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The voices of life

Updated on October 15, 2013

Quiet thunderings

There are so many voices in this world, so many voices in our minds and hearts. Which ones do we listen to? There are so many sounds, noises, echoes, what needs to be heard? What needs to be dispelled?

There are voices that encourage, and their are voices that tear down. Whether it's our own inner voices, or the voices of others. We choose what we listen to. We may have to hear, but we don't have to listen to the negative voices. Internal, or external, we don't have to allow the voices of pain and anguish to enter our souls.

We all have our own internal voices that help us, or hinder us. If a voice says Great Job! Go on! Move forward! It's worthy of our attention. If it's a voice that says, you blew it again. You will never succeed. You just can't do it. That voice needs to be stopped. That is a voice that we may indeed hear, but we must refuse to listen to.

The voices of our family, friends, or even coworkers may sometimes be encouraging. Listen up! If they tell you things that lift your spirit. Even constructive criticism if it is in kindness we should listen to. But if it's someone telling us we are bad, that we don't measure up. Kick it to the curb. Let the sound waves vibrate your eardrum, but don't let it sink into your mind.

On a personal note, I hear real voices. Some kind, some hurtful, some random. Mainly I think it's an echo of my own personal thoughts displaying themselves in creative ways. I think many times my hallucinations as they are labeled by doctors are just my brains way of trying to sort things out. Some are memories, some are thoughts, some are just echoes of the world. Either way, it applies to me in a very real way, that some I accept and take to heart, and others are cast out.

Listen most importantly to God's voice. To me, God's voice is different. It's not like the others I hear. It is more like an intense thought that demands attention, yet soft and subtle at the same time. Always with a caring tone that speaks to the heart as well.

Always, Always listen to His voice. He will lead us into all truth.

God bless


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    • Mary Mahorney profile image

      Mary Mahorney 4 years ago from H'vegas TN

      Thank you. God bless you!

    • profile image

      Rayne123 4 years ago

      Beautiful hub and very informative.

      With the busy life, at times its hard to be at peace with your self and listen to that voice, his peaceful voice that brings serenity and a feeling of everything is all right.

      Thank you