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There Are Things That I Have Not Experienced, Yet I Believe They Exist/Existed Because They Are Recorded In The Holy Bib

Updated on October 13, 2015

There Are Things That I Have Not Experienced, Yet I Believe They Exist/Existed Because They Are Recorded In The Holy Bible....

In Saint Kitts where I was born, we are superstitious to a fault, yet it does not mean that some of said superstitious are not borne out of 'reality.' Case in point, there are claims by those who say that they have the ability to see those who have died (ghosts) - and I believe them - and, in Saint Kitts, we called what Americans would call ghosts, "Jumbie, while in my wife's country of Jamaica, they are called "Duppie." My brother-in-law swears that he has the ability to see Duppie (ghosts), while I can truly say that I cannot and have not seen any ghosts yet in my life. There are 'things' that I have not experienced, yet I believe that they exist because they are recorded in the Holy Bible. It must be said that I believe everything that is written in the Bible, and, as a consequence, simply because I have not experienced certain aspects of life, do not mean that those aspects do not exist in reality.

Since I believe that all that is written in the Bible is the unvarnished truth, then I have to believe in ghosts because the Christ, Himself, mentioned ghosts when he walked the earth in His mortal coil. When the Disciples of Christ had gone ahead via a boat to preach the Gospel at another area of Israel, a storm arose during the boat trip... causing the Disciples to be scared out of their minds. When the Disciples saw Christ Jesus walking on the water, they got even more scared, so much so, that they thought that the Christ was a ghost (spirit), which Jesus assured them that He was not (Matthew 14: 25-27). I say with certainty that if Christ Jesus acknowledged that there were ghost, then I too believe that they exist, even though I have yet to see one. In addition, when the Christ rose from the dead, He appeared before many of the Disciples and there were again deadly afraid and He had to assure them that he was not a ghost, underscoring that He was flesh unlike the composition or lack thereof of a ghost (spirit) (Luke 24:37).

In many countries' lore, it is said there is this great sea creature that travels the oceans, akin to the Loch- Ness-Monster (Nessie) - once again, I have not seen this great fish or the Lock-Ness-Monster, yet I believe that once such a creature existed because it is recorded in the Holy Bible. In the respective Biblical books of Job and the Psalms, among others (Job 41:1-34 and Psalms 74:13-14), the Lord was boasting about His many and wondrous creations, including such a creature known as Leviathan. Incidentally, years ago, my brother and I were fasting and we promised the Lord that we would read all 150 Psalms during the fast... in reading those 150 Psalms, we found out what happened to the Leviathan, which, apparently, was killed by the Lord and fed to the creatures in the wilderness.

As a husband, whose wife has had a Miscarriage, I know that we are going to see our child again. I believe this wholeheartedly because the Bible is replete with such references. When King David had his adulterous affair with Bathsheba, which sired a child, as part of King David's punishment from the Lord, the child died a few days after it was born. When the palace servants told King David that the child had died, David said that the child could no longer come to him, but he, David, will go to the child (2nd Samuel 12:23)... giving credence to the Biblical after life (heaven).

As a Traditional Christian - meaning that if a given behavior was a sinful trespass when Christ Jesus walked the earth in the flesh, it is still so now and forevermore - I believe what is recorded in the Bible and deem the recordings as the actual truthful Word of the Living God through His Christ Jesus... so that, even though I do not have some of the experiences recorded in the Bible - I believe them. This is the primacy I give to the Word of God, and, we, as Christians, so that we should approach the Bible and its contents like obedient children (Matthew 18:3).


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    • Kiss andTales profile image

      Kiss andTales 2 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your hub of thought, I also agree that we are to follow instructions of the bible it is instructions that will keep us living into the future after the earth is cleaned again.

      There is no other instructions

      That can do what the bible does for humans.

      Yes there are many books of wisdom and beliefs , but that is all , they do not do more. Example like a book that says painted pictures, three things can happen

      One can show you painted pictures only, one can show you how to paint pictures only.

      And one can show pictures and how to paint as a combination.

      The benifit of the bible is the last example because it covers more details even how to succeed in living a longer happy life.

      the bible instructs , and leeds into a successful future. And it invites all humans to live in a New Earth.

      Most other Books of religion is limited

      Even the Koran it just tell infomation.

      I also notice your points of ghost, the word is used from a hunan definition , king James uses the word, but it just means God's power called his ( holy spirit)

      There are other bible translations you can read and made before the King James Version,

      he translated the bible according to his own religious beliefs. EPISCOPAL

      Notice these verses in other translations


      Ac 1:8 But you shall receive power, having the (Holy Spirit) come upon you, and shall be witnesses for me both in Jerusalem and throughout Judea and Samaria and to the remotest part of the earth.”

      King James Version

      Ac 1:8 But ye shall receive power, after that the (Holy Ghost) is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.

      Here the verse uses the words as a gift of power Not a bad spirit creature.

      Because king James is close to our language many accept it as a good translation, it is fair but not good.

      It deletes the Tetragrammaton of God's Name that Jesus read from in the original scrolls in the Temple.

      The Tetragrammaton of YHWH represents the True God our Heavenly Father .

      King James of england in 1600's leaves God's name four times, he list the name and admit, but the rest he drops ,over 7000 times written in scrolls, also copies were made deleting his name as a practice.

      The point is if Jesus read his name and made it known who are we to take it away.

      New World Translation

      Joh 17:26 I have made your name known to them and will make it known, so that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in union with them.

      Here are the ones he list.

      Psalms 83:18, Exodus 6:3, Isaiah 12:12,

      Isaiah 26:4

      Again thank you for your hub of honesty

      and trust in GOD'S word, I would like to share a wonderful library that can be used for research, also different bible comparison of translations will find this in a language that will help you in many ways understand , millions have.Jworg

      Thank you