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The Symbolic use of Colors in Praise and Worship

Updated on June 20, 2019
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Arletia Mayfield shares tips and insights for full-time RV living and the missionary lifestyle.

Creative Worship Arts Ministers use Colorful Flags and Garments to Dance, Praise, Pray and Worship God

Colorful Praise Flags
Colorful Praise Flags

Introduction to the Meaning of Colors in Creative Worship Arts Ministries

Many aspects of creative, worship arts ministries are symbolic, interpretive, prophetic. or revelatory. These may be foreign concepts to some people and even a bit strange if if you never experienced these gifts and talents at work in your church. Nevertheless, the Bible is filled with symbolism, interpretation, prophecy and revelation. The wonderful thing is believers have been given access to the mysteries of God. However, it is up to us to seek and ask God for understanding. If we ignore it all as foolishness, we will miss a lot of what is available to us through the Holy Spirit.

Hopefully, the information shared here about how scripture gives meaning to colors that are used in the Bible will help creative, worship arts ministers become more intentional in their choice of garments and colors for ministry; and spectators might learn how to experience God through His Holy Word and the symbolism expressed through creative worship arts ministries.

Interpreting Sound, Movement and Color in the Creative Worship Arts Ministries

A basic search for colors used in the Bible is fairly easy to accomplish with online search tools. However, further study and understanding of the Word of God is necessary to interpret the scriptures to reveal deeper revelation, mysteries and patterns.

A standard bearer or dance minister that has spent time in Bible study, prayer and meditating on God's Word, may receive a prophetic revelation that leads to choosing a color or a combination of colors to use in worship. Interpretations may come through observers that witness the creative worship and are reminded of a scripture or receive a revelation based on scripture.

When dance ministers and standard bearers select the color of their garments and flags intentionally and purposefully by choosing them prayerfully and according to the pattern established in the Holy Scriptures, they can symbolically speak the language of the Kingdom of God without using words.

When colors and worship instruments are deliberately chosen, some people can see beyond the beauty of the creative arts ministries. It's kind of like the difference between simply having a Bible in your home verses reading and studying it to find out the deeper meaning of the symbolism that lies under the surface.

Revelations and interpretations can come through color, sound and movement. The example below demonstrates how sound, movement and color can be interpreted by the Word of God.


The sound a flag makes when a standard bearer waves it may bring a scripture to mind like Ezekiel 1:24 ESV.

And when they went, I heard the sound of their wings like the sound of many waters, like the sound of the Almighty, a sound of tumult like the sound of an army. When they stood still, they let down their wings.

The movement of a flag may remind you of the wave offering in the Old Testament that may cause you to praise God by waving flags or your arms. Exodus 29:24, 26, 27; Leviticus 7:20-34; 8:27; 9:21; 10:14, 15)

The red color of a flag or garment may remind you of the blood Jesus Christ shed for you on the cross, causing you to be cry tears of joy.

Biblical References for Colors

The list below is not a comprehensive list of colors in the Bible, but it does provide enough scripture that can give meaning to the biblical, interpretive and prophetic use of colors in creative worship arts ministries. The colors are listed alphabetically.

BLACK: sin (Job 6:15-16), disease (Job 30:30), famine (Lamentations 4:8, 5:10, Revelation 6:5-6) death (Jude 1:12-13), sorrow (Jeremiah 8:21), judgment (Jeremiah 14:2; Leviticus 13:37, Job 3:5)

BLUE: heavenly (Exodus 24:10, Ezekiel 1:26, 10:1) priestly garment (Exodus 28:31, Esther 8:15) chastisement (Proverbs 20:30) Also used to represent revelation, peace, eternity, truth, royalty, grace, mercy.

GOLD: God’s divine nature, glory, majesty & kingdom (Exodus 28:36, Psalm 11:4; 21:3; 199:72)

GRAY: old age (Genesis 42:38, Deuteronomy 32:25, 1 Samuel 12:2, Job 15:10, Psalm 71:18) beauty of old age (Proverbs 20:29) weakness (Hosea 7:9) ash – worthless (Genesis 18:27, Job 30:19) destruction (Exodus 9:10, Ezekiel 28:18, Malachi 4:3, 2 Peter 2:6) purification (Numbers 19:17) sorrow (2 Samuel 13:19) mourning (Esther4:3, Jeremiah 6:26) repentance (Job 42:6, Matthew 11:21) scattered (Psalm 147:16)

GREEN: rest (Psalm 23:2) life (Isaiah 15:6, Psalm 23:2, Ezekiel 17:24, Luke 23:31) growth (Ezekiel 17:24) fruitful (Jeremiah 11:16, 17:8, Hosea 14:8, Luke 23:31) fresh/undefiled (Song of Solomon 1:16, Luke 23:31) maturity (Job 15:31-32) frailty (Psalm 37:2) Also used to represent new beginnings, harvest, abundance and prosperity.

PURPLE: royalty (Judges 8:26) riches (Revelation 18:16, Luke 16:19) corruption of riches (Revelation 17:4) Also used to represent authority, power, dominion, God’s Holy temple and God’s Kingdom.

RAINBOW: God’s promises (Genesis 9:12-13) Radiance of God (Ezekiel 1:28, Revelation 4:3; 10:1)

RED: war (2 Kings 3:22, Nahum 2:3) vengeance (Isaiah 63:2) temptation (Proverbs 23:31) winepress – God’s wrath (Revelation 14:19-20) Also used to represent the blood of Jesus, Fire, Love & Passion.

SILVER: truth (Psalm 12:6) Also used to represent redemption, Word of God, God’s wisdom & refining process.

WHITE: purity, refinement, unblemished, righteousness, heavenly (Psalm 51:7, Ecclesiastes 9:8, Daniel 7:9; 11:35; 12:10, Matthew 17:2, Mark 9:3, Luke 9:29, John 20:12, Acts 1:10, Revelation 3:4-5; 18; 4:4; 6:11;7:9; 13-14) victory (Revelation 6:2: 19:11;14) angelic (Mark 16:5) Also used to represent cleansing and holiness.

Gold represents God's Glory, Majesty and Kingdom

Child Standard Bearer
Child Standard Bearer


To the Creative Worship Arts Minister

After studying the scriptures associated with colors, allow Holy Spirit to guide you in the selection of the colors you choose for garments and flags when ministering in through the creative worship arts. Remember, worship it isn't about entertaining people. It is about awakening their spirits to the presence of the Holy One. When your interraction with God is the focus, your worship becomes a testimony. God becomes the center of attention - not you. That is real ministry. Otherwise, it's just entertainment. Transform your worship by trying this: Instead of looking at the people as your audience, look at them as witnesses to the intimacy available with God through Jesus Christ. Always direct your worship toward the only one that is worthy to be worshipped.

To the Spectator

I pray that something here helps you understand what you are seeing or experiencing in a church where the creative arts is used as an expression of worship. Remember, God is creative and He expresses His creativity through His creation. Every good gift is from God above and they are given to worship Him. Let everything that has breadth worship the Lord!


© 2019 Arletia Mayfield


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