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Theophilos means "Friend of God"

Updated on March 8, 2014

Let's Reproduce After His Kind

The word friend is a meaningful title to give another person. To say that one is a friend is to crown them with a special honor. The Greek term Theophilos is a compound term consisting of two words Theo and Philos.

The Greek word Theo means God, and Philos means friend. If you put them together the term Theophilos comes into manifestation. The truth it spells out is the way God loves us, that we love others too. The translation means friend of God or God kind of friend; and the love expressed is called Phileos. The Greek term Phileos is the love we have for friends or love of friends. and is given to a companion, associate and someone dear.

Phileos is a height and depth of love towards another person deemed a friend. It is supernatural and beyond natural comprehension. The Greek root word philos is also where the word philosophy comes from.

The role of this kind of friend is only operational in conjunction with God. It is successful if God rules and reigns over it. The supreme example of friendship with God is seen throughout the New Testament, and involves Jesus and His disciples. He told them that they were His friends, if they did what He commanded them, if being a qualifier. This is true for us as well, in order for us to reproduce after His kind.

Crown of Honor

I crown the Godhead, the Honorable Heavenly Father, the Honorable Lord Jesus Christ and the Honorable Holy Spirit. You have crowned us with new life and new hope.

In John 17, Jesus is praying to the Father and says, they have kept Your word, talking about His disciples. In other words, my friends have kept Your words. This was an honorable thing, we know Jesus can be a friend, and the honor He bestowed on His disciples was a crown of honor, these are my friends.

In this chapter, not only did He attribute honor for His friends, but the Father also. Jesus calls the Father, Holy Father and Righteous Father and teaches us to call Him our Father. He always makes the Father honorable, worthy of esteem, and honor.

This friendship was likened to putting a crown on their heads which shimmered excellence and honor. Can you see the friendship Jesus has with the disciples? Jesus is a friend in need. Even after the great sacrifice He had made, He never forgot His friends. Before He went back home to be re-united with the Father, He dropped in to make sure all was well with His friends. O what a love! Jesus Christ truly is the most loved and beloved in this world. There is not a man/woman who is loved by the Father and masses more than Jesus Christ. To know Him is to love Him and is the best decision we can ever make.

I must ask myself can I be a friend when I am needed? Can I look beyond faults to see and acknowledge a need, rather than placing emphasis on their shortcomings, or magnifying their failures. This what Jesus did in this relationship with His friend Peter, who had denied ever knowing Him three times, yet it never waned His love for him.

What a challenge! Can I edify another in times of despair? Even if I know that I may be directly affected by what is happening to them or a decision they may make concerning me. Do I wear lofty and high looks, or do I respond meekly and lowly in heart, as Jesus would with much compassion. Jesus sits high but He looks low and is touched by the feelings of all our infirmities and weaknesses. Will I bear the infirmities of the weak, considering myself lest I too be tempted?

Jesus encountered His friend the Apostle Peter after the resurrection, and asked him if he loved him three different times. The Apostle replies, yes, Lord I love You and You know all things, so You know that I love You. This inquiry was a defining moment for him and a challenge. In essence the Apostle was saying, yes, I philos you, you are my friend and I love You. Feed my lamb and sheep Jesus responded and we know that the Apostle Peter went on to do that and His words are still feeding lambs and sheep today.

The Rod and Staff Comfort us

Spare the rod and spoil the child, the Word of God is our rod, and staff. It corrects us then leads us into straight paths. The rod of correction may make us uncomfortable, but it is for our ultimate good. Just say ouch, hear and receive the counsel it provides.

Theophilos is God bestowing and crowning a friendship and relationship with honor. This is why friendships under the umbrella of God are always prosperous.

I was walking through some stormy weather, and it got very dark and gloomy, in the midst of the storm arose tempestuous winds. The circumstances knocked me down pretty low. For a while I had a temporary lapse of memory and wondered whether Jesus would even fix His eyes to look so low. But He was there as He promised. I even failed to remember when I reached that place of dread, that I could hope in Him and learn to trust Him even more. I couldn’t go any further on my own strength or of myself. In retrospect I missed a pivotal point the Word of God was to teach me.

A missed opportunity doesn't negate the leadership of His staff. He is the good Shepherd and He always has His staff. Through it all I could hear Him saying, come on, I will take you through, don’t give up, don’t faint now, I am here and I love you. I was no longer walking because I had no strength, He was carrying me through the storm and peace had to be still and obey His voice; and the tempestuous winds ceased. His words were like embracing arms of comfort protecting me, and not rejecting me.

I have absolutely concluded that Jesus is a friend indeed, and a friend in need. Without a doubt this is the type of friend I desire to be. A carbon copy, I want the essence of His character poured into my heart and life; and every thing contrary to His character emptied out. Unless the fruits that reproduce after His kind are evident, I can’t call myself a friend or label a relationship, friendship. The term is special and friendship is a bond. The basis of every type of bond we establish must have God as the foundation. Unless the Lord build the house, those who labor, will labor in vain.

. (John 15:12-14) This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

We are commanded by Jesus to love one another, as He has loved us. It isn't really optional if we choose obedience. What man is there who would lay down His life for friends? This love began with Jesus. Jesus told His disciples that they were His friends; if they did what He commanded them, love one another.

Love is a command that we cannot ignore for any reason. We cannot tell others that they are our friends if they do what we command them, it doesn’t speak the same truth as when Jesus spoke it. Friendship with Jesus may appear to be conditional but, it shouldn't be, if we are truly serious about reproducing after His kind of friendship, we will obey this command.

If we are serious about friendship with others we will obey this command, in it lies the greater love. If you have received His love it will only reproduce after His kind, which is unconditional, and It translates into Agape, the highest form of love. The whole point is to receive the love He has, so that we can love one another, as He loves us, which is unconditionally. The chances of any bond we desire to establish working and functioning has to be based on belief in God’s love. Every relationship that was, is and ever shall be, is dependent upon God for absolute success. To leave God out of any bonding equation is to welcome defeat. Beloved, let us reproduce after His kind of love,


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Mabel, I join you in this prayer: "I want the essence of His character poured into my heart and life; and every thing contrary to His character emptied out." Thank you for sharing your insight on friendship with Jesus. Blessings!