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The Sword,The Word, And Prayer

Updated on September 26, 2011
Lord of the Word
Lord of the Word


What is the sword?

The bible speaks of the sword as the word of God. That the word is sharper than a two edged sword, able to sever even to flesh and bone, spirit and soul. (see Heb.4:12)

The word activates a severing of body (our flesh), spirit (our inner man), soul (our subjective man). If the body and soul are not severed and made to come under the authority of our spirit man they will rule; either individually or in tandem. Jesus broke this law through what was done on the cross – setting us free in our spirit – for us to reign in a proper state of being.

Knowledge not enough

In prayer the use of the word of God cannot be used effectively without our minds being prepared. Firstly need to know how to think in order to pray with power.

There is the necessity of having our minds renewed in Christ. So what does this mean for us?

Ø Mind on things of God. (Rom.8:5-15)

Ø Renewed mind. (Rom.12:2)

Ø New birth, living hope. (1Peter 1:3)

Ø Minds guarded. (Phil.4:6)

Ø Mind attitudes. (Eph.4:23-32 & 5 all)

We receive revelation through our spirit, so our mind must be set on the things of God.

Ø How do we practice this?

Ø Are there spiritual exercises to help accomplish this task?

Ø What does the word suggest for us to do?

Walking in the Spirit

Now after we gain understanding of how to have our minds set on Christ and the things of the Kingdom, we need an understanding of how the Holy Spirit works within us.

Holy Spirit does not make the decisions for us. We make our own decisions by activating our wills. We are not helpless hand-puppets on Gods’ hands. The Holy Spirit makes suggestions, gives revelation, inspires our direction, gives dreams and helps us to do the actions of God. But we make conscious decisions on how we listen or even how long it takes for us to act on his intervention. There seem to be conditions that he is very free to work in and there seem to be conditions that we can place ourselves in that deflect or even stop his work. We are the controlling part of God’s work in and through us.

Ø Why does God choose to do things this way?

God does not take control of us. If he did, all that Jesus has done through the cross is for nothing and has no merit. I believe that he does these things to help us to co-operate with him, trust him and have abandonment of self to his co-laboring with us. He did not create non-feeling, non-personalized, one celled creatures.

He created us to think, feel, act, interpret, accept, accomplish, initiate, his work in and through us. This then allows us to be free to exonerate him while the work is being accomplished. He gives us the tools, gifts, and helps train us, but also sets us apart to do the individual tasks at hand and in co-operation with others.

Ø So, what does this all have to do with the sword?

It’s the training that each of us must undergo to see his power released in us to fuller and fuller measure. Thinking first; knowing how to think with the mind of Christ, and discerning how to bring the actions of the Kingdom into play in our intercession. The soldier is not given a gun on his first day of soldiering and expected to understand how to do battle.

He will go through the exercises first; much training and then he will go to the firing range. Then when he has mastered the art of proper weapons handling will he be allowed to go to battle.

The Christian soldier will not be treated any differently. God will not ask of us what he is not willing to first put into us.

His Word Our Weapon

Before Jesus stepped out into his ministry he had an encounter with the devil. The tempter came with his words, but Jesus answered with the true and living word. Not only was it within him, he is the living WORD. The three temptations have to do with; 1) Body, 2) Soul and 3) Spirit. Seduction for submission to subjection.

Our faith has a number of exercises to go through.

1) Believing that God is who he says he is. (Heb.11:16)

2) Believing that Jesus is the way, truth, life. (Jn.14:6)

3) That the blood of Jesus has redeemed us, once for all mankind. (Heb.9:11-14)

4) Holy Spirit is given for each of us, to live in us and leads us into all truth.


5) To worship God in Spirit and in truth. (Jn.4:23-25)

God in Us

When David faced Goliath, he was a soldier in God’s eyes already. Why? Because he knew who God was and that this was God’s fight and that God would be the victor. His relationship with God was his strength, not his size, not his knowledge, not his family background, not whether he was rich or poor or went to the right schools etc. He knew God personally and had spent many hours with him while being the shepherd.

Our spending time with the great swordsman, Jesus and his counselor, The Holy Spirit will be the training we need to successfully wield the sword of God with great effect and power.

Holy Spirit is not a dictator; he is our companion, helper, advisor, counselor, friend, who desires to take us into all truth.

There is no division with him. How much of him we have will be reflected in how we reflect the glory of the Father. He in us will always seek to glorify the Father; will always try to show forth the fruit of righteousness.

We are the temple of God; so that means what we take in through our eyes, what we entertain with our minds will enter into the temple. What we allow enter will constitute how much of God’s glory resides within. Holiness and wholeness in the spirit are our choice.

God wants our all, but how much room we give to him becomes our choice. How abandoned we are to him will be demonstrated in how much glory shines out of us on a more consistent basis.

We speak, act, and pray with what we have built into the foundation set in our hearts. We decide on whether it’s God’s word, truth, spiritual experience, or our own stuff. How deep our roots go down will determine how well we withstand the storms and adversities of life.


1) Why is knowledge not enough?

2) What are some conditions that stop God’s work in us?

3) Does our training ever stop?

4) What did the three temptations have to deal with?

5) Would Jesus have to come into our temple and kick over a few things?


QUERY (From Handbook)

Praying the Sword

1) We need to experience this Powerful weapon working within us, then

we can see it transpire through intercession for others.

2) Read Eph. 4: 23-32 – 5

3) (a) Practice>mind influenced by our spirit through intuitive actions. You read the word, you meditate and listen to your intuitive nature and you pray out loud.

(b) Exercise>speak and pray out what your intuitive instinct is saying

often times with pictures.

(c) Suggestions>walk in the spirit.

Knowing how to think? Soldiers training.

Renewing of the mind. Rom.12:2.

Girding up the loins of your mind & called to holiness. I Peter 1:13-15.

Think on these things. Phil.4:8-9.

No more futility in your thinking. Ehp.4:17.

These things are no longer in you. Gal.5:19-21.

Put on the new man, renewed in knowledge.Col.3:5-10


His Word our Weapon

The three temptations: Wilderness experience

1)     Body> Seduction = food = know who you are

2)     Soul> Submission = making appeal = know your God

3)     Spirit> Subjection = serve me = know your destiny


Believing the Word


God in Us

David’s fight with Goliath?

Natural/supernatural/both? (Understanding = Discernment)

Anointing for future events is upon him.

Authority for the future, but what about now?

He comes to the battle sent by father and asks questions.

(Are there questions for us to ask before the battle?)

Comes before the King and given permission to fight. Importance; why?

Our permission to fight.

Fights in his comfort zone, not that of another. Why? Fighting with the weapons you are familiar with + faith in God and his intervention.

He is not afraid, speaks a Prophetic Word to the enemy.

What does he know about himself and about God?


Practice spending time> With Who?


Our choice> The temple, The glory…


Discuss Holy Spirit’s work within us, our individuality, and our choices.


Being unnaturally pressured is not of God.




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