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The vedic meaning of gravity

Updated on July 30, 2009

Very often, we are instructed by scriptures, saints and family members that we must love God. They tell us that God should be the object of our love. However, we cannot force ourselves to love God,can we? Love for God must develop naturally within our hearts and it must be spontaneous. Let us look at scientific phenomena to help us understand this better.

Isaac Newton described the law of gravity in scientific terms, but gravity has been defined differently by our Rishis. The scriptures say that gravity is applied when a small object is attracted to a larger object from which it is derive d. As the small object is derived from the larger object, it has the same characteristicthe larger object, but on a smaller scale. Therefore,when a rock is thrown into the air, it returns to earth because it has emerged from, and is a part of, the earth. Similarly a flame always burns upwards, because it is derived from the sun and therefore has the same characteristics as the sun.

The larger object is known as the ‘anshi’ and the smaller object is called the ‘ansh’. The ocean is the anshi and the drops of water are the ansh. When it rains, the drops of water fall and finally flow into the ocean because of the attraction between the ansh and the anshi. This attraction=2 0between ansh and anshi is described in our scriptures as ¡bhakti¢.

Though we may not realize it, we are on a natural journey towards loving God. Many people spend their lives searching for truth, for knowledge, for happiness. These qualities of truth, knowledge and happiness are associated with God. In the scriptures God is described as ¡sat-chit-ananda¢ , truth-knowledge- happiness. We have a natural love for truth, knowledge and happiness, and therefore strive to achieve these. This is nothing but bhakti for God.

God is the anshi and the individual soul is the ansh. Our natural tendency is to return to God, where we came from. We always strive for the best things in life. This is because in essence, we are a part of the Supreme God and therefore it is in our nature to want the best.

When realized masters see people performing bad deeds, they understand that these people have forgotten their true nature. Hence, they do not get angry, but they bless these people with the hope that they will understand and realise their true nature.

May we also realise our true nature and become one with Him.


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