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The underground ministry.... deliverance from demonic possession Part 4

Updated on November 24, 2010

I received a phone call from Ruth asking me if she could send me a picture through my cell phone of some marks that were placed on Tina’s boyfriends back that pervious night, I said sure. As she was sending it she told me John (boyfriend) had mentioned to Tina bout something strange happening to him, He remembers feeling like he was wrestling with something in his bed and then his back started burning. He stated his dog started barking and woke him up. In the morning he had his mom look at his back and she took a picture of it with John’s phone. Finally it came over to my phone and I told Ruth I would call her back after I looked at the picture.

As I sat there looking at this picture my heart felt like it was going to burst right out of my chest. It was a pentagram that was scratched into John’s skin. You might be thinking right at this moment maybe he did it him self to scare everyone, no, it was on his back right under one of his shoulder blades. At that moment my concerns for John had come to play. I called Ruth back and told her what the scratches were and she wanted to know why John had them. I told her it was like they were claiming ownership of John. At this time John was not walking with God and was very abusive to Tina. I asked Ruth if Tina would speak to John and ask him if he would talk to me. The thing about John was when I first met Tina John came along with her. When they told him why she was coming to see me he stated that he did not want to have anything to do with me. Well that got my curiosity up. As I walked into Cindy’s house where they were staying Tina and John were sitting on a chair together. I looked at Tina and John and right away their eyes went to the floor. Remember number one sign I look for. That whole evening John would not look or speak to me. John agreed to talk to me and my husband about the marks on his back.

The time was here to go visit John, we explained the marks he had on his back and shared a little about Tina which he already knew. John received Christ in his life that day. We left Oregon and went back to Nevada to our home and continued to pray for the family and John.

A few weeks later Ruth and Tina made the trip to Nevada for another prayer time. Ruth said this trip scared her almost to death. The demons inside of Tina were very angry again that Tina was coming to see me, they made her fight, scream and yell at Ruth but Ruth took a stand and off in the truck they went. Ruth said Tina was driving like a crazy woman so fast she prayed the whole way to Nevada.

I have found through experiences to bind the strong holds that were in a person so they could not hurt any one around. I never liked the idea of tying any one up so in the spiritual realm I just plant the persons feet in cement and would tie a cord of three strands that can not be easily broken Ecclesiastes 4:12 Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. Doing this the demons could not move all though they had tried to break it but could not do so.

We were in the heat of the battle when I started breaking curses on Tina’s life that she had asked forgiveness for. One of those curses was over John and the unhealthy soul tie that was created between the two. When I started breaking this curse the demon Abaddon said that John was his and he already claimed him. This took my mind to the pentagram that was placed on John a few nights before. I jumped up went and grabbed my phone and called John. As fast as I could talk and still be understood I informed John what was said and he needed to right then help me break those curses. The whole time the spirit of Abadoon was yelling and screaming at me. After I was done with John I went back and finished breaking the curses. We had finished up hours later but the spirit of Abaddon was still there. Tina still had some unconfessed sin in her life which gave him the right to stay.

The next day we met again at Cindy’s home I again did the prayer of covering every one, every thing, every animal, with the blood of Jesus. Soon after, the spirits would manifest as usual. The battle was no different and it was just as long. I began to ask it again what right it had to stay in Tina’s life. He responded there was an area in her life she did not confess so he had the right to stay. Again down with Abaddon and up with Tina. I told her the wall we were hitting and what was the sin that she had not remembered. She thought for a while and then spoke it out and asked for forgiveness. In this time of rest Tina went to use the bathroom. As we were visiting and talking Ruth asked where Tina was. I had noticed she went down the hall to the restroom but had been gone for a while. I got up and walked down the hall looked in the bathroom no Tina, went to the bedroom and still no Tina. Ruth went into the bathroom and noticed a crack in the shower curtain and seen Tina in the tub. Ruth yells at me and said, “Here she is Carrie, she is in the tub” Ruth went to pull the curtain back and as she did Tina jumps and so does Ruth and then Ruth runs out of the bathroom. I have a personality that likes to have fun at times so at this time I walked up to the tub and said, “What a great time to baptize Tina in the shower” as I started for the faucets Tina screams and jumps up on to the edge of the back of the tub. She then tries to leap forward to get out of the tub and I placed my hand forward and she could not leave. My husband comes in and said what do you want me to do with her and I said take her to the living room. As he grabs her and throws her over his shoulder she stated she could remember thinking to her self, “be heavy like a bag of rocks” Tina while over his shoulders was trying her best to be heavy but my husband said she wasn’t doing a very good job at willing her self heavy. At the end of the night we were talking about this and we all had a good laugh. The funny thing is my husband is 5’4 and Tina is around 5’9 maybe give or take. Tina could have walked right off his shoulders but she was doing her best to be a rock. That same night I believe we were winding down and Tina was still way out there in left field started yelling “SEND EM TO THE PIGS, SEND EM TO THE PIGS” we all stopped our talking and looked at her and again started laughing. Why she said that I have no idea. She can not remember saying that.

The one thing Tina was doing that had caused this to go on for so long was she did not want to give up being sexually active with John who later became her fiancé. I told her it was useless for us to continue if she continued to willfully disobey what she knew to be right. It was a battle I refused to fight. As we were talking one evening she was talking about how she like it and didn’t want to give it up, she became very arrogant in her tone. Ruth had said something that I can not recall at this time but Tina’s response was, “He’d better worship me” (now remember this line it comes into play soon) I stood up and looked at her and said “Who do you think you are?” then the battle begins again.

We have finally come to the night that the spirit of Abaddon was cast out. The night started like any other night, the battle raged. I at this time quoted the scripture, Matthew 18:20 20 For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” And then I ordered him to open his eyes and see Jesus. As he opened his eyes he became very scared but still fighting and yelling. This went on for sometime, finally at the end of the night he was getting weak and I commanded him to surrender his sword over to Jesus and leave with the angels. I said it again, “I command you to surrender your sword to Jesus and leave with the angels. Each time I said it he would get weaker and weaker until he lifted Tina’s arm up and said “I surrender my sword” and then left with a big long scream. Tina came to and looked around the room and knew something good had taken place. We ended that night asking the Holy Spirit to fill in the empty holes that the demons once lived and to bless her life.

Was this the end? I sure was praying it was. We had gone from praying now for a few months waiting on God to revel anything left behind. I soon began seeing red flags that I had spoken to Ruth and Tina about.

I have one more hub to write about this and I will be done. I had started out thinking I could do this maybe in 2 hubs but now 4 hubs later I think I will be done.


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    • CarrieG profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Nevada

      Hi Debradoo, your last comment was 4 years ago and I said at the end of my hub that one more (5) would be the end, well I was there passably could be a 6 or a 7 to this story. I had to see this girl again after her being set free completely to her going back and getting full again. You know what the scriptures say when the house is found clean...the same demons and more of them bigger and meaner then the last come back. Well that's another

    • Debradoo profile image


      7 years ago from Cocoa, Florida

      It is important to include the details, so the more hubs the better! :-)


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