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The underground ministry…Deliverance from Demonic possession. Part 5 "Those who are set free are free indeed"

Updated on December 3, 2010

The last three years Nevada has been our home but now we were feeling God moving us back to Michigan. That meant saying goodbye to Tina, John, Ruth, Cindy and all the family members of each family. Not only saying good bye to them I had to do a very hard thing and that was to say good bye to my kids and grandbabies.

At this time in Tina’s life things were going really good. She broke up with the man that was abusing her, found another man that treated her like a queen, the way she had always wanted to be treated. She told me a few times that she didn’t know how to respond to John and his kindness because she was not use to it. I kept telling her if we honor God he would give us the desires of our heart. The top desire for Tina was to have a husband that loved God and would serve him with her. She was asking for a Godly man. John was a very good man to her, he loved her, cherished her, treated her like a queen but one slight flaw he was not serving God (yet). So we kept praying for his salvation. In the meanwhile Tina’s sexual habits had not changed.

At this point I again was believing God had set her free from all demonic activity. Cindy would say to me that she felt there was still something there because Tina’s sexual activities were so strong. At first I was telling Cindy that Tina now needed to crucify her fleshly desires but the activity was something that she liked and didn’t really want to give it up. We would remind Tina that she was willfully disobeying God and that would come with major consequences. I also told Cindy that if indeed there was still something there that in time God would revile it.

Cindy had mention at one point she had spoke to a man that had been involved in the occult at one time but since is now serving God. He had mention a few demons to Cindy he had ran across at one point in his ministry. They were the spirits of Baal, Ashtoreth, Molech. So with this information I started doing some research on them. God lead me to the spirit of Astaroth. Astaroth and Baal were the chief goddess and god of the Phoenicians, Moabites, Philistines, and Zidonians.
The variant Ashtaroth is used for the goddess, including the following examples:

Judges 2:13 "And they forsook the LORD, and served Baal and Ashtaroth"

Judges 10:6 "And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the LORD, and served Baalim, and Ashtaroth..."

1 Samuel 7:3 "And Samuel spake unto all the house of Israel, saying, If ye do return unto the LORD with all your hearts, then put away the strange gods and Ashtaroth from among you...

The KJV and some other English translations have often translated Asherah

as 'groves', simply because the translators of the time did not understand what an asherah was. Ashtaroth is the goddess of fertility. (This information was found on

With this information God started taking my mind back to a prayer session that we had with Tina. If you can remember I said in hub 4 to remember the statement the demon said. “He’d better worship me” Well that was the spirit of Ashtaroth, at that time I did not know of this spirit. Ashtaroth was a goddess and people worshiped her. God started putting the puzzle together for me and reaffirmed to me that Tina still needed prayer.

Five or six months has passed since our last prayer session with Tina. Our only contact at this point was the phone with just friendly talk. We have grown so close to Tina and her family that they have become like family members to us. So we have never lost touch with them. Tina, Ruth and John had come to Nevada to say goodbye to us before we moved to Michigan. As we were visiting Tina asked me to tell John about her experience of possession. She was convinced that if she told anyone about her deliverance the people she told would have nothing to do with her so she was scared that John would leave her. That was not the case with John, he heard her story and still told her he loved her and it did not change how he felt for her.

As I was telling this story I kept my eyes on Tina and seeing how she was responding to the deliverance testimony. Tina was fidgety, she couldn’t keep still. After I was done I asked my husband and John if they would step out side because I wanted to talk to Tina and pray for her. If my suspicions were right then there would be some kind of manifestation and at this time John was not a Christian and I didn’t want him to be around. Tina gets up off my couch and walks over to a counter and lowers her head and says, “I’m getting angry” now mind you at this point no prayer, nothing was done to upset the demons but only talking about God’s deliverance power. I asked her to look at me and tell me why she was angry. She turned her head and her eyes were glaring at me and I said, “Don’t you look at me that way” I knew it wasn’t Tina. So I had her sit down by Ruth and I and we started praying for her. I came against the spirit of Ashtaroth and as I did Tina’s head started twitching as it would do before manifestation. I ended the prayer because I felt that was not the time for deliverance. I needed to sit down with Tina and John and speak to them about how I chose my battles and this battle was not one I was going to fight if they were going to continue in there premarital sex. They listened but nothing more was done. Ruth came up to me and asked me what I thought. I told her that I believe the spirit of Ashtaroth was there and she needed to make some changes in her life before I would fight this battle. She understood.

We are now in Michigan and I get a phone call from Tina who was not happy at all. She went on telling me of a situation that just happened and she had no control then asked me if she still had another demon. I told her “Yes I do believe you do” and told her who I thought it was. Well from that point on all hell broke loose because the spirit was found out. That night I called Tina back and as I was talking I knew it was not Tina talking. In the room was Tina, John, and Ruth. The phone was on speaker and I was able to lead John to the Lord that night. Tina was sitting next to John at this point but as soon as John started asking God to forgive him Tina gets up and moves to another chair and starts yelling and condemning John, needless to say that demon started manifesting and broke a chair and starting running away from my voice (on the phone) and Ruth, and John. John runs after her and grabs her they fall to the floor, he held her there while Ruth demanded the spirit to give a name in Jesus name. Well low and be hold it was the spirit of Ashtaroth. Finally the spirit went down and Tina was able to respond. That night they all agreed to make a trip to Michigan for prayer. The trip was long, the spirit wasn’t going to stay silent so they had to make a few more stop then they wanted to get Tina back into focus. They made it to my home in Michigan and the next night we were going to call in my prayer warriors and get this spirit out.

The night began with the spirit already manifesting and had been manifesting for about an hour. We started out by all examining our hearts. I had asked John while we were all praying to be ready for her to run. I had asked one of the prayer warrior to cover all with the blood of Jesus and as she opened her mouth to pray Tina stands up screaming and runs right past me knocking me to the floor. But there was John right on her tail again grabs her and on the floor they went. Tina is now cussing and screaming at us all. Towards the end I had John renounce his unhealthy soul tie to Tina and asked God to make it new and that it would bring glory to him, Ashtaroth did not like that one bit and again started condemning John. John started repeating the scripture, “Therefore there is now no condemnation” and that spirit had to shut up. Since John and Tina were planning on getting married John would be Tina’s spiritual head so I had John repeat my word and he took the authority that God had given him and started demanding the demon to leave in Jesus name. The spirit did leave and that was the shortest prayer session we ever had with Tina. Now with this new freedom in Christ Tina is working on the renewal of her mind.

That was a blessed time in God to see her being set free and being involved with Johns salvation and not only that the two decided to take away all of Satan’s tricks for them with premarital sex and get married that weekend. The sad part was that her father was not able to be there but they are planning on doing it again in Feb so her/his family and friends can be there. If I am not mistaken I believe they pulled off a beautiful wedding for only five hundred dollars. That included her beautiful wedding ring set, the marriage license, her never before worn wedding dress that we found at a second hand store, flowers, and the paying of the minister. What a miracle!!

They got there on Friday and left on Sunday. We seen God move in a mighty way. I give him ALL glory and honor and praise.

The End



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