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The Tree of Gnosis in the Garden of Eden

Updated on September 14, 2014

A new perspective in dream-state

Note from the author :The following article was published on The Eden Magazine.All rights are reserved by the author Katerina Kostaki.

The first step on the Spiritual Awakening process is to let yourself BECOME.

Become means to prepare and allow oneself to cross the Gate of the Unknown in pure Trust .

That is what I am exactly pointing out in my following hub.

What is worth mentioning is the fact this lens is not just a simple article-writing .

It's the outcome of a -one of the thousands-dream of mine.

It's pleasant to realize HubPages has given a new perspective to this dream state .

A markereuphrates -
Euphrates, Ιράκ
get directions

The Garden of Eden upon Earth and beyond

Possible locations upon the Earth Plane

  • Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (according to GenesiS

  • The Eden residence on Lebanon (according to Ezekiel)

  • In Africa

  • Dilmun (according to Sumerian Mythology)

  • Jackson County, Missouri (according to Mormons)

  • Beyond the Skies

Walking on the Path

I walked up enough to get to the front gate.

I could not even remember the starting point of this promenade nor how I got myself up there .

I was only heading to an unknown destination.

Miraculously, the gate was open, and I crossed it with increased curiosity.

A magnificent garden was unfolding before my eyes .

A common question!

Do you believe in the existence of the Garden of Eden (Paradise)

See results
Creative Commons Wikimedia
Creative Commons Wikimedia | Source

The arrival

In the far distance a male figure was distinguished , becoming more familiar to me as I was coming closer to it .

Indeed, the figure of a man with short brown hair and prescription glasses reminded me of George, a friend of mine , writer and historian in profession.

Intuitively, I recognized my spiritual (astral) teacher in this familiar face, who makes a habit of affiliating the facades from persons familiar to me , especially the one of intellectual George (who happened to be my advisor on how to present my books for a specific period of time).

The Apple Tree of Gnosis

He led me to a huge tree, an apple tree laden with red apples.

-How beautiful red apples, I exclaimed.

He shook his head with condescension.

Then he led me to the back side of the tree, but the picture was just the opposite.
The apples were yellow, shriveled and almost ailing .

-Look up those apples here!

I was confused.

He did not reply. His silence reminded me that it was time for my own spiritual research.

That incident was simply food for the thought.

Crossing the Path

We walked together along a narrow path and we reached a glade. The view was unique and absolutely magical!

On the right and left side of a sacred path huge trees were soaring high up to the sky.

The top of the trees, unknown how much high enough they were rising , were touching - better saying- embracing each other.

A soft wind was shaking the trees in an ethereal, magical dance.

I remained motionless, almost magnetized by the spectacle.

-Would you like to cross the path? He asked me.

What is the definition of the red and yellow apples?

The tree, the apple tree is the invaluable Gnosis/Knowledge.

It's fruit is unique, but forbidden.

The Apples of Eden are the gifts inherited to humans .

They are gifts offered to us to come to fruition upon the Tree of Knowledge.

They are our precious thoughts nourished by Love in order to bear fruit as Sacred Knowledge.

The back side carried also apples, but wilted and damaged apples.

Could it be two sides carrying with different grades of fruits on a single tree?

I think this applies to humans too.

All people have two sides, a positive and a negative one .

We think positive, but also think negative.

Our beautiful thoughts are alike juicy apples.

How many times have we create thoughts that look like the wrinkled apples on the dream tree?

Additionally ,how many times have we thought with love, compassion, and understanding?
(I hope those positive, heartfelt thoughts are not fewer than the negative ones...)

Trees of Heavens

We are people-trees. Our roots are hidden in Earth .The branches spread out on Heavens.
The fruits are our energy.

Two different energies: The positive and negative ones.

The balance of both carries the progress.

However we should not abandon the dark side. We cannot overlook the negative, dark side of us, existing for one simple reason: to show us how important the positive side is for us.

And how much important is to provide our society with healthy fruit -gifts .

The Path of Self-Realization

The road to Eden, the Higher Sphere of Gnosis/Knowledge and Self-Realization is a lonely path.

The thoughts, our creative children lead us accordingly to the emitted vibrations closer or far away to or from our Path , our destination.

Nevertheless, Eden abides within us, because it's our creation .We mold Eden using as material our positive thoughts.

The Magic , Inner Garden, our Eden is our world, we create around us.

It's depiction upon the physical reality is a creative action as well.

So ,would you like to cross the Path to the Heavens ?

The Gods of Eden

I was advised to read this book by a friend who knows how much interest I 've been showing in occult and mysteries.

In the beginning I was rather suspicious.

"Another conspiracy" theory book ,I thought.

If you love conspiracy theories,I am dreadfully sorry ,this is not the right book to read.

This books is full of Truths.

It's not a Religion nor a Political review book.

It's about the hidden mysteries,the raging wars over our heads and lives.

It's all about the hidden truths and the conventional reality .


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