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The world is relatively real and not absolutely real!

Updated on September 25, 2013

Truth and Facts!

Facts are not Truth!

"Cogito ergo sum" - I think, therefore I am " - Descartes has summed up the basic philosophy of existence. Hence 'thinking' lend our existence logically. The topic of the hub, "The world is relatively real' has been accepted in many philosophies of the East. Then a question arises, "What is absolutely real? As is evident from many scriptures, the "Absolute is nothing but the Atma or Self which is called God. The term 'absolute' refers to the permanent stature of Atma!.

The scriptures and Upanishads term God as "Sat Chit Ananda". This implies the ever existing Self which possess absolute knowledge and remain in everlasting Bliss! It is termed as the creator of the cosmos but it was self existing. It was there, It is here and it will remain forever. Time, space or causation does not bind the Self since all this thoughts emanated only after creation. Before the creation, there was absolutely "Nothing". This "Nothing" has profound meaning. There is no discernible form or quality or identification. Scientists aver that pure water is colorless and tasteless. Water is only a created element! Hence it is not difficult to understand about a formless power that was ever existing which has become all this!

Now coming to the term, "relatively real", we have to quote only Albert Einstein who has invented the famous theory of 'relativity'. His equation is valid only if there is an observer!E= MC2 holds good only if there is an observer. Otherwise this theory has no meaning at all. Every little thing in this world presupposes a witness. If there is nobody to witness anything in this world, the meaning of creation itself becomes void.

Hence, the creator has wisely made the human beings to search and know about him. Hence the world can be recognized only relatively. If there is something, it can be observed only by somebody else. We observe many things in the world and hence lend credence to them. Without our being there, the world itself looses its meaning. Hence it is emphasized that the world is only relatively real. In some of my previous hubs, i have dealt with the sense impressions and how they are conveyed to the brain through sense organs etc. Even if everything is in place, without a perceiving mind, every thing will become null and void!

We can find about this through our day to day experiences. When we are seriously absorbed in some work, even if some body call us, we won't hear. Why? The mind was preoccupied with the task at hand. You are watching TV. But your mind is reminiscing about a problem in the work place. Though your eyes are watching the TV, no impressions will be gathered due to the absent mind! Yes, the mind was absent during the TV program but it was active on thinking about some other problem. Hence it can be inferred that the mind is the vital link of the man with the world around him. If it is absent, nothing can be recognized. In the mental asylums, you can find many number of patients engrossed in their own thought processes oblivious of any new comers. Because their mind is not focused.Though one may be physically present but if he is mentally absent, he won't gather any impressions. Hence the world is only relatively real is validated since for every little thing or for every happening, there must be somebody to validate the impressions.

Now i take up the crux of the problem. Truth has become a misnomer. We all consider facts as Truths. But Truth should be always Truth irrespective of time, space and causation. Spiritualists aver that "Truth is God". Also God is One only. He can be accosted by any number of names. Likewise, there is only One Truth, There is no Indian Truth or American Truth or Russian Truth. For instance the Sun is always shining but it is visible only during part of a time or day time. During night, it recedes from our view since the earth is moving around its axis. But people talk about Sun as rising in the East and setting in the West. These are only relatively real facts and not True. We confuse facts which are subjected to time,space and causation! But Truth is absolute and it is not confined to the laws of the physical world. It represents the absolute God who is only one but accosted by many different names in different religions and languages!


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