimes we remind each other to worship and pray. I felt God is working to fix our broken relationship. I am also working to reconnect with Him. I know nothing is impossible with God.

Satan works in mysterious ways too. It is not too obvious for us to see but we are distracted by the media, social media, video games, and so on. We busy ourselves with these useless things. And sadly, we forget to read our bible and pray.

Me and my husband went to church few minutes ago. We were blessed by the message. I know I am a struggling Christian but I am happy to know that God is still with me. I wouldn't have these feelings if the Spirit of God left me already. I am happy to know that God gave me time to review, renew and revive my spiritual well being.

If you are at the same page as I? Never give up. Never lose hope. Never lose faith.

We will overcome.

What we can do about it

1. Technology is not our enemy. Use them for the furtherance of God's work.

2. Spend more time reading the bible.

3. Pray. Though you feel disconnected with God, continue to pray and you will feel God's presence in God's own time.

4. Never give in. Our loneliness causes us to dive into something that could distract us. Open the bible and pray.

5. Read books that can help us with our devotion to God.

Our blessed Hope

Time is coming real soon. The God of heavens will come again.

It is time for us to renew our relationship with our God.

Let us all be revived and be ready.

I will never be too late to repent. You will never be too late to repent.

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