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There Are Satan’s Tribulations And Jesus’ Miracles For The Life Of A Traditional Christian....

Updated on July 4, 2017

There Are Satan’s Tribulations And Jesus’ Miracles For The Life Of A Traditional Christian....

I have been absent from this forum for some time now because of tribulations, we, as Traditional Christians face. Incidentally, my definition of a Traditional Christian means that no matter what President Obama or Hollywood or the world has to say on a given moral issue, it is of no import to Traditional Christians - the question is what does the Word (Bible) of Christ Jesus has to say on said moral issue. For example, Homosexuality will always remain what the Bible says it is (an abomination); Abortion will always be murder; there is no such thing as Palestinian land (that land was bequeathed - by the Lord who chose its boundaries and its borders - to Israel); and there is no other way to God - but through Christ Jesus, period (Acts 4:12)! Now I come to tribulation (s) that kept me from writing in this forum.

Sometime late last year or earlier this year, the billionaire, George Soros came into my dream. This is a man who, through is largess, funds every ungodly platform of the Democratic Party. Permit me to digress because my digressions will dove-tail back into the gist of what I want to convey. In the year 2000, I asked the Lord to permit me to actually interact with the parties who were in my dreams and the Lord granted it… so that if I am having a bad dream, I simply ‘plead the Blood of Christ Jesus’ and whatever bad dream I am having, it goes away. And so when Mr. Soros came into my dream - he came with a proposition that I should join him and his devilish, demonic causes. Mr. Soros in my dream met me on some bleachers and told me that if I did not join him that he would go after my wife and children -- I still refused. Mr. Soros then produced two glasses of champagne, as if to entice me to seal the Faustian deal… the champagne incidentally appeared out of thin air. I told Mr. Soros I do not drink and just to show that the Lord is the respecter of no man - the Lord in my dream, without Mr. Soros hearing, whispered to me in my right ear that I was lying… and He went on to tell me that I do indeed drink’ and named the drink.

The drink in question was Ponche Kuba, which is like liquid chocolate mixed with alcohol... and, which the Lord deemed akin to hard liquor. After refusing Mr. Soros overtures, I asked him if I could pray for him and lead him to Jesus' Salvation - Mr. Soros responded that it was too late for him to receive Jesus' Salvation and then I awoke. Perhaps, I did not pray enough to protect my children in light of the Mr. Soros' threats because a few months ago, my eldest daughter, a perennial honor student, was bullied to the point... whereby she had to be hospitalized. However, the Lord is merciful and through many tears and prayers, my daughter is almost back to normal. I now come to Christ Jesus' miracle (s).

Since law school, I have been working in mostly banking consulting, and, at times, it has been feast or famine. It is not that I wanted to work solely in consulting, but that it is how it worked out. What has been grating is that there are banks that I have worked for over eleven years, yet when I applied to those same banks for permanent positions, notably in the same area of banking that I have worked for them in a consulting capacity, I am not even call in for an initial interview. Circa a month or so ago, I was watching one of the religious channels and Joyce Meyer happened to be on and she was reading from 2nd Corinthians. I plainly heard the Holy Spirit say to me that when Mrs. Meyer finished reading and teaching about those particular verses of Scripture in 2nd Corinthians that I should then read the entire Book of 2nd Corinthians, which I did. The Holy Spirit then told me to make myself a cup of tea and place some Cayenne Pepper in it, which I did. I was then told by the Holy Spirit to give a preacher in Europe $150.00, which I am accustomed to do when I am gainfully employ -- only at this time, I had been unemployed for months.

Like the children of Israel going through the wilderness, I murmured because I did not even had a thousand dollars left in my savings, but I nevertheless obeyed and walked down to the bank and took the money out and sent the $150.00 to the preacher, via Money-Gram. After sending the money, I was worrying about the fact that my unemployment was recently pre-maturely cut off when the Holy Spirit said that I need not worry about unemployment because He was going to give me a permanent job. I took the promise in stride and before coming back home, I entered a supermarket to purchase a loaf of bread for my wife when a man called me on my cell phone and said that the job interview that I had done some time ago was mine to be had. To my Christian brothers and sisters, on June 26th, 2017, in the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, I started the banking job that the Holy Spirit a month or so ago had foretold and promised.

I am not here to say that persecutions are going to stop for the Lord’s children because that is what Satan will continue to do - but the Lord will always make a way, even it means taking us home (Heaven). There are those who say the Lord does not perform miracles or speaks to His children… I know different. To celebrate the Lord’s Blessings upon my family’s lives, I am including Judy Jacobs’, Days of Elijah (No God like Jehovah). Drill down into the hyperlink and enjoy!


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    • Verily Prime profile image

      Verily Prime 5 months ago from New York

      Thanks and I had to ad to the Hub because I published the wrong version... the latter told more about Mr. Soros' and what befell my daughter in light of his threats....

    • GalaxyRat profile image

      GalaxyRat 5 months ago from The Crazy Rat Lady's House

      Awesome Hub. You did a wonderful job!

    • tsadjatko profile image

      TSAD 5 months ago from maybe (the guy or girl) next door

      Thank you, awesome hyperlink.