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Why You'll Have to Embrace Hard Times.

Updated on January 11, 2020

Open Your Eyes and See the Hidden Lessons.

Stand out by embracing your hard times lessons.
Stand out by embracing your hard times lessons.

How would I have known that everything was working for my good if I had decided to lament and curse God for leaving me in such times that I needed Him? Who would have believed then, that my retrenchment was actually a set up for my bigger breakthrough? Everything was now making sense to me.


The Experience

Like the rushing of a mighty wind, the voice of my caller kept ringing in my mind as I tried to ingest every bit of word he had uttered to me. My bones were frail and shaking, my eyes voluntarily became wet with tears as my lips shook terribly as a frail twig helplessly shakes in the midst of a rising wind storm. I was weak.

How was I going to accept this news, how was I even going to live in the understanding that my only reliable source of income was now just but a sweet memory of the past. What had I done to be the one on the receiving end of this retrenchment programme in my now former company? I was lost in endless rhetoric questions as I tried to gain a little control of myself. My once admirable life was now only a skeleton of it former self. It was a bitter pill to swallow but the glaring reality I had to face.

What Next?

By now your superb memories must have taken you back to a moment you experienced exactly what I went through or a different mettle of heartbreaking news that gave you the same devastating experience and left you wondering how to come out of it and/or survive to tell the story someday in future. You would consider following these three steps below.

1. Open Up to Someone.

Well, immediately after shading all the tears I could manage to let go at the moment,and cursing in all the languages I could master, I came out to face my world. I first approached my wife and talked in black and white about how events had unfolded. She became devastated too, but we had to move on.

We managed to come up with a budget and planned for every cent we could lay our eyes on at the moment. I started rebuilding myself, going around and asking for jobs I could do, white collar or otherwise. It was tough but it was until I got some casual job as a foreman in a construction site that I got to understand that I was out there for a reason.

2. Understand That Everything Happens for a Reason and Look for That Reason.

Now one early morning I set out for the building site which was now my new work station. I was busy organizing tools and distributing them among workers as I prepared a work plan for the day when an epileptic young man suddenly got a seizure and fell down heavily injuring himself badly in the process. Being a doctor (sorry I didn't mention I was one before) I swung into action to help the poor young man who was now unconscious and bleeding profusely.

After administering the necessary first aid, I offered to rush him to hospital for further treatment as he had sustained some serious injuries during the fall. Our case was treated with the urgency it required immediately we arrived at the hospital.After a few check up, it was deduced that blood be sourced for as he needed to be added some.

As fate would have it, I was a universal donor and the best fit to offer some blood for him, I agreed and thanks to God the young man got well and was discharged. By now a picture of why I was everywhere I was after losing my job started making sense.

3. Embrace That Reason. Make it Your New Mission.

That evening when I arrived home, my wife noticed my rather whimsical attitude and she knew I was excited about something,something that I too didn't have any iota of idea what it was. We exchanged pleasantries and off to the bathroom I went for a cold shower.

At the dinner table I started narrating how events unfolded at work that day and how I ended up in the hospital and even earning an appointment with the head doctor(I was asked to return the next day). I was excited that I had been of help to someone who needed me on that day and couldn't fathom why I felt excited for the invitation to the hospital the next day. Curiosity was finally killing a cat somewhere, I smiled.

By 8 am the following day I was at the doctor's office seated and waiting to know why I was summoned. The stout man came in smiling sheepishly at me in a way to ignite a conversation.

"Good morning?, I hope you are ready to start working with us as our new senior surgeon." came the bombshell as he took his seat and extended his hand to greet me. To say that I was perplexed would be an understatement. My eyes were rolling and my lips remained stuck with no strength to move to utter a word.

When I regained strength I inquired to know how I had been appointed yet no one knew me there and I had not applied for a job in the hospital. His answer amazed me.

You'll Get Surprised When Everything Eventually Unveils.

" Your former employer had forwarded names of all the staff members that were affected by the retrenchment programme to various hospitals to employ them if chances arose in their departments. Well, your name and other two of your former colleagues were forwarded to us and we have already absorbed the two. They mentioned that you worked with them before and was a qualified doctor immediately you came in with the young man yesterday." He said.

"When you told us you were the one who had administered the first aid to the young man (a first aid that was professionally done), we got interested in you and asked the receptionist to take down your details. As if that wasn't enough you continued to impress us by willingly donating blood to help the young man." He added.

He went on telling me how He had planned to schedule me in for an interview to seal the deal but ended by saying they no longer needed to interview me since I had passed the practical interview thanks to all I did when I took the young man there.

My mind quickly flashed back on the day I received the heart breaking call on my retrenchment. What if I had decided to quit on rebuilding myself? Would I have even landed the foreman job? How would I have known that everything was working for my good if I had decided to lament and curse God for leaving me in such times that I needed Him? Who would have believed then, that my retrenchment was actually a set up for my bigger breakthrough? Everything was now making sense to me.

Give Praises to God, Build the New You.

All I wanted was to sing praises to God Almighty.
All I wanted was to sing praises to God Almighty.

As I walked out of His office, I was a different man. I knew life had two sides but I had only appreciated the good side of life ignoring the hard times that were really important. I had learnt a lot of lessons that day that I just headed home to my wife to let her know that hard times harbour the best lessons.

I felt rejuvenated, my inner strength restored and my whole being rebuilt as I approached home. All my mouth wanted to do is to sing praises to God Almighty.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Fahim Rana


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