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The inner peace

Updated on March 14, 2016

It is becoming increasingly evident that our lives have become "fussy" and stressful. Why? It seems that we are grasping way too much stimuli during the day. There is so much information to take in, products, knowledge, events... And it seems as if time was literally running and passing us by! Our attention is constantly focused on what is happening around us, as we try to put it all together into a meaningful, labeled, organized box and operate more efficiently.

At times it seems that we can no longer distinguish what is what, where is the beginning and where is the very end, what something is used for and why we do what we do. For example, you read some research or tips on healthy eating, and in the end, none of them is really applied. Or it is perhaps applied for several days until you find something that could be considered as "better" (faster and with less effort- a so called magic recipe) or, better yet, the above mentioned "perfect recipe" is being forwarded to others.

And then again, some time passes, until the next "perfect recipe" is discovered. We are going around in circles. This will never bring genuine and long-term satisfaction and peace. If you continue to seek out for what you need for happiness, health and satisfaction, you can search infinitely and never find it, for you are focusing on the external sources, not the internal ones. Perhaps you do experience brief moments of joy and happiness, but they are not long lasting, as I have said, and the intensity of the same eventually and gradually lowers.

But, that IS a part of the journey to your inner self. In this way, we discover who we are in relation to all the "things" that are around us. And that is a part of a meaningful discovery. This does not mean that "external things" are not necessary, we just have to find the right relationship between "internal" and "external" world.

Sometimes it happens that, in a particular moment, everything around us seems alright. We even have and have obtained what we have always wanted, and still do not feel peace, contentment and fulfillment.

Around you- peace, inside of you- discomfort. Then a big question mark appears.

Then you begin to realize that it is not the external "things" than happiness is all about. It then opens up the possibility to turn your perception inward and to begin to explore the inner world and to observe the relationship between "internal" and "external".

We begin to observe other people, only to realize that those who seem to "have it all" do not necessarily feel peace and contentment.

Then we look at world, the bigger picture, and think about whether there was ever, in the history of time, a period when everything was at peace, and everyone was happy, the system functioned perfectly and everything was harmonious. It looks like such thing never existed. Of course, on a global level, there have been times of great turmoil and chaos, and somewhat quieter periods as well. But then again, during the chaos and unrest some people actually lived very well and prospered. Yes, for some, it has even been a very fruitful period. It depends on which part of the planet they were and how they managed in these changes.


But, there was always happy and unhappy people, no matter what was going on "in the outside world". And in fact, all the people were happy and unhappy at some point in life.

And then we finally realize that the catch is in what is happening within us and in the way we perceive "peace" and "discomfort" around us.

The solution is to turn inward and begin to explore what it is that we keep on feeding, be it happy or the unhappy part. Do not waste much time looking outside yourself or blaming others, but look for the inner sense of what it is that raises or lowers the level of your energy, happiness and satisfaction. It does not mean that we should not seek for some outside help, but only that we have to be aware of and participate actively in our own process of transformation. If we want to be authentic and independent creators of our own experience, we must participate in life at all of its levels.

Once you do achieve inner peace, life and the world will be peaceful, despite everything that is happening around you.

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama's Little Book of Inner Peace: The Essential Life and Teachings

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