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How Can a Man Be Reborn?

Updated on October 26, 2011

Who was this man Nicodemus?, was he a Jewish leader, was he one of the Pharisees, this man came to Jesus at night, and said to Jesus, "We know you are a teacher who has come from the Almighty One,no one could do these miracles which you are performing, if God were not with him."

Jesus answered him,"I am telling you the truth; If a person is not born again, he cannot enter the kingdom of God!".

Nicodemus asked him,"How can a man be reborn? it is not possible for him to go inside his mother's womb the second time and be born!".

"Show me where to start, I come to you on bended knee."

The wind blows wherever it wishes, you hear the sound of it, but you don't know where it comes from or where it is going,it is the same way with everyone who has been born from the Spirit,"

Nicodemus answered Jesus, "How can these things happen?"

Jesus answered him, " We are telling the truth about what we have seen, but you are not accepting our truth, since I am talking to you about things on earth and you are not believing them, if I were to tell you about heavenly things, how could you believe? I am the only one who ever came down from heaven; no one else has ever gone up to heaven.

Jesus spoke, I must be lifted high, so that everyone who commits himself to me will have eternal life."

God loved the people of the world so much that He gave up His one and only Son, every person who commits himself to Jesus will not be destroyed, instead , that person will have eternal life.

God did not send His Son into the world to judge it, God sent Jesus so that the people who commits himself to Jesus is not condemned, but the one who does not commit himself to Jesus has already been condemned, because he has not believed in the name of God's only Son.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness more than they loved the light because the things which they were doing were evil.

Everyone who does evil hates the light, he doesn't want his evil deeds to be exposed, but the person who is living the truth comes toward the light, he wants his actions to become clear, because he did them for God.

Re-written by permission from Raymond Tremain


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    • Mrs Lifegate profile image

      Mrs Lifegate 12 months ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      I have come to Christ and I'm one of His. I also enjoy writing for Him. Like to see you write more.