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Why You Should Hate Lies

Updated on April 10, 2019
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We live in times when people have lost the value of truth. Mankind are living according to the system without questioning if its right/wrong

How we accept lies.

Lies is the result of truth which has been manipulated/changed. Many people have accepted lies and embraced it for it seems better than the truth, but for some reason they hate it also. The people are given what they want and those who are able to give them what they want, do not care and grows all the wealthier and richer.

Therefore, through the vast acceptance of lies by the people, they are the ones who create chains of slavery and bondage and keep themselves in it. Thus it provides the elite the opportunity to manipulate the truth and to influence and control the people in very clever and crafty ways, ways in which many will surely accept and conform.

When we mentally travel to the past through the books written by men and women many years ago, we discover something intriguing. There were 'elites' also in the ancient times who ruled over the majority, which is very unusual. For as we know majority rules over the minority. But in this case the minority ruled over the majority. Thus it is also in modern times.

How does the elite (minority) rule? answer, through their vast wealth and power, they are able to influence all the countries and governments of the world by acting upon the strong desires for wealth and riches in the people. And so, they are able to dictate the course of the world. So it is the people who give them the power, authority and makes them even more wealthier.Thus the truth becomes manipulated.

Why you should hate lies

Here's why you should hate lies:

  • Lies through deception are the chains which put humanity in poverty.
  • It destroys marriages and relationships. Many men and women whose marriages have been broken can testify that either his/her partner was lying to them. In other relationships like friendships, people who became friends on the basis of pretense or not end because of lying, dishonesty and lack of transparency with one another. Honest and open communication is the key ingredient to trust, and any marriage relies on complete trust to survive
  • With it comes punishment at its right hand. From the beginning of time, liars have been severely punished and encountered a lot of troubles. Even today in these modern times, when your child lies to you and you perceive that he/she is lying to you, you punish him/her, so as to teach the value of truth.
  • Sucks love in mankind like a leach and transmits hatred.
  • Can damage us emotionally and mentally.
  • Can lead to anxiety and isolation. If a man or woman lies, he/she will worry about being caught, therefore it can lead to feelings of panic. It can be incredibly isolating when you keep a constant running list of who knows what and what you said to whom.
  • Deprives happiness and trust. When telling lies, you create trust issues with yourself, and with others therefore the result will be lack of joy and happiness.
  • Creates insecurity. Trust and safety go hand-in-hand, the effect of telling lies over time is that it gives a deep sense of fear and insecurity that permeates all of our relationships either marriage, friendship or in workplace.

Why do people lie?

  • In order to get what they want from you. Most people pretend to be your friend because they want something you have.
  • Sometimes to protect themselves or someone.
  • Mainly because of fear of punishment.
  • To hide the wrong things which they have done. example; stealing.
  • To escape potential troubles/problems.
  • So as to appear cool when with friends, co-workers and so on.
  • To hide their inner fear, worries and anxiety.
  • For acceptance.
  • Fear of telling the truth.
  • Because of selfish reasons. Some people tell lies in order to be recognized and to win admiration from others.

Strong is the deception of this dark substance (lies) that a man perceives:

  1. That what he does is right and yet it is wrong.
  2. He is wise and yet he is foolish.

Why truth is the most advocated.

Knowledge of the truth is where wealth and riches occupy. In it there is freedom, abundance, joy, pleasures and everything we could ever want or need. But due to the ongoing stubbornness, stony hearts and refusal of mankind accepting the truth, the following are the reasons as to why it is advocated.

  • It is universal. From centuries to centuries it has always governed everything with authority. It has never changed nor took another form but it has always been the same.
  • It is loved and appreciated by all.
  • It enables us to see the world as it is without prejudice.
  • Enables us to act according to true moral dictum.
  • Truth in its nature is sweet. Gives life, strengthens the bonds i a relationship or marriage. But depending on every individual it can either bitter or sweet. For we mankind have the free will to accept it or deny it.
  • It attracts the right people in our lives.

More about the truth.

Life is indeed a constant battle between illumination and ignorance, light and darkness, truth and lies, freedom and slavery.

The truth is simple. It is what we do, hear and see but we ignore and do not acknowledge it. The following are some of the reasons why truth is manipulated.

  1. So as to keep the masses in slavery and bondage, so that men and women may have control and authority over their fellow mankind. so that men and women may die and go to hell.
  2. To make men belief they are free and yet in truth they are in captivity.
  3. Truth manipulated affects how we think and see. For example: A woman shaves her natural eyebrows and takes a pencil and re-creates her eyebrows and says to herself, " I am beautiful." Through such a statement, the truth that we have been deceived and lied to is revealed.


Without understanding the stronger the chains of ignorance become. People protests and create 'freedom movements', saying " We want freedom, we want freedom", and if asked what freedom is they say, "Freedom of speech, freedom of movement" and so on, of which they are right. But men do not fully understand what freedom means in the light of truth.

© 2019 Stanley Masiga


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